Reasons to be a mompreneur is an account of my reasons of why I chose Mompreneurship over any other job. This would be an insightful & helpful post for Moms who want to do something additional to raising their kids. 

Every mom can have her own sweet reasons to entering the Mompreneurship journey. Reasons can vary from having the financial freedom to gaining professional fulfilment, from doing something meaningful to regaining her confidence. 

Being a Mompreneur simply means adorning the hat of a mom and n entrepreneur at the same time. And when a mom chooses to being a Mompreneur, it definitely impacts her and her kids’ lives in a big way. 

Reasons to be a Mompreneur

Women are a powerhouse of strength, capabilities, and multi-tasking. Many women have realised that being a mom makes them a better entrepreneur. 

Here is some latest data on Mompreneurship. 

reasons to be a mompreneur

The above data has been picked up from a survey done in 2017 by 99Designs and it reflects the true picture of Mompreneurship. More than half of American mompreneurs are 40 years and older.

95% of these women have partners who are supporting them financially, but 71% of these women are still the primary childcare provider. 80% of women with kids started their business when their first child was around 6 years of age.

On being asked the reasons to be a mompreneur, 69% believed that it was ‘flexibility’ that was the main reason.

Let us now have a look at my Too reasons to be a Mompreneur

My Top 8 Reasons to Choose Mompreneurship

There are many options that moms can choose from to start their entrepreneurial journey. Have a look at My 33 Creative & Lucrative Ideas for Mompreneurship. These are ideas that can be easily worked out from the home & along with raising your kids. 

Let us look at the reasons why moms are choosing entrepreneurship enthusiastically around the globe. Also let us closely understand the reasons why so many mothers are leaving their high salaried jobs to embrace entrepreneurship.

Here are my Top 8 reasons to be a Mompreneur

1.    I get to Decide my Work Hours & Manage my Work Life Balance
2.    I am my own boss in my business
3.    I create a great example of success for my kids
4.    I learn to handle challenges better in life
5.    I love the Financial Independence of being a Mompreneur
6.    I am enjoying every small joy of motherhood
7.    I love to express my creativity & work on my passion
8.    I am a guilt free and a happy mom

1.    I Get to Decide My Work Hours & Manage My Work-Life Balance

I would start by saying that being a mompreneur is absolutely not about having it easy. When you decide to become a mompreneur, you are choosing to work 24-hours a day.  And if there were more hours, you would still be running short on time.

Having said that, I would still say that being a mompreneur is one of the best things to happen to me because I am in control; in the driver’s seat, as far as my work-life is concerned. I set my schedules, which is quite gratifying, especially for someone who has spent many years in the corporate world chasing the deadlines.

Have a look at this post if you are on your journey to set a super productive morning routine so you start your day well as a mompreneur.

So, as a mompreneur, you can choose and fix your own time of work, kids’ time, and time for chores as per your convenience. Some days, you can start early, some days late; and accordingly, tweak your closing time. 

You can save on to a lot of time and energy spent on commuting in crowded metros and public transport, or tolerating the whims of a non-supportive senior which are indispensable parts of doing a working professional’s life. 

One of the times that you thank yourself for taking this decision in life is when the kids fall ill or there is an emergency at home, and you can leave everything, postpone it for another day, to be there by your child’s side. 

The fact that you are no longer dependent on an external entity to decide whether you can take a few hours or a day off when required makes this a big yes from my side.

2.    I Am My Own Boss in My Business

And the staff, peon, cleaner, administrator, accountant – all in one! This is the reality when you are a one man army behind your venture. Thais is especially true initially when you have just started and cannot afford to hire external help for all this work. 

Mompreneurs who go onto becoming successful, have a profitable business, and hire employees, will understand this even better.

The gist of the matter is that as a work-from-home mom, you are running the show completely on your own, rather than being dictated by the HR rules and regulations of a corporate entity. No tensions of tolerating a grumpy boss; getting rebuked or fired, and so on.

You are the one who is making all the rules; deciding and taking the call on what projects to work, how much work to take, what fee to accept, where to negotiate, while ensuring that the basic ethics and good practices are followed to deliver best results.

When the payments come in, you decide how and where to allocate the resources. It all boils down to you; with you wholly responsible for the way the business progresses or regresses.

And all this is true, while you are being available to your kids all the time they need you. Wow! The feeling is awesome.  

3.    I Create a Great Example of Success for My Kids

Kids often emulate their parents. When your kids watch you work hard day and night, right in front of them, they start to get the message early on in life.

The importance of working hard and doing things with zeal and passion – these are some of the important life skills that your son and daughter will imbibe by looking at you.

While going out for work also helps them understand that luxuries and comforts of life do not come easy, being there in front of them and creating your own rules, following them, and making a way for yourself, can teach them a lot on life values and entrepreneurial skills. 

As the kids grow older, you will be able to discuss some of the everyday issues with them, that you face as a mompreneur. At the same time, you will observe that your kids respect you and take pride in your work, as much as you do.

For me, it has been a wonderful couple of years now when my teen daughter is as much a part of my venture as I am because we discuss her creative inputs and new ideas all the time & they really help me move forward. 

4.    I Learn to Handle Challenges Better in Life

One of the reasons to be a mompreneur is that you get on-the-job hands-on training to deal with all kinds of challenge of life.

It will teach you key lessons in the area of patience, multi-tasking, prioritizing work, juggling between two different worlds, stress management, and more.

Yes, it is not going to be a simple journey. My advice will be that you should prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride. But, in the end, if you can learn your lessons, take home some valuable learnings, you are on the right track.

Eventually, things will settle down. There will be peace and calmness; so, be open, take each challenge as it comes, take the bull by the horns, and arrive at meaningful solutions. 

This is not going to be an easy role. But the pros are higher than the cons; and, in the end, you will come out victorious with patience and positivity.

5.    I Love the Financial Independence of Being a Mompreneur Independence

Earning your own money and paying for your expenses is great for your self-esteem and confidence. Financial independence is not a myth. And this is one my top reasons to be a mompreneur too. 

At the least, you are not looking at your husband or partner to pay for your expenses. And, with the kind of luxuries kids are used to today, one salary may not be enough to support their needs and desires for too long.

Having a single salary coming in often ends up meeting with the basic needs; your earnings could provide the much-required assistance in offering modern comforts to your kids. 

Also, when two people earn, the financial burden is divided and even if your partner is doing relatively well, you can always save up, make some wise investment decisions, splurge it on a holiday and so on.

6.    I Am Enjoying Every Small Joy of Motherhood

Undoubtedly, this is why most moms leave their jobs and hectic lives outdoors! So that they can be there with their kids, watch them grow, take their first steps, speak the first few words, see them fall, get up, and run. And so much more!

We, women, love our roles as moms. Bringing a life into this world is so beautiful! The sense of responsibility and being a caregiver is always so high in our conscience. 

As a mompreneur, you have kids right there in front of you. You are part of their present instead of their present being spent in daycare with nannies and teachers; of the practical reasons to be a mompreneur.

You watch them grow, instill discipline, help with their schoolwork, watch TV and play games together, teach them morals and ethics, while all the time being managing your business too! 

The fact that you do not have to travel or be a part of the 9 to 5 daily grind is a big advantage. You do not miss the early years of your child or even the growing phase when she needs you the most!

7.    I Love to Express My Creativity & Work on My Passion

It is true that as moms, we want to be one hundred percent committed to our kids. Some moms leave all for the sake of their children. It is only at a much later stage that they realise that they have lost their own passion and things that the loved somewhere along the way.

You need an outlet to channelize and leverage your potential too. The kids are not going to be small and young forever. They will grow and leave the nest for greener pastures. What would you do then?

Choosing to be a mompreneur is the right balance between working full-time outside and sitting at home, giving it all up to look after the kids! It gives you a purpose for now and helps you secure your future too.

Apart from this, for me to be happy& fulfilled SAHM, working and deriving my satisfaction from doing something meaningful & more than raising my 2 kids has always been a necessity. And I am filling my bucket by being a Mompreneur. 🙂

8.    I Am a Guilt-Free and a Happy Mom 

In my case, I chose to be a mompreneur because I needed to find a way out to soothe my guilty conscience. Every time I had to leave my few-months-old child in daycare, I had a nagging feeling following me all through the day and night. It was a very difficult time of my life when I left my daughter to go out to work. 

There were times when I would get held up in the office; as a result, my kid would get picked up from the daycare quite late in the evening. Since I had to choose between my job responsibilities at work and towards my kid, I was always torn between the two, whenever I had to choose one over the other. 

Till a point came when I decided to leave it all and be there for my child. Today, my guilt has been addressed and I am happy that I am earning and following my passion. It is a bit stressful, yes; but that is fine! I do not have to make a choice where my child has to take a backseat, anymore!

It is a great feeling being a mom. And when you decide to become an entrepreneur, you can be sure that you have made the right choice for yourself and your kids too. 

So these were my top 8 reasons to be a mompreneur. And if you are wanting to start your journey as a mompreneur, keep watching this space for a lot of new & helpful resources we are working on. Also, feel free to start a conversation with me if you are wanting any specific inputs on starting your mompreneurship journey.


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