How to create a SAHM Morning schedule that helps you stay productive. self-motivated and a fun mom? If this is what you want to add to your life, then you are in the right place. We will discuss everything about designing super-effective Morning Routine for SAHM in this post.

Morning Routine is the time you spend with yourself in the morning that helps you in being productive, happy and full of life. It is made up of the set of activities that prepares you for all the challenges that life has in store for you.

Creating your Perfect Morning Routine requires understanding your own life patterns & needs, planning & organising skills and a deep desire to create a better life. We will be talking about all of these in detail here.

How to create a SAHM morning schedule

How to create a SAHM Morning schedule in 2020?

Having a good Morning Routine for themselves is essential for SAHMs as it is for Entrepreneurs, students or working executives. So before we venture into creating the perfect one for you, let us have a look at Inspiring Morning Routine Ideas for SAHMs here. 

I Based My Morning Routine on My Idea of Perfect Mornings – Here Is How You Can Do It Too?

I created my Morning Routine a year back when my younger child joined full time school. Earlier I did have a Morning Routine that looked a lot different than my present one. So yes you need to update your morning routine with your changing priorities & sometimes comfort too. 

While you decide to start making your very own Morning schedule, start by putting your thoughts together about your idea of a perfect morning. This would help you in understanding what you actually want and then you can go a step ahead and incorporate those in your Morning Routine.

Self Awareness is extremely important in making a Morning Routine tailored for your own needs. Having clarity on what makes you happy, calm and fulfilled will help you weave those activities in your schedule and make it more effective. 

7 Steps to Creating A SAHM Morning Schedule 2020

Step 1

List down 4/5 things that you ideally would love to have right in the morning. Base it on your visualisation of how your perfect morning would look like. 

Here is my first list of things that I really wanted to have in my Mornings. I did pick these from my Picture of an Ideal Morning for myself

  • A quiet Outdoor Time with my plants.
  • A quick 20-mins morning walk
  • Time to Pray, Meditate & Positive Self Talk
  • Time to plan my Day
  • Have a hot cup of Tea
  • Time to get ready without Interruptions

Step 2 

The next step is to list down all the essential things that need to be done along with their timelines if any. Make an exhaustive list including every small chore that requires your attention in the morning. 

Step 3

Basis both your lists decide upon the time you need to wake up. Your wake up time should be such that you are comfortably able to spend your Me time & finish your chores in it. This helps in lessening the anxious and stressful moments right in the morning.

Step 4

Use either of these templates Template 1 or Template 2 to start populating various things from the 2 lists you have created above. And voila you have made your very own Morning Routine. You can download your preferred version of Morning Routine templates here. 

Step 5

Stick you Morning Routine sheet on the Refrigerator or any other place that is easy to look at, repeatedly in the mornings. Check out these super cute kitty magnets to stick your Morning Schedule to your refrigerator.

Step 6

Start following through your Morning Routine starting from the 1st box (5:30-6:00 am) to the last one(8:00-9:00 am). My recommendation is to consistently follow your morning routine as close to as it is on paper. The reason being, while you had put it on paper, a lot of thought has gone into it and you found this particular routine as the best suited to your needs.

Step 7

Fine-Tune your morning routine if required. And you have finally reached your perfect Morning Routine. The next step is to stay committed and implement it every day to have blissful & happy mornings at your home.

FAQs on How to Create a SAHM Morning Schedule

I can’t wake up too early in the mornings, does it make sense to have a Morning Routine?

Of course yes. A morning routine is not only about waking up early, however, it is more about living through your mornings in a more organised and planned way. The intention behind having a morning routine is to build and predictability & lessen the chaos. So you can start your morning routine at whatever time you want to wake up.

I have been wanting to start my mornings early and have a Morning Routine in place, where to start?

You have reached the right place, as in this post you will find all the resources you need to kick start your morning routine. A good place to start working on your Morning Routine is to get some Me Time away from kids and spend that time organising and creating one.

You may get some inspiration on Morning routine ideas for SAHM of babies, toddler and teens in my other posts too.

Why would a SAHM need a Morning Routine? She does not have to reach work on time.

A SAHM is responsible for a lot more than just reaching her own workplace in time. Managing every household chore along with kids leave her no time to look after her own mental wellbeing. The Morning ‘Me time’ and a more organised sequence of activities in the mornings is something that a SAHM can benefit from.

A SAHM’s life revolves around her kids, spouse and house? Why should she need a Morning Routine?

Enabling the right environment at home so everybody else is able to fulfill their commitments is a huge responsibility on a SAHM. And so a SAHM definitely needs a well thought of Morning Routine that keeps her happy, motivated and sane.

How Long do have to stick to the Morning Routine?

I love my Morning Routines for all the happiness, order, predictability & calmness they get into my life. So I would like to stick to it for life.

When do I update my Morning Routine?

You should update your Morning routine when there is a change in your priorities or when your current morning Routine is failing to motivate you,

Isn’t it boring to have the same routine every day?

Most people love the discipline and order, a Morning routine brings with it. In fact just like kids, even adults are more comfortable living with a routine. The day boredom sets in is a hint for you to add a new habit/habits to your Morning Routine.

What if my kids/spouse steps into my Me Time?

This is one thing you really need to ensure. Your Me time is just for you and with you. No one else should step into it physically or even in your thoughts. That is the key to feeling refreshed and happy.

What happens if I am unable to follow my set routine?

Like any other transformational journey, this too shall have its ups and downs. There will be days you would smoothly finish your morning routine and there will also be days when you would struggle. BE easy on yourself and Do Not Give Up. The next day starts with anew morning and you can make a choice to go through your Morning Routine with a refreshed vigour.

How can I help my friend with her morning madness?

It is a great idea to help your friend when you know that she is struggling with chaotic starts to her day. The best suggestion I want to offer is give her some time off by looking after her kids. And encourage her to think about make her mornings better. Sharing this post with your friend is also a great help you can offer to her.

Progressive SAHM Morning Schedule Ideas for 2020

Be amongst Nature

Being outdoors in the middle of trees and plants, morning sun and fresh air revitalises you and prepares you for the day in more ways than one. On one hand it makes you feel grounded and a part of nature itself and on the other hand, it synchronises you with the natural rhythm of the universe. 

How to create a SAHM morning schedule

For me, my mornings always and always start with spending time outdoors. Deep breathing the fresh morning air, appreciating the natural beauty and soaking energy from the sun and the plants keep me going & energetic for the entire day.

Breathe Deep

It is a known fact that our oxygen levels in the blood fall while we are in sleep. So post waking up, getting outdoors to the fresh air and inhaling deeply helps us feel refreshed and recharged.

This is something that I have intentionally included in my morning routine and I feel very good about it. A highly recommended addition to your Morning Routine. It does not require anything but a little mindfulness to start your day with deep breathing.

Set your Intentions for the Day

Setting the right intentions right before your start your day is a great way to ensure that you live upto your intentions and expectations.

I do this every day before I do my affirmations. Just simply listening to what your inner voice is telling you and setting my intentions based on that helps me feel more aligned to my purpose. My intention for example for today was to drink 2 liters of water & not be bothered about what others think about me. And I think I have done fairly on these 2 today 🙂


Exercising right in the morning has its own set of scientifically proven benefits. From building in more muscle mass to sleeping better at night, building your exercising routine in the mornings is extremely beneficial.

This is something I have not been successful in doing so far. Including this in the morning time is only possible if I could wake up at 5 am and that is something I am unable to do. I feel sleep deprived the day I stretch myself to wake up earlier than my regular 5:30 am. So I listen to my bodily needs of sleep and exercise time for me starts at 10:30 am. And these are my best companions for my Morning Walk.

Stay away from Technology

A lot of evidence has already been doing rounds of media and journals to prove the ill effects of tech addiction in kids and adults alike. And you should be mindful of the technology usage more so during the mornings because you don’t want to start your day with all those ill-effects.

Being away from Mobile screens during My Morning Routine is an unstated rule for me. I get to my screen post I finish my breakfast at around 9 am. 

Spend time on Creative Interests

This one is all about spending some time right in the morning on your creative pursuits. It helps in being in alignment with the circadian rhythm and also increases your frequency to a higher one in the universe. 

I do spend some time on reading my favourite books or mandala colouring & painting. There are days when I also doodle or make mind maps of the ideas I have in my mind about writing a creative post.


Meditation is about spending some quiet time with yourself listening to your mind body and soul, This should ideally form a very important part of a Morning Routine just for the fact that helps infringing clarity of thoughts and declutter your mind of toxic patterns.

I do try to spend 5 minutes on Meditation and connecting to my own energy. However, it has not been a part of my Morning Routine. I do it anytime I feel exhausted or low on mood or energy and it helps me gain fresh energy.

Nourish your Body

Nourishing your body first thing in the morning is a great habit to have. be it a green juice or a healthy smoothie, make your pick and incorporate it as a part of your Morning Routine.

I try to have my green Detox drink every morning. This is essentially an easy to prepare antioxidant-rich, alkalising drink that fires my metabolism. My Morning Detox drink helps in maintaining my overall energy levels and also restores the pH balance of my body. 

This is all about How to create a SAHM morning schedule. So dear SAHM, go ahead and try this activity of making a Morning Schedule for yourself. You will be simply amazed at the order and simplification it will bring to your life. 


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