Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs is an insightful post for all you moms out there who want to turn your passion into your profession. A List of fun hobbies that have a potential to be a full fledged business for Moms. 

The battle between staying at home for your kids or venturing out to work for your own financial & professional fulfilment is an on going one for moms. In the present day world, however the Flexi work opportunities and gigs are taken all the centerstage because they are letting moms work and take care of their kids in their super mom’s avatar.

Here we are, with another useful post in the series that can open new avenues and widen your perspective about how should you restart.

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

While we talked of the Super Mom’s avatar, it is also imperative to note here that starting up on any new initiative is never easy and when you decide t o start up on any of your passions and turn it into a business, the journey would be hard. You would be handling kids working on deadlines, fulfilling customer commitments and solving grievances all at the same time. 

However, there are many upsides to it too. You regain your confidence back, you interact with people outside your family and kids and this brings in fresh breath of life. 

Another thing that I find apt to mention here is that when your kids see you working from home, they start to understand the value of being self-independent. As they grow, they are also motivated to try their hand at earning money, early on in life!

Let us explore a few interesting hobbies that can be used for earning money from home by stay-at-home-moms.

1.    Passion for words
2.    Love for Cooking
3.    Joy of Baking
4.    Interest in Graphic Designing
5.    Love for Make up & Beauty
6.    Photography
7.    Fashion Designing
8.    Passion for Travel
9.    Love for Different languages
10.  Candle Making
11.  Sewing & Knitting
12.  Planning Parties
13.  Soap making
14.  Craft Making
15.  Dancing
16.  Making Interesting Videos
17.  Jewelry making
18.  Story Telling
19.  Music 

Use your Passion with words to start Earning Income

An excellent work option that has become quite popular with moms in recent times. This is because each online entity is on a lookout for good content and so if you are good with words and telling stories, you can make a great career out of writing. 

There are a variety of directions you could choose from when you have decided to make a career out of your interest to write. 

Starting your blog is a good way to pursue your interest in writing or creating innovative content; as well and earn some money too. Having a blog is akin to having a full-time job; with the difference that you get to work from your home. Get Inspired my story on How i walked past my fears to start my Mom Blog Momchipper.

For many SAHMs, blogging helps them run their house while for many others; it just about gives enough to pay some bills. Whichever ways, if you are creative and wish to express your creativity resourcefully; contemplate starting your own blog. And if you want to start your own blog, you should definitely read this.

Freelancing your content and writing for others is another great way to put your passion for words to use. 

Love to explore new products and ideas? Do you know that are companies and brands that pay people to try their products and review them? If you are experimental, love to try new products; then this one is definitely for you. In your spare time, review mom and baby products, and make some quick money!

Your Love for Cooking can make you Earn the Bucks

If cooking is your hobby and you have sound knowledge of different cuisines; then choose from these options to earn money, as well keep your passion high.

Cooking & Catering food for parties big and small is a very satisfying way to earn money. Because you are helping a set of people who either don’t enjoy cooking or don’t know to cook for their guest. Actually there is also a set of people who are on a time crunch to cook. For all these people, having you run a business with your expertise can be such a big boon.

Kitty parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, festivals, and many more such other events give you the perfect platform to showcase your skills to your target audience. Speciality cooking and providing healthy home cooked meal service is another way to start up strong and use you love for cooking.

And lastly share your love for cooking with others by starting your own food blog.

Turn your Passion to cook to a Successful Food Blog

Here is an inspirational story of Ruchiskitchen for you. This food blog is an awe inspiring example of a mom’s passion turning to a full fledged career. Ruchi started this blog for her love of cooking and connecting with people.

Today she is a successful blogger and her work has been featured in places like Buzzfeed, Yummly, Huffpost & Country Living to name some. Follow her blog to get hold of yummy & simple recipes and get inspired along the way. 

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

Turn your Joy of Baking in your Business venture

One of the fun hobbies that make money for SAHM is baking. If you love to bake cakes, you can pursue this hobby of yours and start a small business, right from your home. It works out perfect since you are always there for your kids; while to showcase your creativity to earn money.

You can pick up your clients from kids to corporate events, for fun parties to weddings, cakes and baked goodies are always on high demand from people of all walks of life. 

Do remember to use the power of social media to spread the word about your craft and expertise. Pinterest is one of the most popularly used platforms to showcase baking skills and prowess!

Speciality baking like sourdough baking, healthy baking etc are also in great demand these days. choose to bake goodies or teach other people your expertise and you are on a way to a satisfying second career. 

Interested in Graphic Designing | Sell Designs to Earn your Living

If you have been a professional designer of websites, you can now look for a freelancing position. There are lots of options in this domain. Content creators, brand owners, and blog owners look for creative designers for new projects as well as updations, modifications, and maintenance work.

You may have learned graphic designing or are keen to learn more about this digital art form; this is another fun hobby that makes money for SAHMs. If you have been out of this realm for some time now, you should consider enrolling for an updated course on graphic designing to brush up your skills.

Your Love for Makeup & Beauty can Earn you money

This is another business idea that is fun as well as one that can become a full-fledged business. It is one of the most flexible career options – you can start from home, work on a mobile parlour concept, or take a space on lease and start an office-based beauty parlour.

Perfect way to be home with your kids, as well utilise your spare time productively!

Here is what we got inspired by. The Small Things Blog  founded by Kate who is a mom a wife and a fashion, style & beauty enthusiast from North Carolina.

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs


Is photography your niche, your love of life, after your kids, of course? If it is so, You can showcase your talent and get new contracts too with the help of social media particularly Instagram where images speak louder than words. You can also start a blog of your own featuring your captured images and photos. Selling your images to stock sits is another way of generating income by photography. 

Fashion designing

If fashion is your calling, then buckle up your seatbelt and start a small designing business from home. There are various ways to go about doing this – you can first earn some experience by being an intern (remember for this you might have to spend some time out of home).

Or, if you already have some experience or are super confident about your designing skills, get the basic equipment you need for designing and start to design. Open a boutique from home – remember to advertise it meaningfully and in a planned manner to keep getting a regular flow of orders.

Showcasing your designs online and using online stores like Amazon or Etsy can also be a great way to get clients who value custom designed clothing. 

Passionate about Travel | Make it your career

Love to travel? Open your travel agency? Or maybe start a travel blog; feature your travel photographs or take up freelance work assignments for travel photography. Ensure that you take some professional training before you start your business.

Get Inspired by Budgetwayfarers, which is an authentic digital space for Travel. Founded by Akriti Mattu, she turned her Love for travel to create a space for credible and legit travel experiences from travel enthusiasts around the globe. The value that she provides to her readers is immense and the trust that has been built is apparent from the success of her venture.

P.S(She is not a mom yet but the success she has created with her travel blog was compelling enough for me to talk about it with you all. There are no boundaries to find inspiration right?)

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

Love for Different Languages | Teach others & Earn

If you have mastery over a language – it could be English, or a foreign language, you will always find people online who are keen to learn from you.

There are quite a several online platforms that employ freelance teachers to teach English, or any other foreign language like French, Japanese, Italian, and so on.

Making Designer Candles | A great way to Make some Bucks

If you have ever been into handcrafting candles and essences, now is the time to go back to it again and convert the hobby into a home-based business.

Not only focus on making but selling them too. Either through your Etsy shop or social media or even by participating in different bazaars and crafts fairs, you can look at making good revenue from this hobby.

Sewing & Knitting | Sell your raft

As a SAHM, when you are looking at turning your hobby into an earning opportunity, you can look at using your sewing, knitting & crochette needles to make some impressive knit pieces. Sell these in your close circle; or through an online store; use social media platforms, etc.  

There is a growing market for people who value hand made these days. From Embroidered fashion to knitted accessories, from home decorative to furnishings, you can specialise in one or focus on all of these to create your online store. 

And here is your dose of Inspiration

Sewcanshe is a blog found by Caroline who is a mom of four kids and loves sewing. Follow her to get the latest updates & videos on designs and projects that she is creating.

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

Planning Parties | Sell your Talent and help others plan their events

Planning an event like a wedding or a birthday party requires you to have an eye for detail. Whether you have the necessary experience or not, if you like organizing parties and events, being a freelancer event planner can certainly feature as a potential income generating option.

Ensure that you are in touch with the best vendors in town for support services. It is always a good idea to enrol for a formal course, if you wish to seriously pursue it.

Soap Making, A Hobby that can make money for SAHMs too

This is one fun hobby that makes money for SAHMs. All of a sudden, if you look around, you will find amongst your friends and family, that there is this huge demand for home-made & Chemical free soaps made from quality ingredients.

You will need to plan your ingredients, colours, and scents well – remember, people love the idea of organic ingredients these days.It also makes for a great gifting idea too. So plan your stock packaging to position it as a potential gifting option in your audience’s mind. 

Crafts Making | Make a Career out of your love for Creating

This is one of the fun hobbies that can make money for SAHMs. If you love to create crafts with your kids or have specialised talent in crafting, then this one is apt for you.

Get inspired by MomsandCrafters  founded by Menucha who is a mom and calls herself a craft addict. She has a lot of easy ideas on various crafts and DIYs sorted age wise to help you get on quickly to a project. 

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs


Are you a trained dancer and wish to now impart training to others? Yes – choose to become a part-time dance teacher. A wonderful way to keep going back to your creative love every day and also earn some money!

Either you start your own dance academy or join an existing one and become a part-time teacher  with them.

Making Interesting videos

If you love to work with the latest technical tools and gadgets, and love to shoot videos, you can start to freelance as a creator of videos, and also as a video editor. In most aspects of life today, on individual front or commercially, there is a growing need for trained video photographers and editors.

Jewellery Making

Women love to dress up; they are fashion conscious; hence, you will always get buyers. Be creative; use your ingenuity to make some impressive designs. And then watch as orders start to come in!

Take your Inspiration from Emma who founded Make & Fable which is a blog focussed on modern craft DIYs, contemporary jewellery & macrame. You would find a lot of creative projects to get inspired and start making your own jewellery.

Fun hobbies that make money for SAHMs

Story Telling 

The concept of telling stories in animated and interesting manner is a centuries-old practice in India. In the modern world, the art of storytelling is being revived by many creative minds. It is not only one of the best ways to keep children entertained; it is also one of the perfect ways to help them learn key life lessons.

Story telling today is not just limited to kids but even corporates are using theses skills to impart essential soft skills in their employees. This craft has always held its special place in creative people who either write paint or cook.

If you have it in you, if you are good in enacting scenes, have a good control over your voice, you can earn substantially from home by using your histrionics. 


Is music your calling? Why not start teaching the same to kids from your neighbourhood? You can opt for physical classes or even virtual classes. This is a hobby that can easily be made into a career that can help you earn money while you never need to let go of your passion.

So. these were my ideas on how you can turn your hobbies into your profession. If you have any questions on this or just something to share, feel free to reach out.



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