Could I have done mommy blogging differently? This is a question that often bothers a lot of mommy bloggers at some point of time. And I am no different.

With so many different blogging avenues & platforms available today, and so many different directions you can take your blogging career to, contemplating on your choice and decision is very valid.

So my answer to “Could I Have done blogging differently” is a definite yes. And this answer is based more upon my learnings I have had on the way than on the desire to do things differently. 

could I have done mommy blogging differently

Could I have done mommy blogging differently

So let us uncover the whole blogging universe and understand what are some popular options available  in present times. There are a variety of free and paid blogging platforms that you can choose from. 

When you decide to become a mom blogger, you have two choices. You can either build your own independent blog or you can use other blogging platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to post your content and create a brand of your own.

While in the former, there is a lot of work to do with you having complete control over your blog; in the latter, you can take advantage of friendly features to get started almost instantly.

So the decision to choose one over the other would depend on your goals and vision for your blog. Answering the question “What do you need your blog to accomplish for you” would take you closer to making the choice. 

Popular ways to Mommy Blog

1.    Be an Instagrammer
2.    Have your Vlog on YouTube
3.    Run your Podcasts
4.    Get into Mommy Micro-blogging
5.    Create or join the communities on Reddit
6.    Make Your tribe on Quora
7.    Note it on Facebook 
8.    Get Pinteresting
9.    Get onto the Medium
10.  Write for Parenting Sites

Could I have done Mommy Blogging Differently by being an Instagrammer

If you are someone who is active on social media and has been keenly following the blogs of other mommy bloggers, you do not need an introduction to Instagram.

It is one of the most widely used visual medium platform, where images & pictures speak more than the words More recently it is videos too that are taking the instagram world by storm. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has been very popular amongst the young and young at heart. 

As a mommy blogger, having your blogging journey being documented through pictures is a great way to reach out to your tribe. 

Benefits of Using Instagram for Mommy Blogging

1.   You can share pictures and video on Instagram

2.   You can narrate your story through use of images, videos, stickers emoticons through the Stories feature.

3.   This platform is perfect for micro-blogging which is to keep your story short; within limited words share your narrative, and complete it with an impressive picture or a video.

4.    As a mom blogger, if you prefer to present your blog more visually than textually, you can choose Instagram.

Disadvantages of Using Instagram for Mommy Blogging

1.   Your audience should be on the phone because Instagram works best with a mobile device.

2.    The content is not searchable of Google

3.    Your content is limited to people who are in Instagram.

4.    There is also an upper cap on the no of characters you can use in title, bio and posts. 

Could I have done Mommy Blogging Differently | Being a Youtuber

This is one of the best social media platforms and has evolved radically for vlogging. Vlogs are video-based blogs; and YouTube had led the way from the front in this domain.

If you wish to become a vlogger, there is nothing that could be better than YouTube. Owned by Google, with YouTube puts you onto your audience immediately; and with the kind of reach the platform has, your content gets exposure from the global audience.

Benefits of having a Mommy Blog on You tube

1.   Your content is published for viewing by 2+ billion monthly users

2.    It is the second most visited website in the world

3.    Every day billion hours of video are watched on YouTube

4.    You can use your creativity to your full potential With visual depiction, you can drive your point better.

5.    Your Content is searchable on Google

Disadvantages of having a Mommy Blog on You Tube

1.   The biggest drawback of YouTube is that it is not ideal for people who love to write because the platform is more for audio and visual content.

Run your Mommy Podcasts

Could I have done mommy blogging differently? Well, yes definitely. Podcasting is gaining a lot of popularity in present times. But, it is one that is innovative and builds a niche where you can portray yourself as a different mommy blogger, who does not follow the trends blindly. 

Benefits of having your Mommy Podcast

1.    Podcast is a newer way to reach out to your audience and build a tribe. 

2.    Data shows that you get a more loyal audience on Podcast and your tribe is genuinely interested in your content as compared to the social media channels.

3.    Your audience can listen to your podcasts and multi-task.

4.    Working with podcasting, you get more time to work on your content.

Disadvantages of Having Your Mommy Podcast

1.   It has miles to go as the platform is still in its infancy.

2.    There are limited SEO functionalities at the moment.

3.    The analytics is not well-developed.

Get into Mommy Micro-blogging

Tumblr is a great platform for micro-blogging. In fact, this platform can be ideally used with your blog on a parallel front.

Benefits of Mommy Micro Blogging

1.   It is a free platform. Easy to access and use.

2.    It is simple to integrate with different components of social media.

3.    You can instantly upload vlogs and videos, animations, GIFs, pictures, and even audios.

4.    It is a speciality micro-blogging site.

Disadvantages of Mommy Micro-blogging

1.   The number of words is limited.

2.    The set of features is limited

3.    The number of themes available on Tumblr is limited.

4.    Importing the blog from Tumblr to another platform is not as easy.

Create or join the communities on Reddit

Reddit is another blogging platform that has evolved like never before. You can post long content. Use this platform if you love words and love to write blogs and articles. 

Benefits of using Reddit

1.   The platform has an upvote and a downvote system where you can get to know what your audience thinks about your content.

2.    The platform offers a fair opportunity to content from ordinary bloggers and ones that are published by celebrities. 

3.    You can auto-share the content to Twitter or any other social media platform.

4.    Simple to use and create your account.

5.    It is called the web traffic Powerhouse and had 1.5 billion visits in May 2020

Disadvantages of using Reddit

1.   The entire history of publishing or commenting can be seen by anyone on the platform.

Could I have done Mommy Blogging Differently by using Quora

Quora is a popular blogging platform these days. It started off with a basic question answer format but has now evolved to be a full fledged universe of content on its own. Features like Spaces in Quora are specifically meant to write blogs and create your community around your specific niche.

Benefits of using Quora for Mommy Blogging

1.     Quora has a following of its own and for most parts, you will have a tribe of people who are loyal and new.

2.     You can integrate the already answered questions into your Quora Space. 

3.     Getting to know the audience opinion on your comments is quick and easy by the way of upvotes and comments

4.     Quora has a space partnership program and offers monetisation avenues for professional bloggers too.

5.     It has its own unique system to promote high quality answers via its Quora digests.

Disadvantages of using Quora for Mommy Blogging

1.    No features like scheduling posts and prompts for subscribing for users.

2.    The design and feel and look is pretty basic

Note it on Facebook

Could I have done mommy blogging differently? Yes, you can choose to blog using Facebook Notes. Since Facebook is a leading social media site with millions accessing it every day, this is one of the best platforms for publishing your blog.

Benefits of Facebook Notes

1.    Facebook Notes is free & easy to use.

2.    Facebook is an established social media site and has a very strong user base.

3.    It is good to use as a marketing platform – as a repurpose existing content.

Disadvantages of Using Facebook Notes

1.    It is not a full-fledged platform for blogging.

2.    Also, you cannot request your readers to subscribe, or use a contact form, or get added to a mailing list.

3.    Most bloggers and businesses use this site to promote their blog posts and business, rather than using it for blogging conventionally.

Get Pinteresting

This is another unconventional blogging platform that is being used more often these days to pin posts. The logic behind using this platform is that it helps to pin such posts that are helpful and educative, topics that are in demand.

Did you know that Pinterest is responsible for driving at least 89% of online purchases? If blogging is a business for you, then use the Business account sign-in for you will benefit from the Analytics feature provided by the platform.

Benefits of using Pinterest for mommy Blogging

  1. Perfect to promote your blogs and posts.
  2. You can create Rich Pins to create impressions.
  3. It is one of the best ways to attract and increase traffic to your existing blog post. 
  4. It is also a great channel to engage with your audience.

Disadvantages of using Pinterest for Mommy Blogging

  1. Pinterest is all about images. Hence it is not a platform where you can write more.
  2. If your blog is image-oriented, this platform is good; else for a word-rich content, this platform can be used for promotion and marketing efforts.

Get onto the Medium

The platform was launched by the former CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams. Since Twitter has limitations in the number of words, Evan developed a platform that could take more words; named it as Medium.

It has been 12 years since the platform was launched. In the first five years of launch, the platform garnered about 60 million visitors. Just like you work with other social media sites, here too, you need to create your account for blogging. 

Benefits of using Medium

  1. WYSIWYG or What you see is what you get as an editor. 
  2. Very simple to use Not elaborate set-ups required No coding skills
  3. There is a strong online community.
  4. Free platform Automatic saving of changes, you get to view how the blog would look upfront, no trial and error required, and anyone can use it.

Disadvantages of using Medium

  1. Not good for micro-blogging
  2. You cannot run ads.
  3. Your audience is not yours. Medium owns the audience.

Write for other Parenting Sites

There are a lot of parenting sites which offer you to create your own profile and write and blog on them. Few examples of these are momspresso, Women’s web, etc. However, the basic premise is that you don’t own your audience there. You don’t have an email list of your own or subscriber list of your own. 

Making the choice from all the above Blogging Ways

One of the biggest decisions that you would need to make when you choose to start your blogging career is to choose between a self-hosted blog and a blogging platform like Medium. 

The good thing about choosing to go ahead with the latter is that most of the blogging platforms are completely free, at least initially. There could be costs later, but that is not a headache in the initial few months or years. 

However, you have no control over your blog site. And, that is the biggest disadvantage of choosing a 3 party blogging platform. 

On the other hand, having an independent blog that resides on your chosen server; with the website link mentioning your blog name, is much preferred by professional bloggers for all the obvious reasons. 

  1. You have complete control of your blog. 
  2. You can customise the look and feel of the blog.
  3. From adding your choice of themes to SEO, preferred layout, advertising, you can do almost anything to earn traffic.
  4. All the backend files are in your hands.
  5. You can create an independent subscriber base of people who value and love to read your content.

Even with the above advantages, having your self-hosted blog is not a very easy option. You need to invest money and need much more involvement from your end compared to working with a blogging platform.

So for me the answer to the question “Could I have done mommy blogging differently”? is a yes as far as integrating these different mediums along with my self hosted blog that I do have now. But going on the 3 party platforms or using social media channels solely for mommy blogging is not my choice at all.

I love the fact that with Mom chipper I own this place in all its entirety and can experiment and write about things that my audience want. SO the conclusive answer is yes, I could have used the power of these other blogging mediums on my journey but having the self hosted blog is the best choice I made for my venture. 


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