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Hi. I’m Kushal and am a Parenting Coach

I’ve enjoyed every second of being a parent to my two wonderful children. I’ve been a part of the parenting journey with full ardour. I’ve smiled through the ups and kept it all together during the lows. Parenting has been a life transforming experience for me and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

However, being a Stay at Home Mom isn’t my only identity. My needs, just like those felt by millions of women across the planet matter. And I’m here to share my life’s learning with all of you and to help all SAHMs own the inner voice that is long lost.



After a dedicated journey for 13 long years as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), the world is finally beginning to recognize my prowess as a woman, a mum, a Blogger and a Homepreneur. I am grateful to all the people who’ve stood by throughout my journey. Every word of support counts.

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Being a Stay at Home Mom Through the Years

As a Stay at Home Mom for 13 long years, it amazes me how my days become months and months become years to remember. I became a responsible mum from being a care free girl in the blink of an eye.


Becoming a Mrs. from a Miss

I’m married and enter a completely new phase of life.


Planning My First Born

I am in the planning stage of my first born child


Becoming a first time mom

My bundle of joy – my daughter is finally born


Being a SAHM by default

I am letting go of one job to embrace a whole another


Having my Second Child

It’s time for bundle of joy – phase 2.0 0 my son.


The transformation begins

It’s time to head out and live life full circle now

My Odyssey Continues

Being a mom is a role that I’ve embraced with all my heart. It truly is an honur to be blessed with a family. And now that I have fulfilled this role with all my sincerity, it’s time to embrace ‘me.’

Mine is not a lone story. There are millions of Stay at Home Moms around the world and I am here to connect with all those wonderful souls. I’ll get inspired from a few and inspire a few myself.

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Each Moment Invested By Me as a Stay at Home Mom Has Been Worth It

I couldn’t feel happier looking at my lifelong journey.




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