Rare insights from a Mommy blogger is an attempt to help new aspiring mom bloggers on their way to start their blogging journey. Being a hands-on mom, you invariably have a lot to share with your peers, especially new moms and even the old, experienced ones. 

Sharing your stories and anecdotes, tips, and suggestions is a good way to get started as a mom blogger. The stepping stone for mom bloggers inadvertently till now has been talking about their journeys, their struggles, and their joys of being a mother.

Quite a few of them realized that they were indeed good at creating impressive content and getting other women to listen to them. These are the mom bloggers who went on to take up blogging as a profession, rather than using it simply to fill up as a pastime or a hobby.

Rare Insights from a Mom Blogger

Rare Insights from a Mommy Blogger

The mom blogging industry is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Many moms took up blogging because they felt something missing in their lives. Many felt that they need to channelize their creative outlet and hence took up blogging. Not to mention here that blogging is one of the popular Side hustles for moms. 

Many brands that specialize in baby products took this opportunity to send their products to the bloggers to try and give their feedback. Mom bloggers who were able to build a good following were the ones that there were targeted by baby brands and became brand influencers. 

As this happened, many mom bloggers started to monetise their blogs which led to their financial independence. In all this many realised the need to grow and focus on their blogs as a full-time business. And today they are an inspiration for other aspiring mom bloggers.

However having said all this about mom blogging industry, I would also like to say that blogging is definitely not or everybody. But that is nothing to get disheartened about. Here is my exhaustive list of Best Stay at hom jobs for moms, you could look at while you make up your mind of how to restart your career after being the mommy. 

I started my blogging journey in 2017, and here are some not so talked of insights from me that would be helpful if you are planning to start your mom blogging journey.

1.   Mom Blogging is an impactful and a meaningful job
2.   Creativity gives you an Edge in the Game
3.   Networking is the key to success
4.   Monetizing your Mom Blog is not that difficult too
5.   Share your knowledge(personalised) and hacks
6.   Graphics and visual content rules the roast
7.   Your Niche decides your success
8.   The Game is not easy, Competition is killing but so are the rewards
9.   There this no one perfect way
10.  Always rely on Organic Visitors
11.  Do not try to rule all over the social media – Choose your space
12.  Being preachy is a big No
13.  Treat it like a Business Venture

Insight #1 Mom Blogging is an Impactful and a Meaningful Job

Did you know that mom blogging as an industry is a well-developed one? As per a survey in 2014, there were about 4.4 million mom bloggers. Undoubted the number is way higher today.

If you are to believe blogging experts, the mom blogging industry is quite competitive and crowded. The usual start happens with sharing their own stories, but later many divert into many other niches and domains.

Today, there are mom bloggers that create content on politics, sports, fashion, food, and on diversified topics. In a nutshell, many mom bloggers have now started to treat this as their full-time career, as a job or a business.

And more than anything else, Mom Blogging is proving to be a meaningful & Purposeful Job for al alert of moms. They are providing so much value to their followers. 

Do you know that most moms who aspire to become bloggers have it in them to manage a blog along with looking after their kids and family; because women who have the flair for creativity can easily work to find the time and the energy to create a niche for themselves.

All you need to do is to ask yourself if you have the desire, and the time to dedicate to a blog, and you if are ready to learn from your mistakes, you have the patience to face rejection and not give up, this one is for you.

Insight #2 Creativity gives you an Edge in the Game

Blogging is all about your creative skills. You can choose any medium or platform to channelize your creativity, but if you have that unique streak, do not shy away from taking up blogging.

Being a stay-at-home mom looking after your kids, can have your creativity bottled up. It does not necessarily have to be poetry or dance or painting only. It could be your interest in fashion, or cooking, baking cakes, arranging flowers, or even interior designing. 

Whichever area is your key strength, choose it as your blogging niche. The point is quite simple – you can express your ingenuity through your blog. If you feel that you are not too good with words, no issue. Content creation is not limited to writing only. You can go in for videos, images, animations, or if you wish your content to be more textual, you can ask a friend or a family member to pitch in during the initial years.

Insight #3 Networking is the key to success

Rare insights from a mom blogger

There is no denying the fact that there is nothing as impactful as networking with others. Being part of the mommy blogger community, you can choose to participate in physical events organized by different mom platforms. 

Or you can collaborate with other mom bloggers online, through your blogs and vlogs. There are lots of interesting ways bloggers are connecting and forming meaningful & win-win partnerships for themselves and their customers. 

Insight #4 Monetizing your Mom Blog is not that difficult too

Agreed, that this one is going to take time and lots and lots of patience, monetization can happen, if you give blogging your best efforts.

If you can build a credible following for your blog, you will automatically catch the attention of a few top brands. Now, the time taken for the brands to sit up and take notice will vary – and do not expect any shortcuts here. And these brands are a great way to monetise your blog by providing them visibility in your community.

Apart from being an influencer to these brands, you can also look at affiliate marketing opportunities, writing sponsored posts and earning money from Google Ads. 

Insight #5 Share your knowledge & hacks

Go ahead and share your knowledge and hacks that can help other people and add value to their lives. People are always on a lookout for learning something simple, interesting and that creates impact. So you would definitely have many takers.

The idea is to have unique content that automatically drives people to your blog.

Insight #6 Graphics and visual content rules the roast

When we talk of rare insights from a mommy blogger, this one is an important one my list. Having your focus clear on the use of good well-intended graphics and visual contents.

We don’t need any data to realise that the human brain understands visual depictions more effectively than simple words. So work on creating great visuals that speaks a volume to your audience. Also, with pictures and graphics, you can get more creative and make your blog more visually appealing and aesthetically beautiful.

Insight #7 Your Niche decides your success

Choose a niche very carefully because a large part of your success is defined by your Niche and how well you experiment with & explore your Niche.

It does not necessarily have to be about kids; it could be about politics, or travel, or IT, and so on. Just introspect what makes you happy, what is aligned to your ikigai and work on creating a Niche for yourself and your blog.

At the end, your blog is a creative expression & What you are good at should be shared with the world period!

Insight #8 The Blogging Game is not easy, Competition is killing but so are the Rewards

There are a lot of mom bloggers – a lot! This means only one thing. That the competition is tough and fierce in this industry – survival, and sustenance could be a big challenge. Are you ready for it?

The point is that your content, your blog must be unique and exclusive to stand out. There must be something that finds readers and followers. And you need to be persistent and consistent; committed and dedicated, authentic and smart to create that special bond and connect with your reader.

Insight #9 There this no one perfect way

Ok, so there is no tried-and-tested method here. If it has worked for someone else, it does not mean that it will for you too. You need to traverse your own journey & create your history. Having said that, there is always a room for getting the right coaching on how to go about blogging. 

Rare Insights from a Mom Blogger

There is no right or no wrong way. All that you need to remember is that your niche should be a specialty, your content should be honest, and it should be promoted well.

Insight #10 Always Rely on Organic Visitors

Organic visitors are people who come to your blog on their own via searching through the Google or just typing in your blog address directly. This means that they were attracted to the content and hence ended up spending time reading through at your blog.

It is a healthy sign if you get organic visitors. Get your hands dirty and learn the technical part of blogging too like Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, and so on.

You will have to consistently indulge in promotions and marketing activities to do so. Focus on your readers’ persona, keep blogging regularly, focus on keywords, try to bring up unique content, use Social Media platforms and collaborate with other mom bloggers.This way you can end up in building a genuinely interested tribe of your own. 

Insight #11 Do not try to rule all over the social media – Choose your Space.

Just like trying all niches can be foolish, trying to be on all social media platforms at one go can be a big mistake. Choose a single platform and stick to it. At least initially! Once you master that platform, move on to your next.

Infact you don’t have to be on all platforms too. Choose the platform wisely on the basis of your niche and audience persona. Do not be in a rush to get mileage and audience. It will happen one day – go step by step. Social media is an important part of your blogging journey though – so do not ignore it. 

Insight #12 Being Preachy is a Big No 

Talking of Rare insights from a Mommy blogger, this one is a big-big one. 

You should stay away from is to preach others about the rights and the wrongs. Remember that all moms are already & perpetually critically assessing their skills of motherhood. Infact the whole world is proficient in judging moms and hopefully so you would not want to add on to their woes by being judgemental and saying this is wrong and that is right. 

As a mom blogger, if you blog about how to raise kids, stay away from preaching. No one likes a person who is sitting there to judge their behavior. Share your tips and recommendations, give them the logic of what is right and wrong, but do not give lectures or sermonize. 

A rare insight from a mommy blogger – You will hardly have any followers of the blog if you preach.

Insight #13 Treat it like a Business Venture

And the last one and not the least one on my list of Rare insights from a Mommy blogger is to treat your blogging like a full flourished business.

Always remember that this is not a part-time job – even if it is in the initial years, do not treat it like one. If you give it the respect and space, just like you would give to any other job or business, you will always make sure to give it your time and effort.

If you treat blogging as a means to pass time, you will never be fully involved with it and push it with all you might and strength.

Hope this post on rare insights from a mommy blogger has given you the right ideas and conviction to get started with your blog and carve a niche for yourself in this fiercely competitive industry. If you have any further questions regarding this, do get in touch with me and I would help you to the best of my capabilities. 



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