Ways to monetize your mommy blog is a compilation of mighty ideas that can help you make money from your Mommy blog. 

While a lot has been said about Mommy Blogging as a viable career option for moms, there is still a tiny percentage of Mommy bloggers who are actually earning a full-time income from their blog. 

And so we need to talk more about & train more about a variety of monetization ideas available that can help more and more mom bloggers on their journey to create their first income from their blog. 

Ways to monetize your mommy blog

Ways to monetize your Mommy blog

So in this post, I would be talking about the what and how of 11 mighty Ideas to build your income from your mommy blogs.

Every Income would first start from having a dedicated and loyal audience on your blog. So before you start exploring the idea of monetization, first focus on getting generating quality content and promoting that content.

When you feel that you have built the initial base of the audience, then its time to work on executing these monetization ideas. Now let us have look at monetization ideas that work especially for mommy bloggers. 

1.    Affiliate Marketing
2.    Selling Online Courses
3.    Selling E-book
4.    Sponsored Posts
5.    Helping fellow bloggers drive specific results
6.    Creating and selling your own merchandise or digital products
7.    Work as a freelancer
8.    Write columns for magazines & newspapers
9.    Being paid influencers on Social Media
10.   Endorsing brands through blog partnerships
11.   Google Adsense
12.   Private Advertising – sign up with an ad network
13.   Referral Credit
14.   Become an Amazon Associate

Affiliate Marketing

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to monetize your blog. A lot of successful and leading bloggers in different niches do Affiliate Marketing to get their income from their blogs.

The idea of Affiliate Marketing is to provide a link to other people’s products that you would like to recommend. Each time there is a sale through your link, you earn a commission from it. Sounds easy? But there is a lot that goes into getting that sale. 

You need to work very hard to gain the trust of your followers and audiences so that they listen to your recommendations; click the link, and then make a purchase.

List of Top Affiliate Market places to choose from

I am sharing here affiliate marketplaces that I have experience working with. Do your research to find out the products that you would like to recommend to your audience based on the knowledge of their preferences.

Also do keep in mind that there is a formal application process for most of these affiliates and they would only approve you as their publishing partners based on a lot of factors.

The blog quality, speed, and page views are few things they consider but more importantly, they look for a good strategic fit of the products you wanting to recommend with your blog niche. 



Rakuten Marketing




Do explore these and spend time understanding each of these market places and what offerings do they have. Affiliate Marketing is not just about dropping in links to the products in your blog It never works that way.

In fact, it is about creating a story and giving enough reasons to your audience to go ahead click the link, and then and pick the product.

Tips to make Affiliate Marketing Work for You

– As a ground rule, always recommend what you have tried out personally. This is because you have really worked hard on gaining the trust of your followers and you just can’t afford to screw it up because of an inferior quality product.

– Choose to promote a specific product through your blog, your social media, your newsletter, or customized freebie offers. There is no limit to applying your creativity here. 

– Choose products that are from different industries in order to stay away from the Conflict of Interest.

– Try and share your story behind the product. Make it personal and your audience would buy it.

Make income by Selling Your Courses

Many mom bloggers choose to design online courses and sell them through their blogs. Think of it as teaching a course, while you are running your blog. Not the conventional teaching role, though!

You can make the course a part of your blog; or you can choose a separate platform to help your readers learn about a product, a way of life, a lifestyle aspect, or so on.

Some mom bloggers sign-up as teachers for programs like Udemy so that they can earn while working on their blog!

Selling E-books is a good way to monetize your Blog

Alternate to starting an online course or being part of a wider platform like Udemy, you can also make your e-book and sell it. In the example above, if your niche is cooking for kids, you can look at writing your cookbook for moms.

The good thing is that your blog is the ideal place to sell your cookbook. Depending on the price and the kind of following you have, your e-book will start to sell and help you monetize your blog pretty soon.

You could also explore selling your ebook on kindle and other online publishing platforms like that. 

Earn through the Sponsored Posts

This is another common way to monetize your mommy blog. In this case, brands offer you money to write about them in your blog.

So, you can write about the product as a testimonial, review, or even mention the product in a general descriptive content on your blog.

One of the most important things here is the niche of your blog. Only such brands will approach you that can create a win-win strategy by associating with you. So, your following has to be good too.

Just remember that before the thought of monetizing strikes you, you need to take care that the product that you are writing about is truly worth writing for and is something that you align with, principally.

Some companies ask you to write for free and offer you freebies instead. For example, if you are a travel writer, there could be a destination that approaches you to come and stay with them on an all-paid basis and then write about the destination.

When charging for sponsored posts, ensure that you consider different factors before finalizing the fee. Take professional help for effective pricing.

Coach fellow bloggers drive specific results 

Some people go a little out of their usual blogging routine and work as Virtual Assistant or Growth Coaches to fellow bloggers. It is a consulting profile and you help other bloggers achieve specific results and charge a fee for your coaching and expertise. 

As a VA, you help these bloggers with creating their blogs, graphic designing, social media posting, or even creating content for them. The purpose is to help other bloggers in areas where you have the expertise, and others need help.

So, you need to work on your content and blog; as well as, work for the other blogger. You get paid money for your role as a Virtual Assistant.

Making your Income by Creating and Selling your Products

Another popular way that mom bloggers go about earning money is by opening an online business. In this context, many mommy bloggers go ahead and create digital products like schedules, planners, Rewards charts, educational worksheets for kids, etc. 

There are other ideas too. Starting from opening your online store to selling baby items to creating video content, audio content, creating a subscribers program for your blog, making video tutorials or editing videos, software products, newsletters, and so on.

The point is to be creative and think like an entrepreneur. You need ideas that will not only sell for now but help you sustain for a long time.

Another great idea for bloggers to monetize their mom blogs is to design and sell their brand merchandise. From cool “Quote T-shirts” to coffee mugs, from Badges to bookmarks, from calendars to planning diaries, from mommy journals to memories album, there is a lot of scope to bring out your own line of merchandise for your audience.

Work as a freelancer

If you enjoy writing or video editing, you can create an alternate income stream by offering your freelance services on sites like Peopleperhour & Fiverr. 

It is one of the ways that most bloggers earn money today. Your earning is flexible; that is you earn as much as you can work. Remember, this can be exhaustive too, as you are adding another set of to-do activities to all your existing to-dos.

Write columns for magazines & newspapers

Print media is still very much a part of our existence even today and since you are good in writing skills, you can take up guest writing jobs with a magazine or newspapers in your domain.

You may either be approached by a magazine or you can proactively contact a printing company for creative contributions. 

Being paid influencers on Social Media

Social media influencers command great respect from their followers and also from brands in their niche. For example, if your blog has good traction from followers and the numbers resonate on your social media profiles too, you can be approached by a brand to promote their products and services.

The social media influencer industry was worth about $8 billion in 2019. This is one industry that is today considered to be at par with celebrity endorsements because social media influencers enjoy celebrity status today.

Instagram is the most popular medium for these kinds of influencer partnerships.

Endorsing brands through blog partnerships

Many mom bloggers are able to earn decently by entering into blog partnerships and endorsements with brands. The concept is similar to celebrity endorsements like TV commercials, with the difference that here, brands look at leveraging popular bloggers to create awareness about their brands, and offerings. 

The idea is to approach the brand with your media kit and propose to promote them. The product you are choosing must be something that goes well with your niche and audience.

A personal usage story adds to the credibility of the overall campaign and is highly appreciated by the brands too. 

Google Adsense

Advertising is one of the simplest ways to monetize your mommy blog. Basically, you sign up with Google Adsense and they publish various ads on your blog based on your preferences. 

Once the users come to your blog and see the ads, you get paid for the ad space. And if users do click on the ads, there is a higher percentage that Google pays you.

The best thing about Google Adsense is that after you have done the initial settings, you don’t really need to do anything more. The ads are served by automated technology by Google. You just need to drive more and more traffic to increase your revenues. 

Private Advertising 

Private ads are more focused on a specific audience. It works great for your blog if you have a premium niche. In the case of private ads, you work directly with companies.

So, you get to choose the companies that you wish to be associated with. The most difficult part is to research and find companies with whom you can work with. If you keep waiting for brands and companies to get in touch with you, it could only delay the process.

Make a list of all the brands or organizations that you want to work with. And, then write to each of them with details of your blogs. Give them details of data that will make sense to them; like traffic-related numbers, following on social media, and so on.

Also having a media kit displayed on your blog is a great way to attract brands for advertising too.

Referral Credit

One of the other ways to monetize your mommy blog is to go in for referral credit. In this case, you need to sign up for the referral program of a company.

It is not money that you earn in this case – it is the credits that you earn. There are many online sites that offer attractive credit programs – the more the number of new users you get, the higher the credits.

You can use these credits to make online purchases at its site or sister sites. so it is indirect money that is coming to you.

Monetize Your blog | Become an Amazon Associate

Many mommy bloggers are Amazon associates. Since Amazon is the largest virtual shopping place that sells unlimited products, your scope of earning money is good when you choose to work as an Amazon associate.

This is part of the Affiliate Marketing program of Amazon. You recommend products from Amazon, and each time your readers click on your link to make a purchase and get a discount, and you earn some cash. 

Similarly, there are other big eCommerce platforms like Etsy that offer associate programs.

How I am Monetizing My Mommy Blog – Mom Chipper

As far as Momchipper is concerned, we have a specific strategy in mind for our blog. While few forms of monetization are already been working on our blogs like Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, we are right now working on strengthening and diversifying our streams of income. 

We are working on launching our courses targeted at Mums and especially Stay at Home Moms who want to restart their careers. You would find a lot of resources already been put on our website.

We have resources related to a lot of Flexi work options for moms, Mompreneurship ideas, Stay at Home Mom Jobs, and productivity ideas. In fact, an entire bouquet of posts if you are wanting to start your own blog. 

As we see there are many ways to go about monetizing your website. You need to be innovative, and pick and choose which direction you want to take your blog to. You definitely can’t be working on all of the ways mentioned above. 

All of these ideas have worked great for many mommy bloggers. It is now your turn to consider the pros and cons of each of them and start earning money through your blog.

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