Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers are fundamental for moms to sail through the notorious teen years. It helps them not only to start their day on the much needed positive note but also ride through their day seamlessly.

I am mother to a teen daughter and I can’t stress more on the importance of living through a well thought of Morning Routine. My days goes by more productively and I feel calmer and more in control of my own emotions when I live through my Morning Routine.

Your Morning Routine comprises of all activities you do in the morning that sets you for the day ahead. This is the time to prepare yourself for the all the challenges, life is set to throw at you. So let us discuss some inspiring Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of Teenagers.

Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers

11 Inspiring Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of Teens

If you are a mom to teens, you are not new to their uninitiated mood swings, never-ending notorious ways, & unreasonable temper tantrums. In the middle of all this, how are you supposed to stay calm and in control of things?

Well, a good morning routine has the power to steer you through it. In fact if you have a baby or a toddler at home, living through a good morning routine is as imperative.

Down under I am listing a few of the creative ideas morning routine ideas for stay at home moms that you can pick and choose to create your very own Morning Routine. So get inspired Moms and take your first step to be the Calm, Yell-free, and Fun Mom that you have always wanted to be.

1.    Wake up to your ‘Me Hour
2.    Make your Bed
3.    Express Gratitude / Pray
4.    Have your Morning Drink
5.     Exercise Outdoors
6.     Meditate
7.    Morning Tea / Connect with your spouse
8.    Plan your Day
9.    Prepare a nutritious Breakfast
10.   Spend time with your Teen
11.   Spend time on your Hobbies

Wake up to the ‘Me Hour’

Be it a SAHM or a working mom, waking up early to your very own “Me Hour” can be therapeutic. It is the time you can spend all by yourself doing things you love. Witnessing the new day breaking up, soaking in the morning sun, seeing the plants flourish and flowers bloom, breathing the fresh morning air can all help you feel rejuvenated and charged up for the day ahead. And when we talk about Morning Routine Ideas for a SAHM of teenagers, it has to start with pitching in your Me time.

I absolutely start by day with my “Me Hour”. It is my time to be with myself and I silently witness my thoughts. To enjoy my me time I wake up at 5:30 am when everyone else is sleeping in my house. Stepping out in fresh air to greet the morning sun instantly brings in a smile my face And what a better start to my day than a smile.

Sometimes I also like to read a page or 2 from any of my favourite books that inspire me. Randomly I pick up a book and open a page with the belief that it is my message for the day that universe is trying to give for my growth. Since I read it early morning, it really stays with me through out the day.

Today I picked up this book called Lean In By Sheryl Sandberg and read a few pages in the morning. And this is what I learnt today.  “I don’t really have to shy away from my weaknesses, rather I should be talking about it openly. This makes me more authentic in my communication with others. 

Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers

Make Your Bed

 “If you wanna change the world, Start by making your bed”. –  William McRaven

Making your bed at the very start of your day encourages and motivates you to move on to the next task and then the next. At the end of the day, you would be happy & feel accomplished at how your day ends up being so productive.

Express Gratitude / Pray

Praying to the higher energy and expressing your gratitude for all you have is a great habit to include in your morning routine. Gratitude opens up more ways of receiving from the universe which sets you up for more Gratitude ahead. Prayer is basically about nourishing your soul.

Have Your Morning Drink

With your kids growing up to be in teen years now, you have got a little more time on your hand to care and prioritise your health. Including a healthy drink at the start of the day ensures do you mental as well as physical well-being. Take your pick from a healthy and alkalising fresh green juice or a traditional detoxification drink with lemon and honey or even a smoothie right in the morning. 

Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers

I start my day with my very own version of Morning Drink. This is essentially an easy to prepare antioxidant rich, alkalising drink. Also, it contains the goodness of plant based fibre, anti-oxidants, super-greens &  is vegan. My Morning Detox drink helps in maintaining my overall energy levels and also restore the pH balance of my body. 

 Exercise Outdoors

A lot has been said about the importance of exercise & healthy diet. All of this is true especially for us moms because we are the ones taking care of the entire family especially our children.

So incorporate any kind of exercise in your morning routine. It is a good idea to step out of the house at your scheduled exercise time. Additionally, it presents a great opportunity to your teen to manage her tasks independently for a while too.

My Exercise routine starts post I send both my kids to school. Although my teens pretty independent and needs my help only in packing her snack and lunch for the day, I have a younger son who needs help in getting ready.

I go out for morning walks often amidst the nature and try to complete at least 10000 steps. Since I walk in the park which is obviously a no vehicle zone, my 2 constant companions are my noise cancellation headphones & a pair of good walking shoes.

I usually listen to my music right in the morning. At times when I am in a different mood I also tune into Audible app and listen to some audio books. But I do need something working along me to help me from boredom. Also music helps me build my pace for walking. 


Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and gain clarity if thoughts and your feelings. Adding a meditation time in your morning routine helps in better management of ones own emotions not just while you meditate but all day through, And consistently practising meditation has been known to have far reaching positive consequences on our emotions like anger, sadness and stress.

Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers

Also, meditation is basically anything that connects you to your inner self. I find silence also meditative. For the more specific meditative technique, I use an App called Insight Timer which has a great collection of guided mediations, sleep stories, meditation music and much more. Check it out if you want to start on your meditation journey.

Morning Tea & Connect With Your Spouse

Having a quiet cup of coffee which is still hot while she drinks it; is the best start to the day any mom could ask for. So fit in this time in your Morning Routine and fill your body with your morning fuel.

I am a tea lover and I enjoy my tea time with my husband every day before the kids wake up. It is the time to connect, share our plans, or any other important updates about the day’s schedule. We talk a lot about everything under the sun at this time. From parenting, to our vacations, our aspirations, our families, it is all out there. Infact, both me and my husband cherish this time a lot. We both get super charged after a warm conversation to rock our days respectively.

Plan Your Day

Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers is not complete if you don’t include planning your day right in it. Spending sometime right in the morning to make a simple To do list of all the tasks that need your attention today is a great habit for the lifetime.

While planning for my day, I list down all what needs to be done for the day. I use a simple planner for planning my day to day activities and reward myself with my favourite chocolate when I see all items ticked on my to do list for the day. Also not to miss, I love the feeling of ticking off things one after the other from my to Do list.

Prepare a Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. And as mom, we have to make sure that our kids and eating good and nutritious. Therefore have a proper time allocated for cooking breakfast and decide & plan upon what to cook the next day, a night before. This has helped me feel on top of things every morning.

Spend Time With Your Teen

Spending time and giving your complete attention to your children is very beneficial to their sense of importance and belongingness. And teens are no different. However arrogant, rude and noninclusive your teen is behaving, she will never grow out of your love and would always need your love attention and support. So spend time with your teen intentionally right at the start of the day and see the conversation jams, ego clashes and arguments with your teen just fading away.

Spend Time on Your Hobbies

While your teen is independently going through her sat of morning activities, you have a significant time in hand to follow your passion and spend time doing what you really like. Pursuing your hobbies or interests is a great thing a mom can do fr her mental wellness. SO figure out what you love doing Dear SAHM and include that in your Morning Routine.

For me, it is baking that I find very therapeutic and hence I try and include my baking activities in the morning time as part of the morning routine. Some other times I like spending time just sitting & reading a few pages of a book and at some other times, I like to include mandala colouring for around 10 minutes in my morning routine. More than anything else, spending this time on my interests reassures me of doing something for my own wellbeing & happiness.

How to Stick to Your Morning Routine?

Like any other journey of change, developing a Morning routine would have some good days and some not so good days. However, consistently working your way through your set morning routine will create magical results.

A well thought of morning routine simplifies and organizes your whole life. you basically start living your life by design and not by default. So investing time in preparing a routine that works best for you and recommitting to it every day is worth the time spent for every SAHM.

You will be amazed at how spending an hour in the morning the way you want; helps you in feeling more in control of everything around.So go ahead and pick what you like from the above list of creative Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teens or be creative and ideate your own tailored to your needs routine.

Additional Tip: While you are walking on the path to implementing your morning routine, be flexible, and be forgiving. Accept that there will be days on which things won’t go as you have planned but this should not deter you from not planning & improvising on your quality of life. Every day can be a fresh start and every day you can recommit to be a loving, stress-free & a fun mom to your teens. 

I hope you will be able to take away some good learnings from this post on Morning Routine Ideas for SAHM of teenagers. Do try and apply what you like from this and also let me know if that worked for you in making your life better. 

Happy Mornings to all Stay at Home Moms.

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