Morning routine ideas for stay-at-home moms are extremely important to start the day well. Having a Good Morning Routine is as imperative for Stay at home Moms as it is for Working Mothers. 

Being a Stay at Home mom for the past 13 years, I have come to appreciate the importance of having a rock-solid Morning Routine in place. It not only helps maintain a positive & energetic vibe in my house but also impacts positively the happiness quotient of my family members.

In the words of Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher & scientist, “Well begun is half done!” And a morning well started has the right energy & momentum to take you through the day in your finest mommy avatar. 

Morning routine ideas for stay at home moms

13 Effective Morning Routine Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Morning Routines are a great way to build the right habits, intentions & the right attitude to the days of our lives. If you are a new Mom or trying to chalk out a Morning Routine for the first time, you would fall in love with the organization & simplification, it will bring into your life.

Down under I am listing a few of the creative ideas morning routine ideas for stay-at-home moms that you can pick and choose to create your very own Morning Routine. So get inspired Moms and take your first step to be the Calm, Yell-free, and Fun Mom that you have always wanted to be.

1.   Wake Up Early & Enjoy your ‘Me Hour’
2.   Connect with yourself 
3.   Express Gratitude & Pray
4.   Set the Intentions for your day
5.   Say your Affirmations
6.   Spend time with your Vision Board
7.   Exercise 
8.   Enjoy your Morning Tonic Coffee
9.   Listen to your favorite song
10.  Get Ready – Shower, Make up
11.  Prepare Breakfast
12.  Wake up your kids 
13.  Finish up some chores

It is important to build the routine in such a way that it challenges you & motivates you at the same time to be Life Ready.

In this post, I will discuss some ideas and routines that you must include in your morning routines as well as I will provide you with a sample that usually works well with SAHMs. So let us begin.

Things to include in the Morning Routine of SAHM

1.   Wake Up Early & Enjoy your ‘Me Hour’

It does not have to be the famous 5 am for you. For your own Morning Routine, set up the wake-up time that gives you at least an hour of heads up before your kids wake up for the day.

This is your time that you can spend in the way you want. The silence of the early hour, the overall energy, and the rhythm of nature are mesmerizing in the morning when you get the liberty to quietly experience it.

Witnessing the new day breaking up, soaking in the morning sun, seeing the plants flourish and flowers bloom, breathing the fresh morning air can all help you feel rejuvenated and charged up for the day ahead.

Morning Routine Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

I usually wake up at 5:30 am on weekdays. And the first thing I do is step out to my balcony. I gain my energy from the plants & nature sprawling around me. Spending 5-10 mins in the fresh air with the day breaking & soaking the first rays of the Rising Sun helps me clear my mind of any clutter and unwanted thoughts.

On weekends I do take the liberty of being in bed sometimes even till 8 am. And I must say here, that I enjoy living my weekdays much more than weekends. My weekdays are more productive and I feel more of a winner on the weekdays than on the weekends. I guess it certainly has a lot to do with the weekday routine I have in place for myself. I too love predictability just like my children. 

2.  Connect With Yourself 

This is your time to listen to yourself and accept yourself completely. Accept the thoughts you are having, accept the disappointments that you might have, and accept the imperfections.

Connecting with yourself is a must-have on your list of morning routine ideas for stay-at-home moms.

Listen to your physical body and listen to your soul because they are trying to tell you something important.

I accept who I am, I acknowledge my feelings and I try to forgive and forget the origin of those feelings. This is also the time when I pat my back for making progress on whatever front. I usually spend this time on my balcony and ensure that it is all about me and no one else. Anyone else or anything else trying to enter my thoughts is intentionally stopped right at the door. It’s my time to reflect on my day that passed by & steers myself in the right direction. 

3.   Express Gratitude & Pray

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar

Expressing gratitude to the universe and praying form essential components of any good morning Routine. It does not matter what religion or faith you follow, the goal here is to Spiritually connect to the higher energy and nourish your soul.

Post my Morning Hygiene routine, it is my time to sit and express my gratitude to the universe for all that I have. For living another day, for having happy healthy children, for having my pantry full, for having a supportive husband, for having my blogs for the creative fulfillment, for having my parents around to pamper my kids, and for having all the house helps to ease my life. I am an ardent follower of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism so I do chant for 5 minutes and pray for peace & happiness around.

4.   Set the Intentions for Your Day

This is the time for focusing on new habits or new resolutions that you want to add to your lives. So be it adding a 20-minute workout or your determination to not yell or scream at your kids, set and express your intentions for the day to the universe.

By the way, if you have babies or toddlers at home, having a morning routine will add to your productivity.

I have been meaning to work on completing my 10,000 steps and drink 2.5 liters of water every day. However, have not been consistently able to achieve it for some time. So, these are my current goals that I recommit to every day during this time. There are still some days when things just don’t fall into place. But giving up is not an option.  So I have added these to my Morning Routine & I spend around 2 minutes focussing on these goals of mine. Sometimes I add things like I will be more appreciative towards my children today or I will go an extra mile today to bring the smile on their faces.

5.   Say Your Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you can use in a Self Talk every day to improve your mindset. These help you in reaffirming your belief in yourself. Additionally, they tune you into the positive frequency in the universe.

However, simply repeating affirmations and not taking relevant actions won’t help you in anything. To complement your efforts to achieve your goals with these positive affirmations in the morning.

Affirmations can be said aloud, written, or repeated in mind. The basic purpose is to have your mindshare around the affirmations.

I use affirmations for the goals I want to achieve & for reaffirming my belief in my core value system. After all, I am what I believe and what my thoughts are. I read these 5 affirmations daily & focus on them for a minute each. Totally I spend around 5 minutes on these affirmations.
  • I am healthy, happy, safe, and abundant.
  • I have beautiful relations in my life and am surrounded by love.
  • My mind thoughts and actions are in perfect alignment.
  • I am authentic and am loved for it.
  • I am getting rewarded for the value that I create at my work.

Morning Routine Ideas for Stay at home moms

6.   Listen to Your Favourite Song in the Morning

A lot of people start their day with their songs. The one song has beautiful memories attached to it. Or the one that motivates & inspires them. One of my very dear friends listens to her mom’s favorite song every day while she makes her morning cup of tea.

I don’t do this every day, but as and when I feel the need to pep up the energy levels in the house, I would put my favorite playlist on Alexa; which plays in the background while I do my morning chores.

7.  Exercise – It’s a Crucial Morning Routine Indicator

A lot has been said about the importance of exercise & a healthy diet. All of this is true especially for us moms because we are the ones taking care of the entire family especially our children.

So incorporate any kind of exercise in your morning routine. Alternatively, you can have a workout schedule fixed for an hour in the day. The key is to have it in place and not skip it.

I spend an hour doing yoga 3 days a week & a walk in the garden for the rest 2 weekdays. However, my fitness routines start a post I drop the kids to school. Weekends are usually maddening at my house and I skip my exercise for the running around the house I have to do all day long. From cooking a special meal for the family to helping arrange the kid’s closets, from helping kids with the school projects to running around for their activity classes on the weekends, i usually have my hands full.

8.   Enjoy Your Morning Tonic

Having a quiet cup of coffee which is still hot while she drinks it; is the best start to the day any mom could ask for. To fit in this time in your Morning Routine and fill your body with your morning fuel.

I am a tea lover and I enjoy my tea time with my husband every day before the kids wake up. It is the time to connect, share our plans, or any other important updates about the day’s schedule. We talk a lot about everything under the sun at this time. From parenting to our vacations, our aspirations, our families, it is all out there. In fact, both I and my husband cherish this time a lot. We both get super charged after a warm conversation to rock our days respectively.

9.  Spend Time With Your Vision Board

Having a purpose and a clear vision in life is absolutely necessary to live a happy & fulfilling life. Being a Stay at home mom does not really change this fact in any way.

I encourage you to develop a vision board, decorate it the way you want, and spend time living with it every day. You increase your chances of reaching your goals manifolds by doing these simple exercises of vision board & affirmations.

My vision board essentially is a collection of images, mind maps, doodles, journal pages, and handwritten notes that make me recommit to my vision and goals each day. Spending 2-3 minutes in from of my vision board helps me reconnect to my purpose and makes my vision more compelling to me.

10.  Get Ready – Shower, Make up

This Is one of the most important parts of a SAHM’s Morning Routine. Being a stay-at-home mom, I have lived through years of not taking care of myself when my kids were smaller. Taking care of both kids and household chores did not really leave the room or energy in me to take care of myself.

However, this is one thing that makes a lot of difference in how you feel the entire day about yourself and your life. It is all the more important for stay-at-home moms to get ready in the morning, wear their favorite dresses, shop for themselves, wear pleasant makeup and look & feel beautiful.

I ensure I get ready before I get into my day with kids and family. I choose a dress to wear a day prior and color coordinate my accessories too. By the time, my kids are ready for school I am super ready to drop them at school too.

11.  Prepare Breakfast – It’s Therapeutic 

Breakfast is the most important meal for the day. And when kids leave for school, having a healthy quick and nutritious breakfast sets them right for their day at school.

I often decide what to cook a day in advance and sometimes also prepare halfway through at night before. While preparing breakfast we try to avoid as many processed and packaged foods as we can. My family; loves sourdough bread and I do bake it often. It usually goes into the oven first thing in the morning and is ready for breakfast. This is usually accompanied by soaked nuts, fruit or 2, and some eggs. I also cook traditional Indian breakfast at least 3 days a week. They are highly nutritious and healthy too. Will write another post on it sometime later. Stay Tuned.

Morning Routine Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

12.  Wake up Your Kids 

It is time now to wake up the kids. While you had a good one hour with yourself and have had your morning coffee and a small snack to satisfy the early morning hunger pangs, you are all set to be the Fun Mom.

I usually wake up my kids with a lot of love. A round of kisses, hugs, and tickles fill my house with sweet sounds of laughter.  However, not all days are like this, there are days when my kids wake up cranky but I am better equipped nowadays to extend more love & warmth to them so they can have a good start to their day. And trust me there is nothing in this world that a mom’s warm hug can’t solve for the kids.

13.  Finish Some of Your Chores

Pick a few chores you have on your hand and try to schedule them while you are going through your Morning Routine. Making the bed, finishing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or finishing the cooking for the day, take your pick.

I usually try and finish making the bed and spreading the clothes out of the dryer for a quick air dry before my kids wake up for the day. It just makes me feel on top of things. 

These are some creative Morning Routine Ideas for stay-at-home moms. I hope you would find these useful in making your own Morning Routine.

Sample Morning Routine for SAHM

Here is a Sample Morning routine that you can consider while making your very own Morning Routine.

Sample Morning Routine for SAHMs

How to Make Morning Routine Ideas for Stay at Home Moms’ Work?

Like every other transformation journey, this too would have its fair share of ups and downs, failures on some days and wins on others. But consistently working your way through your set morning routine will create magical results.

You will be amazed at how spending an hour in the morning the way you want; helps you in feeling more in control of everything around you. Here are my top tips to make it all work:

– Start with Intentions

– Sleep on Time 

– Build-in Automation in day-today decisions and release the effort involved in decision making

– Build in more activities that you like doing

– Reward yourself

– Discipline & consistency

So go ahead Dear SAHMs, invest the time and energy in chalking out your perfect Morning routine. Make your picks from the above list of  Morning routine ideas for stay-at-home moms or be creative and make your own tailored to your needs routine. And try to live by it consistently every day. And trust me, it is well worth all your time and effort.

Happy Mornings to all Stay at Home Moms.


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