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Mom Chipper exists because I along with millions of other Stay at Home Moms matter in this world.


Hi. I’m Kushal. I’ve been a Stay at Home Mom from the last 13 years.

I’ve enjoyed every second of being a parent to my two wonderful children. I’ve been a part of the parenting journey with full ardour. I’ve smiled through the ups and kept it all together during the lows. Parenting has been a life transforming experience for me and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

However, being a Stay at Home Mom isn’t my only identity. My needs, just like those felt by millions of women across the planet matter. And I’m here to share my life’s learning with all of you and to help all SAHMs own the inner voice that is long lost.

I’m a Happy Mommy Blogger

Years ago, when my daughter first asked me, “Mom, what are you best at in life?” I had innocently repiled, “I am the best at being your mom.”¬† Back then I didn’t realize that I will end up being such a happy Mommy Blogger.

Now when I look back, the journey seems nostalgic. I’ve been in it all through the thick and thin, through the highs and lows. This is exactly why sharing my life’s learnings with all you wonderful SAHMs matters to me more than anything else.

Connecting with a Global Tribe of Moms

With Mom Chipper, I’ve found the rare opportunity to connect with Stay at Home Moms from even the most far and wide places. They’re all like me and we most certainly share the same needs and the same instincts.

Each time a mom writes to me, my eyes sparkle and my heart grows fond of the one thing that the world takes for granted – Motherhood. We matter as women and we will surely find our selfdom – one voice at a time.


My Mommy Moments 

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