There are a plethora of Mom blogs available on the internet today, And a number of others are getting launched every day. However, only few are able to make a mark and connect with readers on issues that are important to them.

Also, while there is too much information available online on kids, parenting & a mom’s life, it is imperative all the more for readers to follow correct structured and credible information. 

I am so proud to share that Mom chipper has struck the chord right and is a part of Top 20 First Time Mom Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 by Feedspot. Feedspot is a name in online content industry that resonates strongly with quality & credibility all the way.

Top 20 First Time Mom Blogs, Websites & Influencers

Feedspot, with their core team in USA employs strict quality criteria to rank websites, blogs and other kinds of content in different niche categories. Basing their research on a number of different criteria like content quality, DA, Alexa ranking, Social Media Followers, Relevance of content to the audience etc.

To ensure quality and credibility of rankings, Feedspot reviews each blog/website with the help of their experts and removes redundant blogs every now and then. And therefore being on the Feedspot list is very valuable and adds a lot to Mom Chipper’s brand value. 

Mom Chipper has stood up to the expectations of its readers and also the expert content evaluators at Feedspot on all these criteria and more. And we are happy to be featured on their list.

Top 20 first time mom blogs

Mom Chipper is on number 12 on top 20 first time mom blogs

Mom Chipper is on number 12 on the Top 20 First Time Mom Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020  globally by Feedspot. And we are proud of what we have achieved in less than 2 months of our launch.

Not only that, I was particularly encouraged to see the list of other blogs on the list. Being amongst names like these is a big win for me. Do have a look at the entire list of top 20 first time blogs by Feedspot here.

Achievements like these make you happy , proud and want to do more for the cause that you are standing for. As the founder of Mom Chipper I hereby recommit to our mission of helping other SAHM reclaim their lost voice and inspire them to live a fulfilling life. 

I hope you would keep an eye on the honest simplified and amazing content that we have in line for our audiences and also share your valuable feedbacks with us from time to time. This would help us grow stronger and create content that actually proves helpful and value adding for all our readers. 

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