Tips for new mommy bloggers is an apt post for all the New Mommy Bloggers who are just stepping into the world of blogging & business.

When you decide to start your own blog, one thing that you would never fall short on is the advice you would get online. And hence it is imperative that you differentiate the coaching you get from someone who is a writer or someone who has her hands completely dirty and has done it and learnt it. 

I decided to write this post purely because I want you to not commit the same mistakes that most of us have done initially and then learn. My Intent is simply to handhold you up the learning curve faster and cleaner. 

Tips For New Mommy Bloggers

Tips for New Mommy Bloggers

I am happy to share all my learnings with all of you. These are my Tips for New Mommy Bloggers that would help them move fast on their blogging journey.

These are gathered from my personal experiences as a mom blogger. Over the years, these tips have helped me become a successful mom blogger. There are no reasons why it cannot help you traverse a similar path!

1.     Have a Clarity of Purpose & Define your Vision
2.     Take time to Choose your Niche(not necessarily parenting)
3.     Work for creating a self hosted blog
4.     Choose the best hosting service
5.     Design the site that reflects your personality
6.     Have a sharp focus on your Productivity
7.     Keep practicing writing and content creating skills; take a professional course if required
8.     Be Authentic
9.     Create Value for your audience
10.   Have a well planned Day & Week Schedules
11.   Leverage the power of social media
12.   Network & make blogging buddies
13.   Indulge into Self Promotion
14.   Work progressively to monetize your blog
15.   Take Pride in your work
16.   Stay Focussed to your Mission
17.   Take breaks often
18.   Add your energy & vibe to your work

Tip # 1 | Have Clarity of Purpose & Define your Vision

Initiating any task in life is not easy, especially things that can change your already settled life. We, humans, resist change but that is natural, isn’t it?

When you sit down to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, ponder over the basic purpose, the objective behind the decision. What is that you are aiming to achieve by being a SAHM mom blogger?

What is your vision? Is it financial independence? Is it creative indulgence? Or, is it about using time resourcefully? Or, is there some other bigger purpose in life that you wish to accomplish by being a mom blogger.

Remember, that this may all sound quite clichéd – it is one of the most elemental things but if you spend time, clear your mind, and deliberate on this with all seriousness; you will, in a way, make your journey ahead way simpler.

Basis my interaction with fellow bloggers, one of the big challenge is they were in a hurry to start their blogging career without finding the right reason to do so.

Tip # 2 | Take time to choose your Niche 

The next step is to now make some tangible decisions. Decide your Niche and you should be spending some considerable amount of time and energy in doing so. Simply Parenting, travelling with kids, Kids Photography Ideas, Kids Meal Ideas, or your hobbies like sewing, doodling or anything else. The choices for choosing your Niche are innumerable but you have to come down the chosen one. 

There is no rule of the thumb here but it mostly accepted that as a mom blogger you should work on a blog that pertains to your interest area. When you dwell on a subject that is your passion, you will never find lacking energy or motivation to work on it.

Also, people usually think that mom should be blogging related to parenting topics. But well, I would say experiment and go beyond the boundaries. Go & select a micro niche that gives you happiness & fulfilment. And this is one of the most important one out of the tips for new mommy bloggers.

Tip # 3| Work for creating a self-hosted blog

Self-hosted blog or a readily available Content Management System? Well, tough decision.

Each has its pros and cons. Without going deep into the technicalities here, I would suggest you to read and research extensively before making your decision. 

For novice bloggers, who are new to a completely new world, people often jump in to say that they should use an open-source content management system like WordPress because it is user-friendly and made for beginners.

Choosing to get going with your self-hosted blog, you have control over all things from the very beginning. The question here is more of comfort and your personality – some people love independence to the point that they are okay with every kind of risk; and some want to tread a more organized proven path.

Each to their own – but, research, gain information, and then take a call.

Tip # 4 | Choose the best hosting service

With a lot of hosting providers extending exciting offers for the customers, and a lot of media influencers going and recommending different hosting providers based on the affiliate commissions they get, it is definitely something that you should research well and then make your decision. 

Having said that I can suggest that go for the best hosting service provider because this really impacts the quality of your website in terms of speed, downtime and no of other important factors. And trust me this is one of the things that is not very popularly talked about in blogging but this one good decision can help you run to your blogging goals faster. 

Tip # 5 | Design the site that reflects your personality

This is another of my valuable tips for new mommy bloggers – your site, whether self-hosted or open-source CMS, should be designed impeccably! It can be subtle or vivid, that is your choice, but ensure that the site should be the epitome of your persona.

It simply means that you should be in control of your site design. Ensure that the blog depicts what you stand for so that every morning when you visit the blog, you feel inspired and motivated when you see the beauty of your work.

The design of your blog also has a direct impact on your readers. The ease of Na ligation, simplicity of design and the no.of clicks needed to reach the required information by a reader all impacts his experience on your site. And a readers experience decides whether he would be visiting the site again or not.

So have a closer look at the design elements when you are designing your mom blog. The colours the fonts and layout, all of these are important factors to consider.

Tip # 6 | Have a sharp focus on your Productivity

While we moms have one thousand things on our minds each day, it is important to keep our efficiency and productivity in that list too. Being productive as a Mom Blogger is a great skill and you would be able to master that skill only if you have it into your radar. Here is my list of ideas to stay productive as a mommy blogger for you.

Tip # 7 | Keep practicing writing and content creating skills; take a professional course if required

Your blog is about your writing skills. Obviously, you have started your blog because you – first, love to write and create content; and second, you love your niche.

You need to sharpen your skills, though. Keep practicing your skill. This is not only your bread-and-butter, but it is also your identity. So, you need to ensure that you make your skills razor-sharp.

Read a lot, learn from other bloggers, and never let go of an opportunity to learn. If required enrol for a professional course to gain proficiency in the domain.

Tip # 8 | Be Authentic

One thing that I have always believed in as a mom blogger is that you need to be honest. The world thankfully has a good number of people who love simplicity and authenticity. When you are honest and genuine, it will show in your efforts. Your readers, for example, will see through your realism.

Tip # 9 | Create Value for your audience

Let’s face the truth – your blog is good and relevant as long as you have an audience or readers to read it.

No audience is a sad state of affairs! It means that you have to keep your reader in mind at every point. Your entire writing should be about your audience. Always keep them happy, entertained, engaged, and connected.

Tip # 10 | Have a well planned Day & Week Schedules

Organizing your day, your work is a very good way to give your blogging career a professional touch. Remember, you need to treat your blog as a career and not just a time-pass.

When you give it its due respect and go about doing things in an organized, and well-planned manner, the results will be worthwhile!

Tip # 11 | Leverage the power of social media

Whether you are a Millennial or belonging to Gen X, whether you are tech-savvy or not, you must be used to social media because this is one platform that is so popularly used today by millions of people.

Never shy away from using the social media platforms to its optimised level. You can be present on all handles, or be choosy, but make sure to use these channels to their maximum.

Tip # 12 | Network & Make Blogging Buddies

Networking is an art and the faster you learn it, the more you are going to enjoy blogging. This is because you build your own strong social circle in the virtual world. This is the group that is going to support you through your thick and thin, just like your group of close friends in the real-life.

Tip # 13 | Indulge in Self Promotion

There is no harm in promoting yourself, especially in the virtual world. Infact self promotion is absolutely necessary these days to cut through all the noise in social media these days.

Do not be shy because this is going to take you down here. Self-promotion here means that you should be promoting your content on different social media platforms so that it reaches out to a wider audience.

Tip # 14 | Work progressively to monetize your blog

The journey of blogging can become more interesting and exciting when you start to earn money from your blog. There are different ways to monetize your blog – starting from affiliate marketing to sponsored posts, look at various ways to earn. Infact I have my best performing post on Ways to monetize your mom blog here, go read it.

Be innovative, and always remain excited because you would need this attitude to make money. 

Tip # 15 | Take Pride in your work

If you love your work, you will take pride in your work! And, if you do not take pleasure in your work, how can your audience have respect and regard for your blog.

It is not merely about blogging. Any aspect in any walk of life, things should be done with a feeling of smugness because when you are proud of who you are, and what you do, you will always put in your best effort to get the work done.

Tip # 16 | Stay Focussed to your Mission

We started this blog with defining your vision and purpose. Start your mornings every day by committing yourself to the mission and vision. Revisit it every single day. Write this in front of you – because your vision and mission will always keep you on the track; will keep you inspired.

Tip # 17 | Take breaks often

Work is good as long as it is enjoyable. Treat blogging as a career and not a pastime. This is why when you work, be totally involved; but do not overwork; because you need to take rest and you need to spend time with your family.

Taking weekly breaks is always advised. Plus, after every few months take a proper break from work to go on holiday with your kids! This will make your work truly exciting and enjoyable.

Tip # 18 | Add your energy & vibe to your work

The final tip for the day is add your energy & your vibe to your blog. Be yourself ad let people get to know you and get connected to the real you, who is unique.

So these are my Tips for New Mommy Bloggers, if you read this and found this useful, do let me know your views in the comments.


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