Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms? Well, as moms, we try what not to ensure that we earn some quick money regularly while looking after the kids at home.

Being a mom is a life-changing experience. The lovable moments are equally balanced out with the not-so-pleasant thoughts; especially, when you need to choose between being home by giving up your career; or continuing with your job.

Understandably, the inner turmoil is always there. When you sit at home, it does pinch you somewhere about the financial dependency. Many moms choose to work from home; & in this context being a reseller on Amazon is an extremely popular idea.

Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms

Is Reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms?

For SAHM, who are looking to work from home and earn, being an Amazon reseller is a great start to their mompreneurship journey. And if you are one such Mom who is looking out for work options that you can manage along with your kids, here is a great resource I have for you all. See this for a plenty of legit stay at home mom jobs.

Choosing to become an Amazon reseller is a good idea for moms because, for moms, time is the most significant resource. On Amazon, the sign-up process for sellers is really fast; & if you are prepared with your product listing, your business is ready to go live at any moment. 

Amazon FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon is a profitable business venture. It has been so for a long time now and experts predict that it is going to be the same way for years in the future too.

So in this post, I will try and answer the most asked question and that is – Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms? I would also try and answer all the related queries to being an Amazon reseller in this post too. So hold tight and let us dive in. 

What is Amazon reseller program?
Who should not consider registering for Amazon reseller program?
Why is it a great idea for moms to become Amazon reseller?
What benefits does Amazon offer to its resellers?
Is it easy to sell on Amazon?
How much can you earn with Amazon Reseller Program?
Can you work as an Amazon Reseller from Home alongside taking care of your kids?

What is the Amazon Reseller Program?

As an Amazon reseller, you simply source items/products from one place and sell them on Amazon. So, the model is very simple and basic. Buy items at lower prices and sell them at higher prices to make a profit.

So, as a Fulfilled By Amazon seller of Amazon, your primary work involves:

1. Finalizing on products that you want to sell.

2. Procuring these at the best possible rates from suppliers.

3. Making sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the products.

4. Then, list out the products on the Amazon platform

5. You would then have to arrange to send these products to the various warehouses within the country.  

For moms who are looking at getting some kind of financial independence, while ensuring that they can look after their kids well, the Amazon reseller program is an ideal option.

In the Amazon terminology, resellers form a part of the Amazon FBA or Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon network. Unlike common perception, being an Amazon FBA seller does not mean that you have to create a website. It is not about developing your store. Yes, you do have a retail store, but that is very much a part of the Amazon website. 

Who is Amazon Reseller Program for?

While we listed the ease with which you could become an Amazon Reseller and start earning your living, let me also tell you who is this program not meant for. It is not for people who are –

1.   Expecting overnight profits and success; and/or
2.   Not ready to put in focused work; and/o
3.   Waiting for a business where you will have someone to guide and handhold you;

Apart from this, anyone who is comfortable working online can set up an Amazon Reseller account. There are some age and qualification guidelines that you can find on Amazon site too. 

Why Is It a Great Idea for Moms to Become an Amazon Reseller?

With Amazon, as a seller, you can showcase your products to hundreds and thousands of Amazon registered users, as well as, millions of visitors. The reach that you can get is unimaginable.

Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms

Do you know that there are more than 5 lakh big and small businesses that sell today on the platform? This is one of the best mediums to fulfil your ambition of being a mompreneur. 

Being a part of the Fulfilled by Amazon seller network is indeed a great idea for moms because 

1.   It is a great side hustle for a stay at home moms;
2.   You can work as per your convenience and schedule, and to top it all, you are your own boss;
3.   The earnings here have no upper limit – you can earn as much as you can work;
4.   As an Amazon seller, you are part of the Retail Arbitrage where you get paid to shop for products.
5.   Since you are part of the Amazon FBA, you do not need to have a warehouse of your own.
6.   The initial investments are low, and hence quite affordable.

What Benefits does Amazon Offer to its Resellers?

Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms? Yes. It is because the platform is not only the world’s largest e-commerce platform; it offers impeccable opportunities to resellers to keep earning and growing their business.

  • You don’t have to worry about order processing

As an Amazon reseller, your orders get shipped seamlessly by Amazon; which means that you have no stress related to processing orders. As a mom who has her hands full with kids on one hand, and the business on the other, this is peace of mind that you do not have to take responsibility related to shipping orders.

  • You don’t have to chase for your earnings

While you work hard to create a presence and brand name for yourself on Amazon, you dont have to worry a bit about chasing your earnings. Your earnings easily get transferred to your bank account, without any delay or hassle. Again, a great opportunity for the peace of mind it goes to moms. 

  • There are awesome tools available to promote your business on Amazon

By choosing to advertise smartly, you can target the top positions on Amazon searches. And through the pay-per-click method, you are liable to pay only when there is click on your advertisement. This is a fair and easy policy for moms who are just venturing into mompreneurship with Amazon.

  • It provides Global Reach to your products

With proper planning and dedicated work, your chosen products can reach global customers in no time. Amazon, as you know is present in more than 180 countries in the world today.

Is it Easy to Sell on Amazon?

Anyone and everyone can list their products on Amazon and start to sell. All that you need to do is to register yourself as an FBA on the platform. The process in pretty simple and explained well on Amazon.

Your role as an Amazon FBA is to choose the right product mix, list them online along with pictures and product description, and then send these products to Amazon warehouse.

The processes post this are handled by the team at Amazon for a small fulfillment and storage fee.  But, it is all worth it because the platform has more than 300 million active users.

Another important aspect that Amazon manages on your behalf is customer service. Imagine, your customers calling you up direct, on your mobile, for queries, returns, refunds, and complaints.

It could all get quite complicated and dreary to manage, all alone! Unless, of course, you have a team to take care of all this! But, until and unless, your business has reached a certain growth, you can hardly afford to hire people. So all in all it is a very attractive proposition to enroll yourself as an Amazon Reseller and start your journey of Entrepreneurship.

Why Is It a Great Idea for Moms to Become an Amazon Reseller?

The kind of money that you can earn as an Amazon reseller is amazing. There is no upper limit here. It does not mean that earnings are easy to come by. Certainly not! No business, big or small, can succeed if it is not backed by smart working.

What we mean to say is that the Amazon FBA model is such that the sky is the limit, as far as earning potential is concerned. The more you dedicate yourself to the business, the more you will be able to derive from it. 

Scaling business with Amazon FBA is a natural transition. Getting to that enviable 6-figures is not an unachievable dream with the Amazon reseller program if you have the will and the spirits to get there.

The earning model is flexible too. In a month when you have higher expenses, you can work extra hours to earn that extra amount. No one is going to stop you. There is no fixed salary or incentive program here. 

Many Amazon FBA moms started as part-time sellers; but today, they are role models, having converted their business into full-time work. Some even have their husbands leave their full-time job to join them in the business.

Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms

Can You Work as an Amazon Reseller From Home Alongside Being a Mom?

Being a mom is a full-time job –we all know that. Whether you are working full-time or part-time or you are simply a stay at home mom, 24-hours is never enough with kids around. Therefore, time management becomes a critical skill and a crucial challenge too for moms. To top it, if you have a full-time job or you work from home for 8-10 hours a day; your life can turn into one roller coaster ride very soon.

Amazon FBA or the reseller program has the promise of being the right fit for moms who wish to stay back home, look after their kids, and yet work for financial gains.

This is because the program gives you the chance to work flexibly, as per your convenience and pace. You choose your schedule, your products, and price them how you want. No boss is sitting on your head to supervise your actions. Neither are you answerable to anyone except your self? 

You also have the flexibility to work as hard as possible, as far as your capacity permits you to churn revenues. Every aspect is in your hands. It is not only about being a boss, but also the kind of independence that one always wishes to experience, and work as per one’s limitations.

The biggest positive I find is that you do not have to wake up every morning feeling guilty about leaving your kids with the nanny or at the daycare. You are there round-the-clock to address every minute detail concerning your child; while having the freedom to work and earn money, as per your speed and convenience. 

So if you ask me Is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms? My answer is a Big Yes. 

Being an Amazon Reseller is an Opportunity Worth a Try for Moms

Moms who are looking for side hustle ideas but are not able to put their finger on one should look at considering the Amazon reseller program. If they have any doubts or queries regarding, is reselling on Amazon a Good Business for Moms, this post hopefully has given them some valuable insight to make a choice.

Being an Amazon reseller, many moms have created history for themselves and their families. Understandably, not everyone is going to have such great stories to narrate. Having said that, you have to agree that we are in a much better position compared to our moms and grandmas because we have the opportunity to partner with the world’s biggest e-commerce platform to start our own business!

So the stage is all set, it is time to take the decision and dive in for a rocking performance, dear Mom.

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