Best SAHM movies on Netflix is a collection of must-watch and rightly recommended movies for moms.

Being a mom comes with super privileges and is super exhaustive too. And hence self-care is the most important thing you can do to yourself to maintain your sanity. 

Self Care comes in a variety of forms and shapes. Watching your favorite movies on Netflix is one such way in which moms can chillax and tune out of motherhood for some time.

Best SAHM movies on Netflix

Best SAHM Movies on Netflix

Talking of Self Care, there is a lovely post on how to be a fulfilled SAHM on my blog, in which I discuss 29 top strategies for stay at home moms, do check it out.

These are the movies many of which are themed around motherhood, but there are many more in the list that is purely inspirational and depicts life’s reality. So let us dive straight into my list of the best SAHM movies on Netflix.

1.   Marriage Story

2019; Drama/Com-Drama; IMDB – 8/10

A very relatable storyline with a wife & Mom giving up her acting career to take care of the family and then goes through the struggle of a harsh divorce to find her own identity. The beauty of the movie also lies in how practically the director has showcased the kid in the marriage and what he goes through. 

Best SAHM movies on Netflix

2.   Dumplin

2018; Comedy/Drama; IMDB – 6.6/10

This is one movie that breaks stereotypes and teaches us to value the spirit and not judge the book by its cover. A plus-sized teenage girl frustrated by all the comments decides to apply for her mom’s beauty pageant and goes on to redefine beauty.

3.    Lion

2017; Biography/Drama; IMDB – 8/10

When a small 5 yr old Indian boy gets lost and is hundreds of kilometers away from home an Australian couple takes him and raises him. When he is 25 years old he sets out to find his family. This movie had to be a part of my list of Best SAHM movies on Netflix simply for the lasting impression it made on my mind while I watched it. 

4.    Village Rockstars

2017; Drama/Narrative; IMDB – 7.3/10

The movie is based in a village in Assam, India. The stories about a young girl called Dhanu who wants to own a guitar for her love of music. The movie unveils the role that her mother plays in making her dreams a reality.

Best SAHM movies on Netflix

5.    Tully

2018; Drama, Com-Drama; IMDB – 7/10

A movie super-close to the reality of a mother’s life. It is a story of a woman who had her 3rd child and how she is doing just all by herself and losing her sanity in between. This movie also highlights how usually the man of the house is just so unaware of what all the wife is going through not because he does not care but because he can’t see life from the eyes of the lady of the house. 

I loved this movie and how a simple idea of bringing in help to handle kids at night is such a big relief that it frees so much mindshare and bandwidth for the new mom to think of life and other important things.

I think we all have gone through this phase and hence I loved watching it. And so this secures a place rightly in my list of Best SAHM movies on Netflix

6.    Dukhtar

2014; Thriller/Drama; IMDB – 7/10

The movie revolves around an interesting plot where a mother kidnaps her own daughter so as to save her from a young age marriage. I particularly liked the movie because it tackles a social subject about girls and attempts to bring in a change in the midgets of people at large

7.    Look Who’s talking

1989; Comedy/Rom-Com; IMDB – 5.9/10

In an interesting setting, the movie is based on New York, with a single mother Mollie trying to find the perfect father for her son. It is about emotions, confusion & thoughts of how a mother would think in similar circumstances. 

8.    18 Presents

2020; Drama; IMDB – 6.7/10

A pregnant woman who is terminally ill with cancer decides to leave behind 18 letters for her unborn daughter to receive each one on her birthday. An emotional story of how a mother wants to be there for her daughter while she is growing up but life has different plans for her. 

9.    Mothers day

2016; Rom-Drama; IMDB – 5.7/10

4 different stories of mothers run parallel to entangle just before Mother’s Day. They go through different circumstances and challenges but still connected somewhere, which is a modern-day interpretation of Moms’ lives.

Best SAHM Movies on Netflix

10.   Holiday in the Wild

2019; Rom-Com; IMDB – 6.1/10

Story of a woman embarking on a trip to Africa after her divorce. Amongst nature she finds what she truly enjoys and her new identity. The story is set in the picturesque natural surroundings of Africa and as the name suggests there is a lot of wild beauty to be seen in the film too. 

11.   Gnome Alone

2017; Animation-Comedy; IMDB – 5.6/10

Although it belongs to the animation genre, I think we all moms have enjoyed watching a lot of animation movies with kids. I have always loved watching Lion King, Toy Story, Frozen, and the list is endless. As far as Gnome Alone is concerned it is a simple story of a teen girl shifting to a new house and how she finds out the secret of her new house. 

12.   Lady Bird

2017; Drama/Comedy; IMDB – 7.4/10

A story of a teenage girl with all the ups and downs in her relationships all through her high school. The journey is close to real life and the movie is a nice weekend watch.

Best SAHM Movies on Netflix

13.   Wine Country

2019; Comedy; IMDB – 5.4/10

This is a story of 6 friends who are out on a trip to California. This simple movie just reinforces the need to have your friends around and spending time with them.

Prioritising Self-care and filling your own bucket with love warmth & Belongingness by being with your friends is a necessity for women of all ages and so for SAHM. Look here for some more ideas on how to be a happy SAHM.

14.  Fun Mom Dinner

2017; Comedy; IMDB – 5.2/10

4 Moms of preschoolers who meet out on a dinner and the night turn out adventurous. Just reinforcing the fact that every mom needs a time out is a good enough reason why it strikes a chord with SAHM.

15.   Baby Mamas

2018; Comedy; IMDB – 6.4/10

Story of 4 women who are professionals and Baby Mamas at the same time. The story unfurls the lives and challenges of these women and how relationships and people respond to different situations.

16.   Juanita

2019; Drama; IMDB – 5.9/10

This movie is about a woman leaving her grown-up kids behind and going out on her own. A trip to discover her identity & her true happiness. This does resonate with a lot of SAHM because in the movie the mom is unfilled and breaks all the chains to realise her happiness and live her life the way she wants. 

17.   Despite Everything

2019; Comedy, IMDB – 5.3/10

A story of 4 sisters, who discover the family secret after their mother dies. They set out to find the truth and the story unfolds. An emotional yet easy to watch the film, it is perfect when you are feeling bored. 

Best SAHM movies on Netflix

18.   Moms at War

2018; Drama/Com-Drama; IMDB – 5.6/10

2 moms who have children in the same school live in the same neighbourhood but are absolutely not fond of each other. The movie unfurls with the antics & adventures of these moms when they are all out to make their kids win against each other in a school competition.

This is a story that a lot of moms relate to and also helps realise to what levels we go to just in our relationship dynamics and what are our kids learning out of these acts of ours.

19.   Forrest Gump

1994; Drama/Com-Drama; IMDB – 8.8/10

This movie has little to do with motherhood but is so connected to life in general. There are a lot many things that leave a mark on to us when we watch a powerful movie like this. I highly recommend watching this if you have not seen it so far. 

20.   Bird Box

2018; Horror/Sci-fi; IMDB – 6.6/10

The subject of this film is interesting and its a story of a mom with her children standing up against their fears and completing the mission in the wild. The mission is not see the face of danger that is following you. 

21.   Otherhood

2019; Comedy; IMDB – 6/10

This is a story of 3 moms who are feeling ignored, neglected and left out. And hence the name of the movie is Otherhood and not Motherhood.

They decide to move to New York to their grown-up sons and try to reconnect with them the special bond of motherhood. And yes they succeed in it.

Best SAHM Movies on Netflix

22.   Room

2015; Drama/Thriller; IMDB – 8.1/10

Story of a mother and son who were kidnapped and held in a room for around 5 years. How they finally break free and come back to the thermal world. The film is highly emotional and deeply moving. Highly recommended.

23.   What to Expect When You are Expecting

2012; Romance/Comedy; IMDB – 5.7/10

This is a film in which 5 interconnected families experience the ups and downs of having a baby. Through the journey, they realize that life doesn’t always go as planned.

24.   I am Mother

2019; Sci-Fi/Mystery; IMDB – 6.7/10

When humans are getting extinct on earth a teenage girl is raised by a robot designed to repopulate the lifeless planet. It is an interesting turn of events when a stranger enters the scene. 

25.   Motherhood

2009; Comedy/Drama ; IMDB – 4.6/10

The story revolves around a mother Eliza Welsh who wants to be a writer. Leading a family life managing home, kids and family, she is seen arranging for her kid’s birthday party. The story is relatable on more levels than one to SAHM and is fun and easy watch.

26. Riding in Cars With Boys

2001; Biography/Comedy; IMDB – 6.5/10

This movie showcases the problems faced by a young mother. The story moves with a single mother who conceives at a young age of 15 and aspires to be a writer 

Best SAHM movies on Netflix

27.   The Pursuit of Happyness

2006; Drama; IMDB – 8/10

Story of Chris Gardener who goes through all kinds of hardships but never loses hope. His wife leaves him and he has his son to take care of in the middle of all the financial constraints he has in his life. 

This is a beautiful story that teaches us a lot of virtues like resilience, determination, and never give up attitude. 

28.   The Little Prince

2015; Animation/Family; IMDB – 7.7/10

The animated movie depicts a lot of human connection n emotions. It is a nice easy watch. 

29.   Neerja

2016; Drama/Thriller; IMDB – 7.7/10

The personal story also a flight attendant and how she helps all the passengers de-board and their lives. The plane is hijacked by terrorists and the story unfolds the sequence of events that happens in the air. This movie is based on a real-life story of a brave Indian air hostess.

30.   Pay It Forward

2000; Drama-Rom; IMDB – 7.2/10

A little boy comes up with a plan to pay the favour forward to 3 people rather than returning the favour. This chain of good deeds is one idea that can change the entire world. Inspirational & must watch.

Best SAHM Movies on Netflix

31.   Taare Zameen Par

2007; Family/Drama; IMDB – 8.4/10

A beautiful film that inspires us to go with the spirit of the child and understand him. Unfurl the hidden potential of your child by nourishing his true character and not forcing the child to adhere to the societal norms and parent expectations. 

If you want to pick up only one movie from my list of best SAHM movies on Netflix, I would highly recommend watching Taare Zameen Par.

32.   Mom

2017; Thriller/Drama; IMDB – 7.3/10 

Indian Mother decides to take things in her hands after the rape of her stepdaughter and after the law decides to let the criminals loose. A highly emotional drama to watch out for.

33.   English Vinglish

2012; Drama-Comedy; IMDB – 7.8/10

A Bollywood movie, depicting the need for an Indian housewife to learn English in order to make her identity in her own house. Shashi being a typical Indian housewife is not respected for what all she does because she does not know how to interact in English with society. She goes to her sister’s house and learns English to rediscover herself and her identity. 

This is my list of recommendations about best SAHM movies on Netflix. I hope you would catch up with a few of these and indulge.

Do remember to get your favourite snacks along and tune out of motherhood for some time. Also, do have your partner or help to watch over your notorious kids to have a complete no mess time for your self-care. 

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