Reasons to start a Mommy blog is a perfect post for moms who are contemplating the idea of becoming mom blogger. It is essentially the top list of reasons why most bloggers get compelled to start their blogging journey.

I have been into blogging for last 3 years and am in a happy space at present. It is definitely a journey of lot of hard work but it is also a pretty rewarding & fulfilling experience. And this has only been possible because my reasons for starting my Mom blog have stayed with me till date.

I am 100% committed to my goals and I had based my decision of starting my blogging journey on valid reasons, innate passion and talent. 

Reasons to Start a Mom blog

Reasons to start a Mommy Blog

While many moms go back to their full-time job or career, a lot others experiment with freelancing gigs to stay at home mom jobs. Mompreneurship is also becoming popular choice because of numerous benefits it brings on to the table like Flexi working hours and immense potential to earn. 

Becoming a Mom blogger is also a much favoured option amongst moms. Mommy bloggers start blogging about kids, their daily life as a mother, parenting tips, and so on. Some venture to diversify and get into other niches too.

While it is a roller-coaster ride, moms are naturally equipped with skills to handle more in life! Here are My Top Reasons to start a Mommy Blog when I wanted to restart my career.

1.   I wanted to Create Value for Fellow Moms
2.   I have an Innate talent to churn out interesting Content
3.   I wanted do something meaningful alongside raising my kids
4.   My drive to Learn something new every day
5.   I wanted to earn & support my family financially
6.   I wanted to help fellow moms in their journey of Motherhood
7.   Starting a Mom Blog is a Low investment Business
8.   Started a Mom Blog because I feel I know much more about parenting than an average mom
9.    I have unlimited potential to grow as a person & as a business too
10.  I wanted to document your journey as a Mom
11.  I wanted to connect with fellow moms and build a tribe of empowering & supporting Moms

My #1 Reason to start a Mommy Blog | I wanted to Create Value for Fellow Moms

Whether you are a new mom, a first-time mom, or an experienced mother, motherhood is never an easy deal. There’s a lot to handle, because of which the journey can get quite tedious and exhilarating.

It is good to have someone to share all your trials and tribulations with. Of course, you have your close friends, social circle, spouse, and partner to talk to; but what about someone who has been there and seen it all!

That is in other words, a mother. A person who has herself lived this experience before you is one of the best people to talk to, take suggestions and tips.

That’s exactly what a mommy blogger does. She goes out to discuss her stories, her trials, as well as give tips to her readers on practical ways to deal with motherhood and parenting challenges.

From telling you about how to deal with the dark circles to showing you the way to handle postpartum symptoms, there’s a whole range of exhaustive topics that mommy bloggers blog to help their fellow mothers.

#2 Reason To start a Mommy Blog | I Have an Innate talent to churn out interesting Content 

A good reason to start a mommy blog is that your creative talent gets an outlet. Each one of us has some or the other talent in us – some of us are aware of it all, and some are not!

The truth is that we all are born with some or the other ingenious gift. So, writing and creating good quality content showcases your capabilities and talents that you would otherwise be simply wasting.

When you start to blog, your creative instincts – be it related to writing, sketching, designing, fitness, counseling, cooking, and more – get the opportunity to come to the surface. 

So many mommies have realized their inner talents – thanks to blogging. As they write and create content, they can further delve deep down and come to terms with their talented self.

It is a big eye-opener. At the same time, taking the bold step to start your blog and filling it with your interest and talent helps you to razor-sharp the skills you were born with.

Reason #3 for being a Mom Blogger | I wanted do something meaningful alongside raising my kids

One of the best things about being a mom blogger is that you can divide your time equally between your kids as well as the blog. Blogging has a flexible schedule.

And, you can do your work at your own pace, because you are not answerable to anyone else other than yourself. Being able to maintain a near-perfect work-life balance is a great source of satisfaction for a mom.

Reasons to Start a Mom blog

Plus, you can channelize your creativity at your free will. Blogging is something that you can do late at night or early morning when the household is peaceful and calm. 

While blogging, you also get to realize some potential latent talents of yours, while researching or connecting with your readers, etc. 

For example, you may find that you have an interest in classical dance forms of India. Your niche of blogging can then extend to take the new topic or you can enrol to learn dancing.

Reason #4 | My drive to Learn something new every day

Mom bloggers learn a lot on the way. It is not as if they are perfect or they knew everything under the sun. One of the reasons to start a mommy blog is the evolvement of the blogger at her level.

When a mom writes about her experiences, she gets to reflect on her daily activities, her behaviour with her kids, understands her responsibilities better. 

It is retrospect time; you read the blogs of other mom bloggers, and since you know more about the subject, you can access good quality content to apply the skills in your own life.

Blogging also helps the mom learn the art of empathy because as a blogger she gets varied inputs and ideas from a 360-degree perspective.

Reason #5 | I wanted to earn & support my family financially

When the blog starts, it may not seem like a financial investment or building an invaluable asset. But, as time goes by, and with your persistent efforts, if the blog starts to monetize, you can start to make a decent earning.

The point is that stay-at-home moms do look at earning their pocket money or make some extra income. Blogging, if things go right, can help you make some good money. 

An extra income does not hurt. Most households are used to running on double salaries. After the birth of the child, expenses automatically double. Hence, mom blogging can make for an ideal choice to get some steady flow of income every month.

Reason #6 | I wanted to help fellow moms in their journey of Motherhood

Motherhood is a joyous journey; it is an evolvement in itself. But, it is not always a smooth ride. Some challenges can be daunting and depressing.

Through your blog, you narrate your stories and struggles. Since all mothers are more or less on the same platform, where motherhood specifically is concerned, you will always get a listener or a reader, provided your narration adds value to their life.

So, there are dual benefits of being a mom blogger. One, you let go of your bottled-up thoughts and emotions, fears, and feelings; on the other hand, by sharing your story, you positively influence the other mom, reading your content.

Being honest and simple is a must when blogging. Be yourself; do not put on; do not portray a picture-perfect life. BE realistic and share your struggles as it has been or it is. 

When you get readers to read and encouraging comments come in from unknown people, it feels good. Similarly, when a mother who has a similar situation reads the stories, she is encouraged to give her best and not give in to depression or guilt.

Reason #7 | Starting a Mom Blog is a Low investment Business 

One of the best reasons to start a mommy blog is that this is one thing that does not cost money, at least not, initially. 

There are enough free tools and content management systems (CMS) today in the digital world that you can use to launch your blog.

As the seriousness of blogging starts to pick up, you would need to spend money on SEO, Google Ad-sense, affiliate marketing, publishing sponsored posts, and so on.

So, if you have the talent and expertise, indulge in blogging, and get started.

Reason #8 | Started a Mom Blog because I feel I know much more about parenting than an average mom

Sometimes on the our journey to motherhood, we realise that when you speak to people around, that you know a lot more about parenting than many others. 

Especially in my case, because I have always been an interested parent and wanted to know the best way to deal with my day today challenges I faced on raising my kids. So I learnt about parenting from all the expert sources I could.

Infact I got so much interested in Parenting that I formally took up a course and became a Parenting Coach too. So, blogging gives you that channel where you can speak to innumerable other moms and show them the way. Guide them. Share your tips and techniques. 

All that you need to do is to remember that you should refrain from being preachy or showing off about your knowledge. 

Reasons to Start a Mom blog

Reason #9 | I have unlimited potential to grow as a person & as a business too

Another valid reason to start a mommy blog is that if you treat it as a business, you can grow the blog as blogging has huge upside potential. You can make thousands every month; you can diversify to other niches and topics as you grow; you can even venture into a physical business, and so on.

Blogging can provide you with the right base to get started on a viable business. At the same time, it is enthusiastic to see how blogging helps you grow as a person too.

You can sharpen some of your skills; you also get to build newer skills. When you know that your tribe looks up to you, you tend to grow and learn as a person too. You learn the art of self-discipline and motivation, you experience joys and positivity, your self-esteem is enhanced, and so much more.

Reason #10 | I wanted to document your journey as a Mom

Many of us maintain a diary to document each day of our life. Blogging is another way to do so. Many moms try their hand at blogging because this is the way that she can get back to the content at a later date in time to reminisce about a time gone by.

With pictures supporting the written tales, blogging offers the right opportunity to go back in time and experience different emotions once again.

Reason #11 | I wanted to connect with fellow moms and build a tribe of empowering & supporting Moms

Well, if you are talented and love to write or create content, connecting with fellow moms using your creativity is a good way to build a support system.

Many moms either do not have the time or the energy to connect with their friends and family. Being a stay-at-home mom, makes things impossible at time to connect with others too!

The way out – blogging! This way you are connected to an entire mommy community where each one has something to share and learn from. It feels nice to have support from the online community.

Mom Blogging is a Great way to build your Identity but its not for everyone

Mom blogging is a great way to find a purpose in life. Being a committed and dedicated mom is one of the best parts of being a mother. Blogging offers you the chance to go beyond and explore your potential as a woman.

From helping other fellow moms to earning a handsome living, to building your network, and collaborating with other moms, to understanding your true potential, it is time that you sit up and uncover why you wanted to start your mommy blog.

So these are my top 11 Reasons to start a Mommy Blog, I am sure you too have your own list. So go ahead and work towards realising your own dream.

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