Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas for Stay at Home Moms to look and feel their very best all day long. It is important for stay at home moms to dress well and present the best versions of themselves out to the world.

For Stay at Home moms, the outfit that you wear for the day has to be the one that works well on style & functionality both. Since being a stay at home mom is a job where you are required to be on your toes 24 by 7, what you wear definitely is important. A well thought of outfit that is easy on you really helps.

I have been a Stay at Home Mom for 13 long years. And I can’t stress the importance of dressing up for yourself more. Wearing your style, your colour, matching accessories, & make uplifts your mood instantly.

Trendy winter outfit ideas For stay at home moms

9 Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

This one is an inspiring quote and every stay at home mom needs to understand and internalise this. Being a stay at home mom myself, I have lived through those difficult times too when everything else & everyone else was on my priority list and not myself. I did not feel the need to spend and splurge on my own self and neglected how I looked & obviously felt.

However, I realised soon that dressing up for the day is as important for me as it is for the mom who steps out to work. I realised that all these thoughts of not taking care of myself were stemming from the belief I carried for being a stay at home mom. And I also understood that I as lot of other SAHM need to change and live for ourselves too.

When you are thinking about what to wear in winters, here is a list of some trendy winter outfit ideas for SAHM.

1.    A Cable Knit/Rib Knit Jumper with stretch Jeans
2.   A luxury velvet dress paired with boots
3.   Two-Tone Scalloped Trim Blouse with trousers or a black skirt
4.   A formal black coat with a bright coloured dress
5.   A Puffer Jacket, regular fit jeans
6.    A shirred frill neck velvet blouse with leggings 
7.    Statement Sweatshirt with a pair of leggings
8.    Patchwork sweater with leggings
9.   A classic black body con dress with a textured wool coat

1.   A Cable Knit/Rib Knit Jumper With Stretch Jeans Can Make SAHM Look Trendy

You can never go wrong with jeans. For some moms, including me, it is the most comfortable outfit and something they can spend their entire day in. A good pair of jeans is something even SAHM of babies & toddlers swear by. Pair it with a cable knit or a rib knit jumper and there you are looking your trendiest best. Sneakers and a matching bag to go with it will add all the magic.

Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

2.   A Luxury Velvet Dress Paired With Boots 

A premium Velvet Dress is loved for its comfort and style by women of all ages. I have a super soft Navy Blue coloured velvet dress that I like to wear often… I sometimes pair it with a neutral coloured scarf and an envelope clutch when I have to move out. This is my functional yet stylish look to be at home.

3.  Two-Tone Scalloped Trim Blouse With Trousers or a Black Skirt

A double coloured black and white full sleeve blouse paired with wide-legged trousers or a black skirt add on to your style quotient in more than one way. I adore this look for an evening with friends or a date night.

4.   A Formal Black Coat With a Bright Coloured Dress Is a Great Style to Wear for Sahm

This is my go to option whenever I have o step out for any of the work-related meets. A bright blue solid shift dress paired with a black blazer jacket. This helps me get into power mode and ready to take on the world. 

5.  A Puffer Jacket, Regular Fit Jeans – My Go-To Outfit as a SAHM

Jackets that follow a signature design that is quilted in between the seams are called puffer jackets. They are quite popular pieces of fashion for both men & women in present times. Team it up with a pair of jeans and you are good to go. 

trendy winter outfit ideas for stay at home moms

I own puffer jackets in 2 neutral colours; An icy grey & a creamy beige one. And I love the no of possibilities it creates for me to team these with different bottoms. You can see my 4 different ways I wore puffer jackets.

These are pictures from my London trip and I love the ease of carrying these jackets while travelling. In fact, you can see my kids wearing their own puffer jackets too… We are a family of who loves these jackets of ours. 

6.   A Shirred Frill Neck Velvet Blouse With Leggings – Comfortable & Chic Style for SAHM

This is my latest addition to my winter wardrobe. And I wear this when I am confused about what to wear for the day. A solid green shrilled frill neck blouse with leggings or black trousers. I pair it with my luxury seiko watch & black peep toes and voila I am ready. 

7.   Statement Sweatshirt With a Pair of Leggings

My all-time favourite and easy dress for the days I am feeling lazy and just don’t want to do anything but go to the park and read a book. Leggings and some solid colour statement sweat shirt paired with sneakers or Crocs Women’s Slip-On. 

8.   Patchwork Sweater With Pencil Skirt or Pair for Leggings

Pairing a pastel-colored patchwork sweater with a pair of black leggings with a dash of colour in the form of bright coloured bracelet or statement earrings defined my ever classic and casual look.

9.    A Classic Black Body-Con Dress With Textured Wool Coat Never Goes Out of Style, Dear SAHM

Another formal outfit from my wardrobe. An always in black body con dress with a wool coat and a pair of block heels and I am ready. Be it a format dinner with friends or family or a quick work meeting, I can wear this & step out with poise.

So these are few things that help me define my style. Also, I am really not a person who cares about trends or what’s in fashion. I go shopping and grab pieces that are classic and tested. I don’t like to experiment a lot of withy clothes. 

How to be Stylish yet Comfortable at Home?

While comfort takes away the cake, style is often ignored while we SAHM choose our wardrobe. However, focussing only on the comfort takes us closer to being frumpy and our wardrobe would then be filled with stretchy yoga pants and T-shirts. While we get our hands’ dirty cleaning & mopping around the house, there is this satisfaction run adorning a yoga pant with an oversized t-shirt. And who knows it better than us SAHM?

When we talk about Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas for Stay at Home Moms, the first thing that I have in my mind is My all Time Wear – The Stylish & comfortable Yoga Pants. I love my stretch pants/t-shirt and I have always believed in a fresh no-makeup look. My “No makeup look” includes a black eye pencil and a nude lipstick or lip balm depending upon what my tastebuds are asking for in that particular day. 

But with time passing by I have realized the importance of looking put together. It is not that I have gone really high on style and invest heavily on buying the latest of fashion and makeup, but I do have gone few notches higher up to look presentable along with doing the chores and being a SAHM. And yes, style and comfort can go hand in hand…

Tips That Helped Me on My Journey to Being a Put Together SAHM

  • Adding “Getting Ready” Time in My Morning Routine

This one thing has helped move from being a frumpy mom to a well put together mom. Adding this 20 minutes in my morning routine has made me more mindful of how I look for the day. 

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have not always been like this. I have been the mom who used to forget to take care of herself in the middle of all other priorities. However, with time I realised that when you indulge in Self Care it has many more implications that just being taken care of.

By working on your self, your are communicating to your self and the world that you are important and on the side; also taking care of your mental well-being. So this habit also features in my list of habits of happy SAHM too. 

  • Spending 15 minutes n weekend to plan my dresses for the week

This is one thing I have discovered after various trials and errors. So when I made getting ready a part of my mornings routine, somehow I was not getting it right. Because I would end up searching for what to wear acc to my mood in the morning and ended up wearing something either not comfortable to be carried the whole day or something delicate that I worried of getting spoilt.

So after the various kinds of trials, I finalised on spending 15-20 mins on s Sunday evening planning for my week outfits and accessories. Since I also prepare an outline of my weekdays, I know the day I need to be in sneakers to run around all day and days I can do with my slip-on or sandals. 

Weekend outfit planning involves selecting the outfits for the week along with the accessories like shoes or bags. I have a specific part of my wardrobe assigned for the weekly outfit planning where I use hangers to hang my each day outfit separately. To make it a no brainer for me, they are lined according to the sequence of weekdays. 

This simple strategy is so useful, try it for yourself. I can’t help but talk about this often. It has resulted in a minimum of 10 minutes of time-saving every single day of the week. And this time is the time from the morning routine that is much more precious to me than from any other part of the day. 

  • Re-Organising my wardrobe

Decluttering my wardrobe and purging pieces I don’t really use but have stored gas been really helpful to me in being a Put together SAHM. It helps in getting clarity and feeling calmer and in control of things at home. In fact this is one of the prominent tip on How to thrive as a SAHM and not just survive. 

I usually organise my wardrobe on the basis of category first like jeans, sweaters, the etc. and then the looks like casual or formal looks. So a shelf in my wardrobe will have all the jeans at one place. And then it will also be different stacks of casual or semi-formal jeans. 

However, my week outfit planning space would be very differently organised. I would have all the day clothes hanged together with accessories for the day stacked at the bottom of the outfit. This works beautifully in saving my time and mindshare in the mornings to just come pick up my hanger for the day and get ready. 

  • Mindful Shopping

Being aware and mindful of your shopping patterns is again a very important tip For SAHM to create a wardrobe that is full of trendy and stylish outfits For SAHM. Shopping for things that you need and shopping for quality things that you can be assured of having in your wardrobe for at least 3-5 years are my two watch strategies on shopping. 

I have always had a minimalist approach to my shopping and never really liked splurging on fashion. Another thing that I have recently picked up from experience is that there is absolutely no use of getting wooed by the Sales and discounts and picking up things of compromised quality or brands that you won’t want to wear.  A better strategy that has worked for me is to buy less and buy quality brands. 

  • Getting away from Perfectionism

Another thing that helped me look after myself and focus on looking stylish & trendy is to stop running after perfectionism in everything. So I am ok if my kids are not wearing an ironed shirt one day or if the kitchen shelves are a little disorganised. I understand this as a part of growing up.

Things would be messy, and they would need my attention all the while, sometimes I just have to close my eyes or divert my attention and focus on myself too. So getting away from being a perfectionist in house management I focus now on being the fun, happy and a well put together mom.

So this is all I wanted to say on Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas for Stay at Home Moms, let me know if you like the post or share with me on email your go-to trendy winter looks. I would love to feature the selected few here in my blog. So start connecting. 


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