Inspiring Indian Bloggers Who Are Moms is a post that acknowledges, appreciates & celebrates some impactful work done by these blogger moms. They talk about their story & their journey to breaking boundaries and crushing stereotypes. 

So here I am taking you behind-the-scenes into the lives of these Inspiring Moms who are making it possible to have it all at the same time. 

Inspiring Indian Bloggers Who Are Moms

Let us begin our journey, here is my list of mom bloggers To get to know them closely, I am also having some really inspiring conversations with them and featuring these videos on MomChipper on Youtube

If you are a new blogger looking for some more inspiration, you would find some great resources that can help you in your journey to success here.

Tina Sequeira

Her Blog – thetinaedit

The first lady on the list is someone who is called the Queen of Blogging and does not really require an introduction. Tina is a blogger & an author who writes about various topics from society to politics from women empowerment to culture & inclusion.

She has won various awards including The Rashtriya Gaurav Award for Author of the year by Govt of Telangana, The Orange Flower award by Women’s Web, Inspire Beyond Motherhood Award & Nari Samman Puraskar by Literoma to name some.

She also is the founder of “The Write Away” in which she mentors people in their creative pursuits. Her blog The Tina Edit is one of the Top 100 blogs for authors around the world.

Josephine Mary

Her blog – Marital Awareness and You

I am super excited to bring to you, the face of A Young Indian Mom who is a blogger, a writer, A mother to a 3-year-old daughter, she is someone who wears many hats. – Josephine Charles

To tell you more Josephine is someone who feels strongly about women empowerment has worked extensively in the field of rural development, women’s health & hygiene, & child education. 

Currently, she runs a blog called marital awareness & You that caters to the challenges women face in their married lives. She also hosts meaningful conversations in various communities around women, marriage & her first love books.

Deepika Jangra 

Her blog – Crafts Xpress

And our next super inspiring Mom Blogger is Deepika Jangra. Deepika is the go-to person for DIY crafts in India. Her blog Craftsxpress has become a platform to connect people from across the globe with an intent to learn grow and share the love for DIY.

She is also taking some amazing Art workshops for young kids and inspiring them to pick up Arts and DIY as a passion.

Sivaranjani P.

Her blog- Mrs. Feeds

Sivaranjani is an avid blogger and a passionate cook too. Her blog is full of food ideas and recipes which are prepared with Love as their main ingredient.

She is trying to build a community of passionate foodies around the world who are connecting on her blog for the love of their food.

Deenaz Raisinghani

Her blog – Backpacking Indian Mama

Deenaz is the perfect example of a mom who is living it all at the same time. A mom to a young toddler has traveled extensively all across the globe accompanied by the little kid. She is a TEDx Speaker and has been published widely across various media including Indian Express, Womensweb, Kidstoppress, Mosmpresso, Tripoto to name a few.

People who follow her do so for her authentic persona and her undying love for travel and more travel. Her tips on traveling with a kid have helped many moms take their leaps and open up to the whole idea of backpacking with a child. 

Shruti Chatterjee

Her blog – Verse To Converse

Shruti is a passionate writer, an aspiring poetess, a travel enthusiast, and a counselor by profession. She has also authored 2 eBooks Hues of a Woman and Snippets of Life, which are available on Amazon.

She writes mesmerizing poetry and has some really valuable experiences that come across as words from her writings. 

Prachi Sachdev

Her blog – DrippyArt

Prachi’s Drippy Art is a magical space or rather an e-space for creativity. She is an artist who specializes in Resin Art and there is so much more to her story. She is a published author, makes awesome pieces of art, and also takes online workshops. 

Anupama Dalmia

Her Blog – Anupama Dalmia

Anupama is a serial entrepreneur, a writer, a blogger, an artist, a mom, and the loving Anupama Aunty to so many kids whom she is mentoring through her venture Beyond the Box. She has been actively involved with a variety of social causes including empowering women in a lot of different ways. She is a Sheroes Champion and a super inspiring change maker. 

Dr. Neelam Mattu

Dr. Neelam Mattu is a Researcher and an Award-Winning Scientist. Her specialization area of research lies in Honey & Honey Bees from the Western Himalayan region. She is a Lifetime Member of various prestigious Academic Societies including the Asian Apiculture Association, Japan. She has to her credit 75 Research Papers in Journals across the world. She has been delivering many scientific talks on her field of research on DD National and AIR in the last 2 decades.

She is the First Mountain Woman to be a Honey Expert from the Western Himalayan region. She is now a voracious reader as well – a habit inculcated in her by her 2 children.


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