Mom daughter business ideas is a compilation of most apt and scaleable business ideas that you can start up with your daughter. 

While you are planning to enter Mompreneurship, it is always a good idea to have the support of your family for you to be able to effectively manage both the roles. And when you have your daughter alongside helping you around in your projects, the probability of achieving success increases manifolds.

For one, you have an extra pair of hands and another mind to discuss things related to your start up. And on the other hand, you are extending a lot of hand on training about entrepreneurship & life to your daughter. SO it is a win-win situation to both you and your daughter too. 

Mom Daughter Business Ideas

Mom Daughter Business Ideas

While your reasons for starting out may be very different from my reasons on why I chose mompreneurship, what matters is that we moms should indulge in something meaningful that fills our bucket and keeps us engaged. 

So here is my list of Most Impressive, Innovative & Scalable Mom daughter business Ideas that you could refer to when you are planning to venture into mompreneurship. 

1.    Be V-loggers & You tubers
2.    Organize Baking Classes
3.    Homemade soaps
4.    Candle making
5.    Chemical-free skincare
6.    Personalised jewellery selling
7.    Bake & Sell Goodies
8.    Curate subscription boxes
9.    Open Homestyle Cafe
10.  Be Personal Stylists
11.  Organize Themed Party
12.  Design Eco-friendly Bags
13.  Personalised Gifts Provider
14.  Be an Etsy-Preneur
15.  Sell Handmade Stuff Toys
16.  Design Scarfs
17.  Be a Chocolatier
18.  Sell Gourmet Dips & Spreads
19.  Sell Your Craft Online
20.  Online Speciality Stationery Store
21.  Online Baking Ingredient Store
22.  Science experiment Kits

Business Idea #1 | Be V-loggers & Youtubers

If you love being in front of the camera and have a skill that you can showcase or teach others, this idea just fits in the best. Launch a YouTube channel and make videos based on the content you and your daughter are proficient in. You may also Vlog home organization tricks, home decor tips, your parenting journey or your cooking expertise to start with. There is no end to how creative you can be in this venture. 

Business Idea #2  | Organize Baking Classes

Organise Baking Classes for people who want to learn the skill. You have an option of doing it offline in your studio kitchen or holding an online class for the participants. 

From speciality baking to simple bread baking, people all around the globe are rising up to the challenge of eating healthy and home-made and so there is a lot of demand for skills like bread baking desert making and home made cakes. So cashing on the rising trends of eating healthy and eating home-made.

Business Idea #3 | Sell Handmade Soaps

This one is a simple one. Make handmade soaps and sell them online. You can also fulfil your need to be creative by making beautiful looking hand made soaps made with quality ingredients. 

mom daughter business ideas

Business Idea #4 | Design & Sell Candles

Candles have been used for decorative purposes in homes from times immemorial. And there have been  a lot of innovations with scented candles, candles with essential oils that serve a particular purpose and designer candles that are selling in the markets today.

Start of with this business idea with your daughter selling designer candles online and light up your money house.

Business Idea #5 | Formulate & Sell All Natural & Chemical Free Skin Care

Similar to eating healthy is another global trend of using eco-friendly and chemical-free skincare products. If you have the know-how on making a skincare range which is handmade chemical-free preservative-free then this one is for you.

Business Idea #6 | Design Personalised Jewellery

Everything fashion and personalised sells awesomely well. So if you love designing your own jewellery and people appreciate you for that, it is the right time to start up with a design your personalised jewellery business. 

This venture can totally run online and you can do wonders with your daughter by making it a huge brand name.

mom daughter business ideas

Business Idea #7 | Bake & Sell Goodies

If you like to bake, you could set up your catering business in which you make, dress and sell customised and different themed cupcakes and cookies. You can very well start with your own family or grand ma’s recipe and make it reach to masses.

Kid’s birthday parties, Christmas and Halloween, New Years are peak seasons for this kind of a start-up so be willing to sacrifice the long holiday season by being in the business and making it fun and joy for a lot of other people. 

Business Idea #8 | Curate Subscription Boxes

I love this one, especially because so many people are looking for curated things to buy. I as a mom would really appreciate if I get an activity box with few intelligent games and interesting activities that my 7-year-old boy can do and keep him engaged.

Of course with so many options in the market, the quality of activities and stuff you provide in the subscription box is a game-changer in this startup space. 

Another thing I would love is a fashion box with trendy clothes and jewellery for my teen, something that lives unto her taste and style. So the scope of getting into subscription box space is so wide that you can experiment and create new categories too. 

Business Idea #9 | Open a Homestyle Cafe

Another option that you have, if you like to cook, is to open a small homestyle cafe. Cook your favourite family dishes and delight your walk-in customers. Get creative and make it a hangout place with your selection of books and board games too. 

Business Idea #10 | Be Personal Stylists

With a lot of options available for everything in the market place, there is a section of people who want services like personally curated shopping lists. Cash in on this trend and be personal stylists to people and help them look good & shop with ease.

Business Idea #11 | Organize Themed Party

If you are good at organising get-togethers and parties, you could look at making this your profession too. Help in organising themed parties for your clients, be it children’s birthday parties to more elaborate corporate success parties, the choice is too wide for you to choose from.

Business Idea #12 | Design Eco-friendly Bags

With people rising up to global challenges of the environment, climate change, and pollution, the demand for eco-friendly items has increased manifolds. Get into designing eco-friendly bags for various purposes like grocery shopping, fashion shopping and gifting and contribute your bit to reducing the trash in the form of shopping bags. 

Business Idea #13 | Personalised Gifts Provider

Source interesting and latest gifting items and add more value to it by making them personalised for your clients. You can specialise in selling handmade personalised gifts too. 

mom daughter business ideas

Business Idea #14 | Be an Etsy-Preneur

Being an Etsy-Preneur is basically about using your innate talent and skill to send unique and handmade items for the clients who value art. Sell your products through Etsy and see your business go places. 

Business Idea #15 | Sell Handmade Stuff Toys

Again a very specialised niche business, but if you have the craft to make handmade stuff toys for kids, you can make it into a full fledged business venture. People are always on a lookout to eco-friendly hand made and clean quality stuff for their kids to play. 

Business Idea #16 |  Design Scarfs

Designing your own patterns and prints of scarfs is a great Mom Daughter Business Idea too. Fashion conscious people do look out for personalised and unique designs which they can never get from the brands. 

Business Idea #17 |  Be a Chocolatier

Hand Made chocolates are in great demand when it comes to eating clean. The packages chocolates are known for their low-quality ingredients, preservatives and insane amounts of sugar present in them. So if you could provide good quality and delicious chocolates to your customers, you can be a big hit. 

Business Idea #18 | Sell Gourmet Dips & Spreads

Selling innovative dips and spreads that can be good accompaniments to the meals is again a good idea to start up with. If you have unique and yummy recipes with you, this is definitely something you should think about as a business idea. 

mom daughter business ideas

Business Idea #19 | Sell Your Craft Online

From knitting to crochet from jewellery making to origami baskets, you can sell craft items online and make a living through it. 

Business Idea #20 | Online Speciality Stationery Store

Creative people would be your customers for life for their love of everything stationery. From diaries to notepads, from pens to coloured papers, have all the latest and beautiful collection of stationery on your online store. 

Business Idea #21 | Online Baking Ingredient Store

This one is again a speciality online story with baking essentials, tools and eatable decorative materials. 

Business Idea #22 | Science Experiment Kits

If you have knowledge about safe science experiments, curate age-appropriate science experiments and see those kits with all ingredients, instructions and safety tips too. 

Secrets to Having Successful Mom-Daughter Businesses

Now that we have the list of creative business ideas ready with us, I wanted to also talk about a few Secrets that make Mom-Daughter Business Ideas work towards success.

Here we go with my top 5 tips on making these startups work.


While there is immense level of comfort that you have with your daughter, when you are thinking of running a business with your daughter your need to also have some level of professionalism built-in.

The first step to that is Listening to each other. Listening to other’s ideas with respect and giving them due consideration is something that will go a long way in smooth functioning of your start up.


While you have your family an important part of your work, it is a good idea to keep family and work engagements separate. It is a good idea to keep family matters at home and work discussions limited to work hours only. 


This is true for every business and more so for mom daughter businesses too. Having a fair understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses while doing business together can be such a competitive advantage.

And more so because you would be able to assign specific tasks based on each person’s strengths and the task would be done with finesse too. 


Establish high-level clarity on roles and tasks of each person involved in the business. And the key to doing this is simply Communicate, Communicate & Communicate. Ensure there are no gaps in understanding your role and this leads to the smooth functioning of the business.


And at the end, have a plan in place to handle conflicts which are sure to arise when people work together. Lay down your rules on how you would manage the stress that comes along with the conflicts with your daughter and also rules regarding how the final decision would be taken.

Agree on the priorities of your business clearly and use your communication skills to influence or convince the other person. 

So these are all my thoughts on Mom daughter Business Ideas, and I hope you would find value in this post. Go ahead and share your thoughts on this and let me know if you have a start-up with your daughter and how has your experience been.


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