How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging and keep moving forward to get closer to your goals everyday? I will try and answer this question for all of you in this post.

Being a Mom Blogger just like any other profession requires you to hustle hard & feeling distracted, and dull on the way is not a feeling unknown to many of us. However, what are the things we need to intentioanlly add in ur lives to feel self motivated and charged is something we will talk here. 

So without much further build up, let us get started.

How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging

How to Keep Yourself Motivated during Mommy Blogging

Whether you have started blogging now or have been doing it for some time, these tips and strategies to keep your self cmptivated and passionate about your work, would come handy to you. 

So here is we go.

1.     Take Pride In blogging
2.     Trust Your Purpose – Serving Others by Blogging about your Experiences is a great value add
3.     Reaffirm Yoursef – You are adding value to other moms
4.     Rekindle your passion for Blogging by Experimenting & being Innovative
5.     Recommit to Your Why often
6.     Work Hard to create positive results; they serve as a great motivation
7.     Network with fellowbloggers and Keep learning every day
8.     Revisit Blogging Goals regularly & Track your performance
9.     Take Time To De-stress
10.   Take Time to Organise & Plan your work
11.   Make Rituals around your Blogging
12.   Hire a Mentor & Coach if you are feeling Lost

Take Pride In Blogging & Keep yourself Motivated 

One of the reasons why it is so important to think and re-think your decision of mom blogging is that you should never lose the cause on the way. This means to say, that, irrespective of whether or not, you are doing good as a mom blogger, always be proud of who you are.

When there is pride, there is self-respect; pat your back for taking the plunge, give yourself brownie points and kudos for surviving through all the ups and the downs, the challenges, and the pressures of being an entrepreneur! Revisit your journey, once in a while, and you will find more reasons for you to be proud of what you have done and achieved.

Leave alone what the world has to say; what others think about your progress. You should be happy and satisfied with your experience and journey – that is what matters the most. When you are, you will find yourself treating mom blogging with pride, always!

This will keep you motivated and inspired through out your blogging journey.

How to keep yourself motivated as a mommy blogger

Trust Your Purpose | Serving Others by Blogging about your Experiences Keeps You Going Strong

The majority of us would innately love to help others – that is a natural human tendency. Mom bloggers do a noble work because they help other women and moms learn by sharing their experiences.

As a parent blogger, you would share your stories, your journey as a mother with your audience from which many other mommies get to learn newer ways of handling their little ones, dealing with the test of time, the pressures, and so on.

Similarly, if you are a food mom blogger or a travel mom blogger, you share your anecdotes, tips, and testimonials to influence the choices of your audience and readers. This way you are contributing positively to better someone else’s life.

So, being a blogger is not only about you but also about offering assistance to others from your fraternity. This should be a good reason to keep you motivated towards building and growing your blog.

Reaffirm Yourself | You are Adding Value to other Moms

Earlier, when the digital medium was not there, and when we were small, our mothers took advice from our grandmothers, and they, in turn from their mothers and relatives to raise their kids.

Today with most families living in the nuclear ambiance, handling the new-born, the preschooler, the adolescent, or even the teenager is not an easy thing to do. It is very daunting for mothers with no previous experience and no one to provide help.

Look at blogging from this angle – it is now mom bloggers like you who, by sharing your experiences and narratives, help other mothers to traverse the journey of motherhood with ease. So even a small tip is a big help for someone out there; adding value to her life!

Imagine, with every small piece of advice you are helping someone in need. Isn’t that a reason good enough to keep you smiling and motivated?

Experiment & Be Innovative | The excitement of Something New always helps in keeping you motivated 

The more you experiment, the more you get to know about yourself; and the more you can keep your readers interested. You have to be innovative to not only keep your enthusiasm alive but also to keep giving your readers something new every time.

Mom blogging is an extremely competitive space. You cannot afford to lose your audience to your competition, at any cost. You rather need to grow the numbers.

How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging? So, keep testing out new ideas, carry out trials and errors, just like they do in a research lab; delve deep into your creativity, to create newness in your content.

All this is going to take time and energy. When you are busy finding your passion and zeal, you will no time to think of demotivation or lack the eagerness to blog.

Recommit to Your Why Often & See yourself Super Charged

At times when you feel lost, feel that the blog is becoming boring and dragging; it is a good idea to go back to the first reason why you started your blogging career.

It is not about blogging alone; routine work in any career can start to make things look boring and mundane. When such a feeling starts to set in, best is to take a break, go back to where you started the journey, and let yourself experience a similar feeling of the adrenalin rush.

Positive Results are the Biggest motivators | Work Hard to create them

Let us put this simply that when your blog starts to monetize and you get to see amazing ranking results on search engines, your motivation can grow in leaps and bounds.

How to keep yourself motivated as a mommy blogger

The secret to the question – How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging – lies in aligning yourself to these kinds of goals for your blog. When you have such stimulating goals to look forward to, you will strive hard; put your best foot forward to achieve them.

The goals themselves will help keep you motivated and excited.

Network with Fellow Bloggers and Keep Learning New things every day

Another valid suggestion would be to network with co-mommy bloggers more in your community.

There are so many mothers’ networks today in the virtual world. Be a part of one or two that are from your niche, where members are helpful and ready to offer free realistic advice and suggestions.

Not only will you learn from interactions and exchanges happening in such communities, but you will also find a few like-minded mothers with whom you can be friends within the digital world.

This is just like having a buddy group that is there for you when you need motivation and inspiration.

Revisit Blogging Goals regularly & Track your performance

You had your reasons to start blogging. You had researched in-depth to find your goals and purpose behind the reason for creating the blog. Go back to all that hard work once more.

When you re-visit the efforts that you undertook, you will start to feel the adrenalin rush once more. You will, for sure! When we start something, there is so much awe in it, there are dreams involved, so it is good to go back once in a while and re-live those moments again.

How you have performed –from there to here should also be tracked. If it has been eventful, you will automatically feel nice and proud about it; if it has been not-so-good, you might feel disheartened but take it with a pinch of salt. Keep your positivity at a hundred percent and re-start with the same vigor!

Take Time To De-stress | Exhaustion Impacts your Motivation Level Too

This is something that you must do. When you take time off from blogging, you find the relevant answer to – How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging?

The de-stressing time is to rejuvenate, go on a holiday with your family, connect with the kids, spend time with them, do things that you love to do together, and also spend some time introspecting.

How to keep yourself motivated as a mommy blogger

Take Time to Organise & Plan your work | Clarity brings in Motivation

When you embark on the journey of being a mom blogger in a planned manner, things will work in a much better way than before.

There is no doubt that when you go about your blogging career in an organized manner, in a planned manner, you will be prepared better to face the challenges on the way.

When it comes to organizing and planning your work, it is not only about preparing a schedule or a planner, it is also about creating the right ambiance in your workplace. Use green plants, create a separate space for your work desk, use a whiteboard to keep your mission, vision, and goals right in front of your eyes, and more.

Treat this place nothing short of a professional office. Respect and regard the space so that when you arrive here, you begin your work with the right attitude and aptitude.

How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging. Tha answer is simple; by working as a pro; creating a professional vibe all-around!

Make Rituals around your Blogging to keep yourself Motivated and Focussed

Experts believe that blogging rituals can help you create professional content. Daily rituals to train your mind and body making it easier to don the cap of the blogger every day.

Things are much more organized, there is less randomness, and you are in better control. Due to blogging rituals, you are less stressed out, there is a certain sense of stability that helps remove clutter from your mind.

These rituals can be starting your day on a right note to indulging in physical exercise before you sit for work, lisrening to your song to listening to motivating audios or podcasts to train your mind right. 

Hire a mentor if you are feeling lost | A second perspective always helps 

Even after having the best of goals in mind, things can seem to be distant, confusing, hard-to-reach, difficult, and so on. Understandably so! Because the path that you are treading is not so easy – we agree.

You know one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to seek a mentor. It could be a friend, your husband, or someone who knows you well enough. The role of the mentor is to help ypu reconnect with your lost sense of clarity and confidence again. 

How do you keep yourself motivated? Find your reasons because there are no proven time-tested reasons here- each to their own, as long as you are willing to face your reasons and keep your motivation levels at its optimized best!

Include these in your Daily Routine and you would see a positive change in how you think about life & work in general.

– Eat Healthy Meals

– Drink a Lot of Water

– Respect Your Work

– Move and Exercise regularly

– Train your Mind to Think positively

– Say your Affirmations & Spend time with your Vision

– Pay Attention to your Self-talk

– Don’t negate your Self & your feelings

– Show Up for Yourself

So this is all about How to keep yourself motivated during mommy blogging, i hope you got your inspiration here.

The shift from being a simple SAHM to taking up blogging on a full-time basis is not an easy decision. One reason why you must have decided to become a mom blogger would have been your love for blogging – right?

However, in a world that is constantly changing and evolving with changing technology, trends, and preferences, things can get draining and challenging at times. If blogging is your passion, you pursue it just like a full-time job, and it helps you earn money, you need to ensure that you stay motivated as a mom blogger.

As they say, i completely and wholeheartedly believe in “If it is worth Doing; It is worth Doing Right.”


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