Best stay at home jobs for moms presents you with the most lucrative & well-suited work from home options for the SAHMs available around the globe. 

And with the gig economy strengthening its roots and change in work patterns, work from home is finally getting its due attention from all kinds of experts & professionals.

Stay at Home Moms who have been working from home are basking in all the glory too. And a lot of other moms around the world are also trying to find meaningful work options that can be worked upon from their homes. 

best stay at home jobs for moms

Best Stay at Home Jobs for Moms

So here is a list of attractive SAHM jobs ideal for moms who have to look after their kids, manage their households & work from home at the same time. 

1.     Freelance Content Writer
2.     Virtual Assistant
3.     Freelance Graphic Designer
4.     Food Catering Services
5.     Home Baker
6.     Creative Classes for kids
7.     After School Academic Support Classes
8.     Pet Care Services Provider
9.     Rent a Book Business
10.   See products in Exhibitions & flea Markets
11.   Gifting Solutions Provider
12.   Sell products online
13.   Custom Clothing Solutions
14.   Gardening Services
15.   Speciality Foods Business
16.   Vegan Cooking Classes
17.   Provide Home Support Services
18.   Become a AirBnB Host
19.   Direct Seller
20.   Child Care Services
21.   Online Tutoring Services
22.   Recruitment Coordinator
23.   Health Coach
24.   Travel consultant
25.    Educational Worksheets Seller
26.   Social media Specialist
27.   You Tuber / Tik Toker/ V-Logger
28.   Transcription Services
29.    Offsite Customer Service Representative
30.    Surveyor 
31.    Data Entry Jobs
32.    Sell Experiences
33.    Handmade Products Seller

How to Prepare yourself for Stay at Home Jobs?

Before we delve into the details of these Stay at home jobs for moms, the first step is to prepare yourself for these work from home options. It is imperative to work on things like setting up your productive routines and work on communicating with kids & your partner your expected work hours and establishing clear expectations.

You should also work on organising your day & time in a way that your transition to work from home mom becomes smooth and synchronises well with your kids’ routines too. 

I have experienced and seen this transition closely in my life and believe me when I say that all of us SAHMs can do better with a little help and handholding during this journey of change.

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I personally, benefitted a lot from brand your business course by Jordan Prindle & the Time Management course by Rebekah Saltzman which are both the part of this Ultimate Work from Home Bundle along with 28 courses that are of immense value for work from home moms. 

1.  Write your way to success, be a Freelance Content Writer

A perfect job for a stay at home mom who is full of ideas and loves to pen it all down. Being a freelance content writer requires some dedicated no of hours in a day, a good laptop and a work desk that is free from distractions.

There are a huge no of opportunities available online in freelance content writing space and you can choose the projects based on your expertise of subjects. 

2.   Make Pennies by being a Virtual Assistant

Another job role that is hugely in demand these days is being a virtual assistant and managing specific tasks for your client. With a lot of women entering into Homepreneurship, there is an ever-increasing demand for virtual assistants who can efficiently share their load and improve their overall productivity.

If you want to get started in this job, having a good website with your profile is a good starting point. Also create your profile on websites like,, to get freelance projects in this field. 

3.   Freelance Your Way to Graphic Designing

A creative bend of mind and a few hours to work on projects dedicatedly can take you through this job as a freelance graphic designer. Having a quality laptop and knowledge of digital design principles is a requisite if you want to carve out your niche in the graphic design arena. 

4.   Cater to Food Needs & Strike Gold

For Moms who love to cook and create, this is a great opportunity to cater to fooding needs. Be it big corporate client lunches or catering small get-togethers and parties, you can choose your pick basis the no. of hours you have at hand.

It serves as a great opportunity to showcase your talent and exceptional cooking skills too. 

5.    Make Dough while Baking it

 A large number of SAHMs are picking this as their profession these days. With the independence to choose your own working hours and projects of your choice, being a Home Baker also offers a lot of different opportunities.

Catering to designer cakes for parties to baking healthy bread, from gluten-free baking to sourdough specialised bread baking, the opportunities are just unlimited.

And eating good & healthy never really goes out of fashion so you can be assured of continuous demands for your goodies as far as you can nail the art of baking. 

6.    Get Creative to Strike it Rich

Wear your creative hat and set up creative classes for kids based on your innate talents. Be it art and craft classes or keyboard or guitar learning classes, be it creative writing classes or doodling classes for kids, the choices are endless. 

7.    Share Your Knowledge & Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Another alternative for Stay At home jobs for moms is to provide academic support classes for kids at home.

Busy and working parents are always on a lookout for these kinds of support classes to help their kids finish assignments and projects in time. So dear SAHM, share your knowledge and establish a career in tutoring services. 

8.     Make a Killing by Caring for Pets

Running a pet-care centre to take care of pets of Busy, working and frequently travelling parents is another great option for Stay at Home Jobs for moms. 

9.     Rent a Book to Make a Living

Organising a reading club and setting up a Library for kids to rent out books is a great small business to start with. And there is no stopping you once you are on the roll.

Include author interactions, Storytelling workshops and reading sessions in your library and make it a happening place to look out for.

10.   Sell Products to Make Quick Bucks

Set out a brand for yourself with your choice of products, picked up either on a consignment basis or otherwise. Sell these up at various local exhibitions & flea markets. This is a great way to get in additional income too. 

11.   Coining it by Being Gifting Solutions Provider

One of the good options for Stay at home Mom jobs is to set up a Gifting Solutions Provider business. Be it customized return gifts for kids’ parties or a more organised corporate gifting solutions, you can pick up for niche based on your interests.

12.   Sell Products Online & Get Rich

Selling your own products or consignment goods on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay is also a great option For SAHMs. 

13.   Be a Custom Clothing Solutions Provider

Designing & making custom clothing for clients is another one For SAHM who possess the flair for fashion & textile designing. This idea delves into exclusivity quotient and is a hit among people who have high disposable income at their hands.

They are the ones who would not want to pick up clothes directly from stores and risk being seen in similar outfit as someone else.  

14.   Be a Gardening Services Provider if you have a Green Thumb

Providing gardening services for clients Is an amazing opportunity for people who have a green thumb. Sharing your knowledge about growing plants and kitchen gardens is extremely lucrative & satisfying. 

There is a lot of demand for these kinds of services as working couples are usually looking out for a helping hand and expertise in maintaining plush gardens in their houses. 

15.   Cater to Speciality Food Needs & Share Your Cooking Expertise

This one is about selling specialty foods like homemade pure chocolates, artisan bread, regional cuisine or delights and catering to specific needs for the clients. So if you have some culinary expertise, use it to earn some additional income for your household. 

16.   Take Speciality Cooking Classes 

With health being the top priority of people around the world, speciality fooding habits like gluten-free meals, vegan cooking, ketogenic diets is gaining popularity too. So if you have skills in speciality cooking, use it to share your knowledge and earn a living too. 

17.   Provide Home Support Services

Extending a helping hand to working couples in the form of home support services is again a great options for SAHM to consider & work upon. With both partners working full time, managing the house becomes a responsibility which often takes a back seat amongst other priorities.

So from offering deep cleaning services to helping in organisation of wardrobes, from de-cluttering projects to windows cleaning, you can offer any of these services and more to earn a living for yourself. 

18.   Become an Airbnb Host

This one is obvious, if you do have a spare room or a set of rooms to offer to travellers for the time they stay in your country, becoming an air BnB host is a great option too. 

19.   Being a Direct Seller to Make a Living

A lot of companies offer world-class products to sell directly to the customers through their networks. From FMCG to Health & Wellness space, you can find reliable companies with quality products in Direct Selling space. Take your pick and start networking.

20.   Child Care Services Provider

Love engaging with kids, opening a child care centre is a great option to consider for Stay at Home Mom jobs.  A lot of parents are always on a lookout for safe warm and professional places to leave their kids when they are stepping out for their work day.

21.   Extend Online Tutoring Services

Extending academic support to students after school and helping them achieve their academic goals is another great option to look at while deciding for stay at home mom jobs.

There are a lot of different options like Cue maths, Kumon maths, and even preparing children for various competitive exams at the university level that you can pick for yourself to teach online. 

22.   Be a Recruitments Coordinator

Screening candidate resumes and shortlisting & scheduling them for interviews in various corporates for suitable roles is something you could also consider as a work option for yourself.

There are a lot of opportunities in this market place and you could use your skills & expertise to carve a niche for yourself. 

23.   Provide Health Coaching to Strike it Rich

The entire world is prioritising good health these days and everyone is not an expert and does not have skills or knowledge to look after their health perfectly. So there is a huge need of coaches in this space who can guide mentor and handhold others to their best health.

Weight loss coach, Gluten-Free diet consultant, Diet for increasing immunity, Holistic Health Coach are just few such examples of positions in great demand in present times. 

24.   Be a Travel Consultant

Be a travel consultant and chalk out customised itinerary and organise travel for your clients. It is a great work from home option and you could use your expertise to plan and organise great trips & travel experiences. 

25.   Design & Sell Educational Worksheets for Kids

You can make educational worksheets for kids and sell these. A lot of parents look out for additional practice worksheets for their kids to supplement their learnings at school. So if you are in touch with the curriculum at school, selling these worksheets is a great work from home idea too.

26.   Being a Social Media Specialist

Managing social media accounts for businesses is another job that is lucrative & can easily be worked out from home alongside managing your kids. A lot of freelance opportunities in this field are available in sites like, &

27.   Be a You Tuber / Tik Toker/ V-Logger and shine your way to success

Consider becoming a You tuber or Vlogger if you feel you have interesting things to make videos on. You need to have a pleasing personality a clear diction and expertise in some areas to hold the attention of your target audience but three is a huge opportunity to establish yourself as a Vlogger as more and more people are spending time on the internet for their learning, entertainment and social needs too.

28.   Provide Transcription Services 

Transcription services basically mean to listen to the audio files and converting them to written documents. There are lot of fields that require these services including medical & law based industries. There are a lot of projects available on freelancing sites like or

29.    Be an Offsite Customer Service Representative

There are a lot of Start-Ups, Small Businesses & even MLM companies who outsource their customer service calls. These are usually contractual positions and can be worked from home. 

30.    Take Online Surveys & Make Money

A lot of companies are offering surveys online for gathering customer opinions on various products & services. It is a part of their market research initiatives and by filling these surveys online, You can earn money. So consider this as a work from home option and sign up for these paid online survey platforms like iSurveyWorld or Nielson Research.

31.    Enroll in Data Entry Jobs

The simplest job that you can start with little and no experience. A lot of online platforms are offering these kind of contractual projects that are easy to manage from home with good computer and wifi networks. 

32.    Sell Experiences & Help Make Memories for Lifetime

Create your unique experiences and offer these to your clients. Be it a photography tour, or a simple Paint & Wine party, organize a village experience or a regional cook & dine experience, people really want to do something different from their regular routines and are willing to pay for these kinds of experiences.

Go creative and think of what you can offer to others that they will value and cherish and create a personalised experience around that. 

33.    Redefine Luxury by Selling Handmade Products

Handmade defines the new luxury in the western world and if you have the skill to make handmade products, think about selling them online and make your name for yourself.

Apart from establishing a reliable business, you are also doing your bit in promoting the long lost crafts and in keeping them alive and maybe passing the skill on to the next generation too.

Online stores like & Amazon Handmade provide a great front end to connect with buyers easily. 

So these are some profitable & best stay at home jobs for moms. So if you are looking for making some extra cash while looking after your children at home, these are some legitimate and well-researched options you could consider. 

Stay at Home Jobs for moms is a great way for moms to work on their passion and purpose in life. However, it requires discipline and investing in good routines so you are able to take out time for your committed projects & not suffer on count of poor time management.


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