What should SAHMs wear in winters & what are some piece of clothing that are essential for a SAHM winter wardrobe? Let’s simplify the entire process of creating and wearing SAHM fashion.

While the basic goal of keeping warm in the winters at the core, we will move outwards to how using strategies like layering, mixing matching, experimenting, planning & organizing simplifies the life of a SAHM along with glamorising it at the same time.

So let us dive straight away into the winter wardrobe essentials for stay at home moms.

What should SAHMs wear in winters

What Should SAHMs Wear in Winters?

For the winter styling, the primary concern of every stay at home mom is the comfort and warmth. And hence picking up fashion pieces for the winter wardrobe, these things should always be at the forefront. Have a look here at some trendy winter outfit ideas For SAHM.

The basic and solid colours are something’s I love and hence I tend to pick up outfits that are aligned with this thought process. Also, it is a good idea to wear what is apt and practical. Skirts and heels are things that look good and glamorous while you hitting a club with friends or spouse. They are definitely not a good idea for a SAHM who is expected to be on her toes taking care of kids and house. 

Another tip that I can logically extend to all the SAHMs out there is to make time for getting ready every single day. I do it as a part of Morning Routine. Here are some resources to create your very own Morning routine that works for you. This is for the uninitiated ones. 

So I as a SAHM, always try and wear practical clothing that I can carry the whole day and not get irritated or uncomfortable in. Here is my list of essential pieces for the SAHM winter wardrobe.

1.    A couple of Good Pairs of Jeans
2.    Coat – Get these in all lengths
3.    Pullovers – Classic 
4.    Cardigan – Pair it with leggings or jeans 
5.    Velvet top – Chic & Trendy
6.    Puffer Jacket – Style it with anything
7.    Knitted Jumper – Basic and pretty
8.    Blazer Suit – My Go to formals for work meeting
9.    Turtle Neck – Tops, dress, pullover anything
10.   Blanket Wrap – Looks so feminine
11.   Pairs of Leggings – I like it all Black
12.   Scarfs – The Accessory for winters
13.   Socks – My essential
14.   Caps – To lift up the outfit
15.   Boots – In all shapes and lengths

1. Jeans – My Second Skin

This tops my list of essentials for the winter season. I just love wearing these. Having multiple differently styled jeans in my wardrobe is such a saver for me. From the days when I don’t know what to wear to days when I am feeling out of my wits, I can wear jeans any day and to anywhere. This is my favourite piece of fashion. 

2.  Coat – Get These in All Lengths, Dear SAHM

Wear these over anything when you are stepping out and you are assured to stay warm and look stylish. There are different kinds of coats available and can be styled to create numerous looks. Right from Trench Coat to the fur coat, from double-breasted to the plaid wool coat the list is endless. To understand different types & styles of coats, here is a resource that is really helpful.

3.   Pullovers – Classic & Perfect For SAHM

These are lightweight, easy to fit in a bag essential to keep with you when you feel cold. Getting your hand on a quality cashmere pullover in a solid colour is a good idea to add in your winter wardrobe. It can be paired with jeans or a pair of leggings and also styled with a knitted or woollen pencil skirt for days when you want to do something different. Soft Pastel colours & nudes also work very well in pullovers. 

4.    Cardigan – Be a Trendy SAHM

Long cardigan paired with tights, leggings or jeans makes you look stylish and chic. Pair a printed woollen scarf over the blouse and the look is complete. This can be easily teamed with sneakers for a more casual look or leather boots for the more formal affair. in fact, I rem this with my favourite slip-ons and I am good to go for a rocking day. 

What should sahm wear in winters in winters

5.    Velvet blouse – Chic & Trendy

This is definitely a must-have for a stylish mom. I love my bottle green coloured crinkled velvet blouse and often team it with black trousers or leggings. Accessorise it with a black classic satchel bag, a pair of heels & that’s it.

6.    Puffer Jacket – Style It With Anything

This is my grab and go, ready in 10 mins look for a regular day at home. Jeans a solid coloured round neck t shirt and a puffer jacket. I own at least 3 of them. However, I borrowed one from my mom to just create this look for my audience. This metallic purple coloured puffer jacket with black leggings and a statement ring is my Friday/Saturday night party outfit. Taking the jacket off while partying is something I really love. And yes I do go out often to party and I do take those frequent breaks that are required for me to be a thriving SAHM.

7.    Knitted Jumper – Basic and Pretty

A neutral coloured turtleneck knitted jumper is the perfect, comfortable yet elegant dress for a day out. This can be paired with a black pair of leggings and a black pair of heels. Another option is to pair the jumper with knee-length boots for a more stylish look.

What should sahm wear in winters in winters

8.    Blazer Suit – My Go to Formals for a Work Meeting

A Black Blazer Suit paired with a pair of formal black leather shoes can set you up for a winning work meeting. This is my perfect formal outfit and makes me feel like a boss woman. Power dressing at its best. To make it edgier, finish it with a black satchel or an oversized envelop clutch.

9.    Turtle Neck – Tops, Dress, Pullover Anything

A turtleneck in your dress, top or a pullover can spice up the whole outfit. Not only do you feel more comfortable and warm but you are trendy and fashionable at the same time. These are timeless looks and make you look more put together and elegant. I have many clothes that have turtlenecks and they are some of my most regularly worn pieces. 

10.  Blanket Wrap – Looks So Feminine

A blanket wrap over a dress or jeans adds the touch of femininity, I just love these. These are so versatile that you can style them the way you want. And there are numerous options from neutrals to bright colours, from handcrafted & knitted to different sized, you would be spoilt for choice when you plan to buy one. 

What should sahm wear in winters in winters

11.  Pairs of Leggings – I like it all Black

The classic pair of black leggings are very versatile and can be paired with every coloured dress. A pair of colourful leggings with a long sweater also looks elegant. This timeless piece of clothing can be paired with anything and looks lovely.

12.  Scarfs – The Accessory for Winters

Wearing a scarf can really add spice to your outfit. There are millions of ways to style a scarf on the internet. A neutral brown scarf with a coloured coat looks fabulous. Or switching the colours looks great to. Besides keeping you warm and making you feel secure these are classic pice of fashion and look lovely when paired with the right outfit.

13.  Socks – My Essential

Choose from a warm coral cashmere fashion socks or wool knitted socks, there is a lot of options to choose from. Wearing a nice pair of warm socks is definitely a must in the chilling winter weather. This is essential for me because I feel the coldest on my hands and feet. So I invest in really good quality socks in winters to last through the season. 

14.  Caps – to Lift up the Outfit

The accessory that has in it to lift the entire outfit up the style quotient. From a baggy hat with a furry pom pom to berets, from a bucket hat to beanies, there are a lot of options available for fashionistas to choose from.

15.  Boots – in All Shapes and Lengths

Boots come in lot of varied styles and lengths. So having the right pair picked up for you required some basic knowledge of different varieties. Use this resource to upgrade your knowledge about boots and pick the best one for you. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Winter Clothes


It is advisable to shop for winter clothes taking into consideration your personal style. For instance, for me, I always get attracted to classic pieces of fashion and can carry them confidently. However, Uber chic pieces are not for me. It does not match my personality at all. So while I look for something new to buy I always have this at the back ion my mind. I like to buy expensive quality pieces that I can use for years to come and these don’t go out of fashion soon. 


This is one of the prime things to keep in ind while building your winter wardrobe. Since we always have to be on our toes to take care of our kids from dropping and picking them from school to taking them for activity classes, from preparing meals in the kitchen to doing the chores, getting your hands on comfortable pieces that look stylish and good is imperative. 

Fashion trends

How much of Fashion trends and magazines, you want to go after is a choice every SAHM needs to make. I personally do not follow the fashion trends to the T. Like the faux snakeskin footwear trend, this is something very difficult for me to wear. I just don’t like the idea and I find them very unpleasant. 


Of course, money is something you always need to manage and be in the budget while you shop for your winter wardrobe. A good idea is to look for sale time to pick up your aspirational and expensive pieces. However, I always take care to not pick up anything I don’t want, just because there is a massive discount on it. Because sooner than later it would go into my purge pile and that is dollars gone down the drain. 

Another strategy that has worked for me for years now is to space out the shopping. If I shop everything within a week, chances are I would pick up similar shades and styles. This is also dependent on the inventory and merchandise options that get limited at a point of time, However, if you space out and go slow on shopping adding 1-2 pieces every month, I feel that you end up in more variety in your personal wardrobe. 

So be mindful when you shop and go slow. 


This one is again a logical strategy to keep in mind the kind of clothing you need as a SAHM. A pencil skirt, while you have to scrub the bathrooms, is a horrible idea. A good pair of yoga pants is a great idea for the days you want to get dirty in cleaning up. While go for more in the trend pieces when all you have to do is pick up kids from school and meet up with other moms at their activity classes. 

Quality over Quantity

This is my personal strategy of shipping. Always choose Quality over Quantity. And this I have picked up from my mom. She always and always picked up quality stuff for herself and for us while we grew up. And I so want my daughter to own this habit of picking up quality stuff for herself. Presently I am working on this project… because she just loves to shop for anything and everything under the sun. 

So picking up brands that are known for good quality stuff is my first step to Quality over quantity. And I am ok to buy 1 thing instead of 3 that I could buy from the same budgeted amount.

So this is all about What should SAHMs wear in winters. Share with me your cool ideas about winter fashion and how you like to shop for it.


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