What makes Indian moms happy? A million-dollar question for a priceless person in our lives – Our moms.

Mothers are the foundational pillars of any family. While they work day in and day out for the happiness of all others in the family, their own happiness often takes a back seat. 

And hence we need to remind her of things and do things for her that make her happy. In this post, we will talk of all things happiness in an Indian Moms’ lives.

What Makes Indian Moms Happy?

According to a survey done in 2019, more than 70 percent of Indian moms are unhappy. And, this is not a happy state to be in for any society. 

What makes indian Moms happy

While the reasons for the unhappiness can be many, what is important is that we as a society need to mindfully work on creating a happy space for Indian moms. 

And for facilitating that, let us first understand, what makes Indian Moms happy.

The source of this information is a survey done by Momspresso in 2019.

Let Us Bring Joy Into Our Mom’s Life With These 47 Precious Gestures 

1.     When she has genuine support from husband & in Laws
2.     When her family flourishes
3.     When she is appreciated for all that she does
4.     When there is a beautiful Synergy between the family members
5.     When her kids stay away from your screens
6.     Time Out with Her Friends
7.     When she has the autonomy to choose Self Care
8.     When she is reaffirmed of her Self worth and talked out of her guilt
9.      When she is not judged for the woman she is
10.    When her husband is supportive of her side of the family
11.    When her husband is supportive of her parenting & disciplining strategies
12.    When the family is supportive of her dreams
13.    When she sees the genuine bond of love between her kids
14.    When her kids score well in studies
15.    When her kids showcase good values that she has been trying to inculcate
16.    When she can binge-watch all her favourite shows
17.    When we love the food she cooked for us
18.    When she is seeing old pics and cherishing old memories
19.    When her kids are coming home
20.    When you make her a part of your important things even after growing up
21.    When she has something new to learn
22.    When she can read all that she wants
23.    When she can listen to her music without disturbance
24.    Spending beautiful Family Time Together
25.    When she is appreciated for her work professionally
26.    When her family is eating healthy & Exercising
27.    When Everyone in the family is contributing to house chores
28.     Celebrating Festivals & traditions
29.    When she is made to feel special on her special days including Mother’s day
30.    When her kids can share their problems and take her advice
31.    When you pray 
32.    When you outplay her friend’s daughter in anything
33.    When you don’t overspend on things you don’t need and save money for the future
34.   When you spend time with her to talk
35.   When you keep your room tidy and clean
36.   When you surprise her
37.    When you accompany her for her shopping
38.    When you talk her out for a lovely dinner
39.    When she gets a day off from motherhood
40.    When you move towards self-dependence.
41.    When you share openly about your life friends and love interests with her
42.    When her spouse respects her genuinely
43.    When she is consulted to or involved in important decisions of the family
44.    When she can finely manage both her family & work
45.    When her kids tell her – “You are the best mom of the world”
46.    When she travels frequently & experience new things
47.    When she does things for her family with her earned money

1.     When She Has Genuine Support From Husband & in Laws

This is one of the most important factors that decide the happiness quotient of an Indian mom. And more so because couples do stay with their in-laws in the same house and interact on an everyday basis. So, having genuine and meaningful support from her partner and in Laws makes her a happy lady and hence a happy mom too. 

2.     When She Sees Her Family Flourishing

Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing my husband and kids doing good in their life. Yes, my own accomplishments as an individual matter a lot too but the happiness & satisfaction I get to see my kids winning is something out of the world.

On one hand, it is the feeling of subtle pride but more importantly, it is a validation of fact that I am doing things right as a mom and my sacrifices (especially professional) are paying off well.

3.     When She Is Appreciated for All That She Does

Nobody can deny the fact that a mom of the house has immense responsibilities of running and managing the house so everyone else can smoothly carry on with their lives. And especially so for an Indian mother who is the primary manager of everything household & she happily plays that part for her family. 

In return, the little that she asks for is acknowledging the fact that she is doing so much and appreciating her for managing things so well. I think it is fair. When she is appreciated for all the chores and things she does for the family, there is bound to be immense satisfaction & happiness that she feels. 

In fact, by appreciating her for all she does, you are contributing in a big way and enabling her to live a fulfilling life as a Mom. 

4.     When There Is a Beautiful Synergy Between the Family Members

Seeing beautiful synergy amongst different members of her family makes an Indian Mom happy and she intentionally works towards creating those bonds of love, kindness, and empathy. 

5.      When You Stay Away From Your Screens

Spending time on screens is one challenge that most of the Indian moms face and is a significant stressor in their lives. So work on your screen times and keep them under control if you wanna see your mom happy.

What makes indian Moms happy

6.     Time Out With Her Friends

When we talk of What makes Indian moms happy, there are a few things that are common for all the moms globally. Spending time out with their friends is one such thing that has a significant impact on the happiness quotient of women and moms around the world. 

Of course, getting my time out with my friends, when I can safely tine out of motherhood and enter my mad gang is something I really cherish and look forward to. It is something that makes me a happy SAHM. It helps me break free from day to day stress and makes me ready to face on newer challenges that life throws at me.

7.     When She Has the Autonomy to Choose Self Care

I feel very happy if I have the liberty to choose a day off from everything when I am feeling out of spirits. This requires self-awareness, empathy & strong communication between you and your partner but this can be worked out. Having the freedom to choose not to be bogged down by all the responsibilities is a great feeling and a matter of immense joy. 

8.     When She Is Reaffirmed of Her Self Worth and Talked of Her Guilt

Referring back to the Momspresso survey on “Are Indian moms happy?” 73% of Indian mothers feel they are not great moms. This simply reflects the lack of self-worth & guilt in them.

The reasons can be many starting from the immediate upbringing environment to the patriarchal society at large however things are really changing at a fast pace in Indian society too.  And so reaffirm her Self worth and see how she blooms as a mom and as a woman too. 

9.     When She Is Not Judged for the Woman She Is

Another simple thing an Indian Mom expects from society is to be non-judgemental about her life and her choices. Whether she is a working mom or a stay at home mother, whether she feeds her kids ready to eat meals or purely home-cooked ones, whether she is ok being a mother to her kids or goes a step further and becomes their friend.

It is all her choice and we should be respecting her choices and decisions. And we definitely can see the positive impact it has on an Indian Moms’ mind when can live her life without the fear of being judged.

10.    When Her Husband Is Supportive of Her Side of the Family

This is one of the very important things on what the happiness of any Indian lady depends. While she goes all out to take care of the husband’s family and takes full responsibility for the new house after marriage, she also expects her husband to take responsibility for his in-laws as well.

Yes, marriages in India are more than the couple getting married. It is about the families getting together too. And the happiness of an Indian mom does depend on how she is able to build those bonds between her own family and her in-laws family.

11.    When Her Husband Is Supportive of Her Parenting & Disciplining Strategies

Another very important thing for an Indian mom is the support she gets from her partner in raising her children. Both the parents need to be on the same page as far as the parenting & disciplining strategies are concerned and the synergy of the entire household gets beautiful.

On the other hand, if they differ and argue on every small thing regarding their children, it is most often the mother who feels helpless & unhappy in the situation. Also because she is the one primarily managing everything regarding the kids and she does not find the required support from her partner. 

Therefore, an Indian Mom’s happiness does depend on how synergistically she and her husband can work on to create an apt parenting model for her kids. 

12.    When the Family Is Supportive of Her Dreams

As a woman, an Indian Mother is also allowed to have dreams & goals for her life too. And when the whole family is supportive& enabling of her dreams, it makes the Indian mom really happy and positive about life.

What makes indian Moms happy

13.  When She Sees a Genuine Bond of Love Between Her Kids

I love it when I see my kids can for each other. My mom loves it when she sees an amazing camaraderie between me and my sister. So yes it is important for us to have that bond developed between our kids. 

14.    When Her Kids Score Well in Studies

Moms really get happy toes their kids accomplishing things in life. Academics Excellence is still one of the very important things for an Indian parent. So, yes they get happy seeing their kids achieve good grades in school. On a lighter note, an Indian Mom gets really happy when she gets to brag about her kids and their achievements amongst her friends. 

15.    When Her Kids Showcase Good Values That She Has Been Trying to Inculcate

I, as a mom really get happy to see my kids, take up issues like tree plantation, waste recycling and even when they stand up with the person who is getting bullied in the playground. I have intentionally worked hard on getting these messages ingrained in them and now when I see them living these values, I am the happiest mom on the planet. 

16.    When She Can Binge-Watch All Her Favourite Shows.

With house management chores, kids and my work to handle, getting my hands on to watching my shows is a distant dream. But then there are days when I just wanna sit and enjoy my shows and that definitely gives me joy. I am sure a lot of Indian moms would agree with me that binge-watching without any disturbance once in a while, do give them happiness and rejuvenates them.

17.    When We Love the Food She Cooked for Us

I have seen my mom shine with joy when we love the food that she has cooked for us. In fact, more so when my kids appreciate and eat her meals heartily.

18.    When She Is Seeing Old Pics and Cherishing Old Memories

Looking at old pics and remembering good old times spent is something every Indian mom enjoys. She is happy for a life well lived and creating so many beautiful memories of her kids’ childhood.

19.    When Her Kids Are Coming Home

What makes indian Moms happy

When her kids are coming home for their holiday is the best thing that every Indian mom loves to hear. And it does not end there. It is just a start to prepare the house and kitchen for all the goodies and good things.

20.    When You Make Her a Part of Your Important Things Even After Growing Up

When you grow up, a lot of things change for you and your mom as well. Apart from the age not being on her side, she also struggles with loss of purpose and suddenly has so much time in her hand. So while you are pretty independent but if you mindfully involve your mom in your discussions, in your decisions and in your day to day affairs, it is a big deal for your mom and she really loves you for it.

20.    When You Make Her a Part of Your Important Things Even After Growing Up

Get her to learn something new, be it operating a laptop or driving a car, Moms really enjoy learning something new especially when her kids are instrumental in teaching her the new skill. So don’t think twice, just figure out what your mom is interested in and enroll her for an online class. It is bound to make her happy and excited about the new skill.

22.    When She Can Read All That She Wants

Ss moms, we are so used to reading a line or 2 of our favourite book and then having our child 1 wanting a snack. We get a fruit bowl for him and then back to reading again. And this time it is a courier I ordered from amazon at the door. And here I am up again.

Well, this is an everyday story of moms all around. Getting your time to just cozy up on your bed and read your favourite book is a luxury that is bound to make an Indian mom happy. 

23.    When She Can Listen to Her Music Without Disturbance

Simple things bring so much happiness to Indian moms. Listening to her music without interruptions is something that is surely gonna light up her face.

24.    Spending Beautiful Family Time Together

Doing things together as a family is what every Indian Mom enjoys and feels a lot of happiness in. Be it a movie at home or travel to the beach together, try this if you want to make your mom happy.

25.    When She Is Appreciated for Her Work Professionally

Being appreciated for the value you are adding at work is something everyone cherishes and feels happy for and so is an Indian mom. 

26.    When Her Family Is Eating Healthy & Exercising

An Indian mom really cares for what her family is eating and wants to ensure the health focus for all in the family. So eating homemade healthy food and exercising for all family members s in her list of priorities. So do that and see her feeling happy about it. 

27.    When Everyone in the Family Is Contributing to House Chores

With many things on her mind, an Indian mom really appreciates you taking part in the household chores and helping and supporting her in house management. This makes her feel happy about raising responsible children who can empathise with her on one hand. And on the other hand, your help does free up her mindshare which she can then focus on her own self and feel relaxed and happy in turn. 

28.     Celebrating Festivals & Traditions

Indian calendar is full of festivals and traditions almost all throughout the year. Participating in celebrations & upholding rituals and traditions is something that really makes her feel grounded and rooted & happy. 

For me as a Mom, this is one of the very important things on What makes Indian moms happy list. I love the fervour and joy of celebrations for one. And secondly also because they are great opportunities to pass on the traditions and values to our kids.

While kids see us celebrating and respecting our age-old traditions, they get interested and intrigued by the rituals and ask us all sorts of why’s. I personally feel very happy with these kind of discussions.

What makes indian Moms happy

29.    When She Is Made to Feel Special on Her Special Days Including Mother’s Day

Making her feel special on her birthday, marriage anniversary of Mother’s day is the leats a mom can expect for a lot of love care and affection she keeps doting on her kids. So go ahead, and share your love for her with these beautiful Mom quotes and see her gleaming with happiness

30.    When Her Kids Can Share Their Problems and Take Her Advice

Involving your mom in your issues or problems and taking her advice makes her feel a part of your life and she feels really happy about it. 

31.    When You Pray

This one is simple. An Indian mom feels happy when you pray and move ahead in your faith. Being spiritually connected is an important part of Indian tradition and every mom feels happy to see her kids follow the rituals.

32.    When You Outsmart Her Friends Daughter at School

This one is funny but so true for Indian moms. They love it when they are able to brag about their kid getting that trophy for a singing competition at school. Not to mention that one of the other competitors is a child of the mom sitting on the same table. And yes that is funny.

33.    When You Don’t Overspend on Things You Don’t Need and Save Money for the Future

Saving for the future is an integral part of Indian upbringing. And when you follow your money lessons nicely, you are making your mom happy about her teaching you about finances. 

34.    When You Spend Time With Her to Talk

This is a no brainer. Take out time to just sit with her and listen to what all is going on in her mind and you are bound to give immense happiness. 

35.    When You Keep Your Room Tidy and Clean

This one is a critical one too. If your son wanna see a yelling mom, make sure you keep your room neat and tidy, your wardrobe bodily stacked and your bed neatly organized. if you do all, you would definitely see your mom happy and relieved. 

36.    When You Surprise Her

What makes indian Moms happy

Everyone loves surprises and so does an Indian mom. So go ahead and plan that surprise visit to her place. And if you think that the surprise you have got to plan is really a big and elaborate one. You are really mistaken. A small gesture to surprise your mom can go a long way and can get imprinted in her heart forever. 

My son when he was 5 years old, made my bed and left his sleeping buddy tucked in with his favourite book at 7 pm in my room. he did plan it all with his elder sister and both my kids gave me a lovely and memorable surprise that day.  

When I finished my day-long routine, I was hell tired and entering my room, I was just so immensely filled with emotions. I would never forget how happy I felt and this would always be very close to my heart memory. 

37.    When You Accompany Her for Her Shopping

This one is again about making her feel wanted and special. Taking her out for her shopping and getting involved is something that every Indian mom loves. 

38.    When You Talk Her Out for a Lovely Dinner

Going out on an exclusive dinner with her grown-up children is something that every Indian mom cherishes.

In fact I do go out with my daughter on a coffee date every month right from when she turned 8. And I know what it means to her spending that time alone with me. I am sure when my daughter will take that initiative and plan something similar for me to spend time with her, I would be immensely happy too. 

39.    When She Gets a Day off From Motherhood

Getting a day off from her everyday responsibilities of household and motherhood is something in that every evening mum looks forward to. 

I love my monthly tune out days when I can do what I want and not care about food, home kids and even my spouse. And I am able to do that because I know that my husband is taking care of things that are important & critical. 

40.    When You Move Towards Self-Dependence

When your mom sees you getting self-dependent on different things in life, it gives her extreme happiness. Be it small things like packing your lunch or bigger things like cooking your own meal, she loves to see you getting independent.

41.    When You Share Openly About Your Life Friends and Love Interests With Her

Sharing your feelings for your friends & love interest with your mom is a matter of personal choice. However, building that trust and safety in your relationship with your mom is what every mom works towards. She wants you to come and share candidly about your life with her.

42.    When Her Spouse Respects Her Genuinely

This one is absolutely necessary for every mom’s happiness. Having that basic respect for yourself as and individual is imperative to her basic happiness in life. 

43.    When She Is Consulted to or Involved in Important Decisions of the Family

Treating her as an important part of the family and consulting her for all the important decisions related to the house and family is something that keeps her feel happy and worthy.

44.    When She Can Finely Manage Both Her Family & Work

Having the confidence that she is able to manage family & work with a fine balance is something that gets great joy to a mom’s life. It is important for her to do both the roles honestly and efficiently and hence when she wins at it, she becomes really happy.

What makes indian Moms happy

45.    When Her Kids Tell Her – “You Are the Best Mom of the World”

This is the best one. I love it when my kids tell me this. And yes I do take these words inside me and they motivate me for days to be peaceful and satisfied.

46.    When She Travels Frequently & Experience New Things

Travelling to places and experiencing new things is what Indian moms enjoy too. So go ahead and plan that weekend break for her. 

47.    When She Does Things for Her Family With Her Earned Money

This is something that really gives me immense and matchless happiness. Doing something or buying them gifts of their choice from my earned money. 

So this is my take on What makes Indian Moms Happy. Let me know if you resonate with some of these and share what made your mom happy. I would be happy to read your experiences. 

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