How I overcame my fears as a Mommy Blogger? A lot of us get surprised when we look at perfectly normal human behaviours of people behind big and successful projects. 

This happens because we get in awe of the leaders or entrepreneurs who have created success stories. But the fact of life remains that these leaders or people we appreciate go through exactly the same cycle of fears, incompetence and learning, working hard to the times (∞) infinity.

So here is my story too from my fears to creating a successful Mommy Blog Momchipper. 

How I overcame my fears as a Mommy Blogger

How I overcame my fears as a Mommy Blogger

Before we delve into how I overcame my fears, let me open myself up and spill the beans on what fears I had before I ventured into Mom Blogging. 

Also if you want to follow insights from my blogging journey I would really recommend you go through Mistakes to Avoid as Mommy Bloggers and Could I have done Mommy Blogging Differently. I have really worked hard on these and the feedback I always get on these posts is very encouraging. So I am sure, you would also benefit from these two immensely. 

Coming back to My Fears as a M mommy Blogger, here is my list.

1.   The Fear of Self-Doubt
2.   Fear of putting it all out in the open
3.   Mental Block regarding Time Management 
4.   Fear of Not Knowing My Niche
5.   Fear of Entering a competitive space of mom blogging
6.   “What if no one reads what I write” Syndrome
7.   “What is special in me” Hurdle
8.   Fear of Technology
9.   My Fear of creating attractive graphics and visuals
10.  Fear of Failure
11.  I do not know the ABC of blogging
12.  I do not like the idea of self-promotion
13.  Fear of complete ownership of my blogging business

Overcoming My Fear of Self-Doubt 

This feeling is like a little voice in your mind that keeps telling you are incapable to start or finish a work. This voice does not let you go out and seize opportunities. The voice that tells you constantly that you are not good enough. But well this voice has to be corrected because it never says the truth. 

    1. Change You Narrative of Self Talk. The truth is that you are You, You are special and unique, You are good, Your are worth it all and You are the best. The day I changed the recording of my inner voice is the day I started tasting success in small and big initiatives.

    2. I intentionally chalked out an energising Morning Routine for myself which proved extremely helpful in my overcoming this fear of self doubt. Affirmations and getting spiritually connected, getting my own me time right at the start of the day is a bliss that I enjoy every single day now.  

    3. You know there is a fear – a dread that is filling you with apprehension. Will you let it take it over you? Certainly not! Look to your fears in their eye and come face-to-face with it. 

    4. Accept that it is okay to Fear, but push it always to the backseat; never let it sit in the driver’s seat. 

Strategies to Overcome The Fear of putting it all out in the open

Many moms do not venture out in blogging because they fear that they will be judged by the world – that while blogging they will expose their hidden thoughts and ideas. Mothers who are introvert usually are prone to think on these lines – their vulnerability stops them from taking the step.

I worked a lot on my mindset and actually discussed it in details with my husband and my best friend. Over time I realised that for years I had not accepted the life of a SAHM because I wanted to get back to work after my kids.

So this blog has actually come in my life to make me grow as a person and accept that there are many creative ways to add value and do something meaningful than just a 9 to 5 corporate job. I found my reason and purpose through Mom Chipper. 

Break free from your own shackles and follow your passion into mom blogging if this is what truly ignites you – is my advise for you.

Overcoming the Mental Block of Time Management 

Mom bloggers are continuously subjected to this tormenting thought of being unable to manage time for your kids, family, the blog, and all the work associated with the blog. It is one roller-coaster ride; but, on second thoughts, the fun of the journey is the challenges on the way; else things could be so insipid. 

Managing this is simple; it needs dedication and perseverance!

     5.  Commit to your Vision. If you need to achieve it badly, you would take out time from whatever schedule to follow your passion.

     6.  Make a schedule so that you can follow it with all your heart. When you plan things, the chances of success are much higher. Follow a pre-planned schedule. Be it about writing the content, publishing, or collaborating with others, make a plan that you can follow.

     7.  Make a list of all your goals. When you write, you get perspective – you get clarity; things become simpler and lucid. Select a few goals to work on and commit yourself.  

     8.  Also I worked  a lot on getting organized in my life starting with decluttering physical spaces to decluttering my mind, fixing daily schedules for kids etc. You would find all the details on how organisation & planning helped me move forward on my journey of Mom chipper Here. 

Getting Past the Fear of Not Knowing My Niche 

When all the niche seems perfect but you are unable to put your finger on one – you start to get second thoughts, start to doubt your choice, there is so much of going to and fro, that it can all become very perplexing.

      9.  But you can get past this fear by experimenting with your content a little! Your mind is full of ideas and a multitude of things; on the other hand, it is also full of apprehensions and fears. Instead of procrastinating, get up and start taking up the ideas, one after the other. 

     10. Keep yourself well-informed. Read a lot; research a lot; choose a topic that you are comfortable with and have expertise on.

     11. I took up a 1 to 1 coaching call too with Akriti Mattu, who is an authority in blogging & is known for her awesome mentoring skills to digital entrepreneurs. This helped & clarified a lot of my doubts and pushed away my fears to an extent that I ventured into making Mom chipper a successful Mom Blog. If any of you do feel a need to get into a coaching call, this is where to find Akriti Mattu.

Fear of Entering a competitive space of mom blogging | How I got over this

The fear of competition, atychiphobia keeps a lot of potential mom bloggers from going all out and make a decision to start their blog. This fear is all about failing, and if you are a perfectionist, you have higher chances of experiencing this fear. 

     12. Have patience. If you think that your first blog, your first content is going to be applauded and it is going to garner the attention of the best minds in the industry, you are highly mistaken! Success in blogging does not come overnight! 

     13. Focus on your uniqueness. One way to keep yourself above your fears is to identify your unique selling proposition. Work on it relentlessly.

     14. Start networking. You can take advantage of the power of social media channels to start networking. Start with Facebook, or with Twitter. Comment on content of other bloggers from your preferred niche. When you send in appreciative signals, there is bound to be an acceptance or acknowledgment; and then one thing can lead to another.

    15. Be a part of a Mommy writer’s community. One of the ways I handled the question – How I overcame my fears a Mommy Blogger? I went out and found out mommy bloggers who have a growing community and become a part of it. 

    16. Bloggers who are moms, who are of the same minds like I am so that there is a positive and enthusiastic exchange of ideas – you need to find people who are from your niche and with whom you can collaborate and they have a respectable standing amongst their following.

“What if no one reads what I write” Syndrome | My Tips to Overcome this

The fear that you will have no readers reading your blog or following you, subscribing to your blog, and more such fears are the ones that hold you back. 

Sometimes, we tend to over-analyse because we are so nervous. We wanted to say things, but we just cannot gather enough confidence to say. The ’what-ifs’ keep deterring you, never giving you the strength or the confidence to move ahead.

    17. Work on creating a bond with co-bloggers. Share contents of others that you are impressed with, on you social media. This works in dual ways – one, the blogger whose content you share may want to return the favour by reading your content; and, second, share or recommend the content to her followers, if she likes what she reads.

    18. Keep publishing. Even if you do not get readers, likes, or comments, keep doing your work with dedication and patience. It takes time for readers to notice your blog online.

Strategies to get past the “What is special in me” Hurdle

This where you get into a realm where you lack confidence, thinking that there is nothing really worthwhile in you vis-a-vis other moms. The feeling pulls you down thinking that there is nothing valuable that you can contribute to anyone’s else life –so, why start a blog?

     19. Don’t get into comparisons – refrain. Just focus on your specialty and uniqueness. Research on your topic, and write content that can add value to the reader’s life.

    20. Over Time I realised, that I am a pretty good person and a great mom too. I dont think this realisation would have come so very easily, had it not been via Momchipper. 

    21. The best way to overcome your fear is to face it. You need to make peace with your fear – it is always going to be around – and, it is good too. This fear will always keep motivating you to give your best. 

I am not tech-savvy but I didn’t let this stop me from being a Mom Blogger

Also called Technophobia, this is the fear or the dislike of using technology. It is a fear of using even devices like the smartphone and extends to using advanced modern-day technologies. Some moms will keep the fear alive in their hearts, even if they are conversant with using smart devices.

    22. The good news is you can completely learn every part of running a blog online. There are a lot of mom bloggers and other digital bloggers who are keen to help new bloggers start-up.

    23. Enrol for basic courses on handling a computer or a laptop. There are many online classes; nominal charges, learn as much as possible before starting a blog.

    24. Take help from your family and friends – let them tell you the right from the wrong, till you are confident of handling devices and tools on your own.

I learnt & I conquered My Fear of creating attractive graphics and visuals

So, you appreciate the picture and the image put up by professional bloggers on their blogs and sites, but when it comes to choosing and working on images on your own site, you are at a loss. You somehow are never confident about the quality of the pictures.

    25. Learn and practice. This is the best way to throw out all inhibitions and apprehensions. Take the help of a professional in choosing the right tools – video and picture editing software, for example – and work with them.

    26. Focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a myth. There is really no such thing as multi tasking, it is only switch-tasking and researches have proven that switch tasking leads to wasting time and is not helpful at all. 

This is how I overcome my Fear of Failure

The fear of failing is something that most of us experience when we think of doing something. And it is this fear that keeps the majority of people from going all out and leaving their apprehensions behind. And, these reasons stop them from moving ahead in their endeavours.

    27. When in fear of failing or doubt, push it to the backseat. Remember, it is your life –so, you are in the driver’s seat. As long as you are okay with that; fear of losing or failing can never get the better of you! And by the way is there anything called failure, not in my dictionary. I only call it a learning experience.

    28. Have your goals ready and make a realistic plan around them. When you know where you are heading too, your chances of reaching your destination are increased. Also leave the destination for once, you got to enjoy the journey too right. So why would you let the fear of failure stop you from your journey of growth?

Overcoming the fear of Not Knowing through consistent learning

A common fear, would-be mom bloggers feel that since they have never done such a job before, they will not be able to ever do it. This lack of knowledge demotivates them from trying.

    29. Never stop learning. Take help of online resources –there are enough free as well as paid resources to help you overcome this fear.

    30. Network with bloggers in your niche because this way you will get to learn a lot, without having to pay for any such hands-on tips and tricks.

    31. Reading other blogs and websites for their content is also a great way to learn what’s the way. to success,

Overcoming My Fear of Self Promotion

Some people abhor the idea of self-promotion. They feel it is being boastful and pompous. Since blogging requires promoting your ideas, actions, thoughts, and views, many moms keep themselves away from the blogging gamut.

    32. Inculcate positivity in your nature. Understand the difference between pompousness and promoting a creative work.

    33. Be a part of Twitter chat groups. Twitter chat is like a typical Q&A kind of a forum where a particular topic gets discussed. Here, you will learn to let go of your doubts and apprehensions; learn how others are promoting their content.

Fear of complete ownership of my blogging business | Tips to Overcome this & Shine

This is usually about being fearful of entrepreneurial thoughts. You have the potential but you are scared of being the whole sole owner – the decision-maker of the business.

    34. Read stories and follow mom bloggers who have risen to the top. Understand how things have worked in their life. Look for inspiring real-life stories.

    35. Take help of a family member or a friend if you do not feel too confident about being an entrepreneur. 

So this is all about How I overcame my fears as a Mommy Blogger. All I can say is that I am really enjoying my journey of MomChipper and I feel accomplished and fulfilled when I am able to serve content that you find interesting and useful. So do let me know how Momchipper is becoming a part of your Blogging journey.



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