How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger is an extremely helpful post for all the mommies who work from home. We would talk about 21 powerful strategies to gear up and boost your productivity to your highest potential.

Being a work-from-home mom blogger comes with its own set of challenges. While the common opinion goes like working from home is much more relaxed and comfortable vis-a-vis working from an office, the truth is far from it. 

Torn between house chores, kids, and your commitment to your blog, it can all be very overwhelming for mommy bloggers to perform to their potential.  With so many distractions and temptations around; one might struggle to keep up with personal as well as professional timelines and hence having this talk on productivity is all the more significant.

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger?

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you already own a blog of your own and looking for ideas to better your productivity. So the first belief that I want you to instill in yourself is that you can create the results that you want. And that includes achieving your daily goals successfully too.

So let’s start our journey to Super Productivity Ideas for Mom Bloggers.

21 Super-Productivity Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

1.     Stay Committed to Your Vision & Purpose
2.     Keep your Work Time and House Chores Time Separate
3.     Create an Aesthetic Work Area
4.     Eat, Exercise & Sleep Well
5.     Schedule Time to spend with kids
6.     Be an Early Riser
7.     Be an Organized Mom 
8.     Start your Day with a To-do List
9.     Prepare a Content Calendar and Scheduler in Advance
10.   Choose the Right Digital Tools
11.   Do List-up and Round-up Posts 
12.   Time your On Social Media Time
13.   The Pomodoro Technique
14.   Delegate Work
15.   Find out Your Most Productive Time of the Day and Use it Meaningfully
16.   Take a day off to Avoid Exhaustion
17.   Be Open to learning from Fellow Mommy bloggers
18.   Spend Time Training your Children to be Independent
19.   Kill Procrastination
20.   Stay away from Time killers and Energy 
21.   Be Away from Multitasking

Productivity Idea #1 | Stay Committed to Your Vision & Purpose

Every morning, when you wake up, of the first few thoughts that cross your mind, one of the thoughts must be about your blog. You need to be re-committing yourself every single day to the vision and mission of your blog. This way you will never lose sight of your purpose.

Once you reaffirm your “Why” of starting this blog, you are more likely to stay motivated while blogging & hence also super productive. 

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

The aim of the blog could be your creative fulfillment or financial independence, every morning revisiting the same would help you stay away from various distractions, the Time wasters, lack of motivation that creeps in often.

Also if you are trying to build your blog brand; here is an interesting post for you that I recommend as your very next read. Catch up on my best performing post on Innovative ways to monetize your mom blog

Productivity Idea #2 | Keep your Work time and House Chores Time Separate

Many times, mom bloggers super-impose household chores and blogging time. The result is complete chaos on both fronts. Half of their time to complete the laundry or cooking is spent in writing, while the writing time goes into another household task. The whole equilibrium goes for a toss and your life is in a mess. 

Instead, work on creating separate time blocks for both blogging & house Chores and keep them well demarcated. This is the secret to a more organized and hence efficient life as a blogger. Work on creating your schedules & work in alignment to enjoy super-productive days. 

Successful mom bloggers keep distinct timing for both work fronts. They segregate their available time by making a schedule so that when it is time to look after the kids or complete housework, they are focused on doing the same without thinking about the blog.

Productivity Idea #3 | Create an Aesthetic Work area

Mom bloggers who aim to be productive ensure that they have a separate area for work. If you think that you can sit on the bed, stretch your legs, relax and lie down while working, you are highly mistaken that your blog would ever get to see the daylight.

You need to treat your blogging career with respect and as a full-time endeavor. Have a separate work area, keep it clean and tidy, and maintain it like a proper place of work. This also helps build in cues for your mind to get into the work mode once you are on your work desk. 

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

Productivity Idea #4 | Eat, Exercise & Sleep Well 

Do not give into lazy tantrums – start early; follow a custom made morning routine. Also to be able to do justice to your work time and family time, ensure that you take enough rest, get a sound sleep at night, go out for your daily walks, keep fit, and also eat healthily.

A Healthy & Productive Morning Routine is also something that puts many things in rhythm for the entire day, it sets up the tone of your day and sets you up for success. 

Productivity Idea #5 | Schedule Time to spend with kids

Kids are the top-most priority for any mom and hence it is fair to expect that you take out exclusive time from your schedule, to be with your kids, playing with them, helping them with homework and studies, watching TV together, or even having meals together. 

It is important not to mix this time with your work, commitments, and phone calls. Kids do need your undivided attention and research has proved time and again that if you fill in your kids’ buckets of love and significance, he is more likely to be supportive of your work and be away from acting out in between your work times.

So invest time love and attention in your kids, it is all worth the time and energy that you would spend. And do this not for becoming super productive but also super happy & super fulfilled in your life too. 

Productivity Idea #6 | Be an Early Riser

If you are a morning person, waking up when everyone else is sleeping is one of the ideal ways to begin the day on the best note. This is a very precious time when you are completely on your own and can read or write uninterrupted, complete your exercise. You can make your schedule and prepare for the day to come in a planned manner.

Productivity Idea #7 | Be an Organized Mom 

One of the best tips on How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger is to be an Organized Mom. And this is something that does not come easily to all. 

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

When you are organized as a mom, you tend to spend less time on each and every small chore. If you put systems in place, and train your children on being independent, you need to be less involved in every small chore. 

Avoid clutter of all sorts; and, invest in appropriate organizing solutions for storage so that all your required items are within easy reach. And if you are looking for some inspiration on getting Organised, head here

Productivity Idea #8 | Start Your Day with a To-do List

First things first – make a to-do list. While many mom bloggers have a ready to-do list in their mind, not many can remember with the chance that they miss out on certain critical tasks.

Best thing – write down the list. You will be amazed by the way you go about doing all your work one-after-the-other and finish off fast as compared to doing the work without a to-do list.

A To-Do list not only helps you stay organized but also helps you keep focussed and be away from distractions of all sorts. 

Productivity Idea #9 | Prepare a Content Calendar and Scheduler in Advance

Invest time to create a content calendar at the beginning of the month. How does it help? You have a ready reference with you; this way you are well-prepared and proceed with publishing the content, as per the content calendar. This way you avoid wasting time and keep yourself focused. 

You know exactly what needs to be done and by when and it can’t get more precise than this. Also making a calendar is a good time to check whether the tasks you are doing are in alignment with your overall vision of the blog and are taking you a step nearer to your goals. 

While you might be working on a single blog post or two at the most, it is important to have at least 10-12 post ideas floating in your mind. This is as a back-up basically so that if the blog idea on your hand does not turn up as it should or as you expected or it is taking time, you can work on any other of the 10 ideas and get it ready for publishing.

Productivity Idea #10 | Choose the Right Digital Tools

It is a good idea to choose from different kinds of digital tools available online. There are many free and paid tools out in the market which can make the tasks related to blogging pretty easy. From planning tools like Trello, Google Tasks to Social Media Scheduling Tools Like Tailwind, Hootsuite, there are a lot of good options to choose from. 

Why should you use such tools? Automation helps in completing work on time and it is done effectively.

Productivity Idea #11 | Do List-up and Round-up posts 

One of the other top productivity hacks for Mom bloggers is to do listicles and round-up style posts.  In the world of blogging, list-up and round-up posts are the easiest and the fastest to create. Round-up posts do not require much time as you are asking other bloggers and experts to give their opinion on a topic.

So, you can plan a couple of these posts as fillers and schedule these to be published on times when you are in a hurry and need to get things moving in a short time. 

Productivity Idea #12 | Time Your On Social Media Time

If you start to check your Facebook, Twitter, and Insta profiles during your most productive time of the day, your blogging is going to suffer. One might not realize the amount of time that gets wasted on social media.  

The best thing that expert mom bloggers do is they keep a separate time for social media so you know how much time you are investing and what are your returns on the time invested.

When I start my Blogging Time I keep my phone on Airplane mode in order to keep away distractions and notifications and this is one trick I really recommend to all of you who want to make it to the top. Having focussed time to blog is the best thing that you can gift yourself. 

Productivity Idea #13 | The Pomodoro Technique

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

This technique is the process of breaking the working time in your day into pieces of 25-minutes blocks with a 5-minute break between each block. This process of time management is known for increasing productivity because you work in a very focused and concentrated manner.

The break time can be used for catching up with your kids, do your stretches or even filling yourself with a healthy Snack & Water.

Productivity Idea #14 | Delegate work

You may not have a team as yet, but you can always employ the services of freelancers to fill up for times when you are busy or stuck with some other posts/work.

In a similar context, you can also hire the services of a VA to help you handle the basic office and admin work. This way you can focus on creating content.

Productivity Idea #15 | Find out your most productive time of the day and use it meaningfully

Not every part of the day is equally productive. For me, early mornings work so well. For some, it could be late nights, and so on. You need to identify the most productive time of the day for you so that you can schedule all the crucial work for this period.

Productivity Idea #16 | Take a day off to avoid exhaustion

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger? One of the best ways to stay productive throughout the week is to take a day or two off just to relax. It is critical so that you do not get mentally and physically exhausted. It works similarly like when you working full-time.

Productivity Idea #17 |  Be open to learning from fellow Mommy bloggers

Network with fellow mommy bloggers or become a part of a mom blogger community so that there can be a proactive exchange of ideas and learnings. You develop some great bonding and always learn a tip or 2 on how they are managing & organizing their day to be a productive one. 

As well, it helps to discuss your challenges of productivity and take advice from fellow mom bloggers who are managing the same challenges fairly well.

Productivity Idea #18 | Spend Time Training your Children to be Independent

A major part of your time gets spent on doing your kid’s work. While it is okay to do this kind of work when the kids are tiny tots, it is best for you to take time out to train them to do their work independently.

I can’t stress more on the importance of training your kids on chores and things they are capable of doing themselves. And see this not from the productivity perspective but from the parenting perspective. This is what we are supposed to be doing right?

Productivity Idea #19 | Kill procrastination

At all costs remember not to give in to procrastination or dilly-dallying tactics. Stop finding excuses to not give enough time to your blog, and get on with your work. Turn yourself into a productive blogger by finishing off work as stipulated and planned.

And the best strategy I can advise you to kill procrastination is to delete the distractions from your life. Delete, Delete And Delete all of them. Just to add on here, Clutter is also one big distraction just like the notifications of your mobile phone.

Productivity Idea #20 | Stay away from Time killers and Energy Suckers 

You have all sorts of people and diversions around. There are phone calls that you get during work – avoid such calls if not critically important. You can call back once your work for the day gets over.

How to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger

Similarly, if you have a horde of negative people around, who do not let you focus on your work, distracting you – please avoid them.

Productivity Idea #21 | Be away from Multitasking 

While moms are experts at multi-tasking, once you have your blog up and running, please stay from such impulses. It works well – stays committed to the work in your hand; and go one by one, whether it is your household work or related to blogging. Finish one, and then move onto the other!

And you know Multi-Tasking is a myth and there is no such thing as multitasking, in the first place. What we indulge in is called switch tasking and there is enough research available on the internet to prove that switch tasking costs you more time and energy than you think it does. So stick to single-tasking and move over to the next task once you finish the first one at hand.  

So this is all about how to stay productive as a Mommy Blogger. There are many other ways to improve your productivity but this is a good starting point. Start with these tips and let us know how things worked for you in the coming days.

How to Stay Productive as a Mommy Blogger

These are my Ideas of how I keep myself on the top of the productivity spectrum and maintain a beautiful balance between my home, my family, and my blogging career. I must also tell you here that it is always not as easy as it is sounding here.

I falter but I get up each time and recommit to making it all a success for me. Since blogging is important for me and it makes me feel valued especially with all the love you guys keep sending me. So I figure out new ways every day to make it all more fulfilling and worthwhile. 

Do share with me what are your go To Ideas that help you in being Super Productive Mom Blogger. 

Happy Blogging!

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