Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers and how they use it effectively to create value for themselves as well as their followers. 

DIY is the process of creating, designing, and repairing items without any formal training in the same. Today, in the social media or the online world, DIY has become a very popular concept.

In the initial years, it was used as a method of home improvement and was limited to crafted activities. Much later on, the term grew in essence and today it stands for a much broader meaning. More and more mom bloggers are exhibiting the DIY attitude and for all the valid reasons too. 

Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers

Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers?

When bloggers invest their time and energies into DIYing things, it showcases their innate passion towards their blog and the energy they put in. It helps the audience see and create and authentic connect with the bloggers. Simultaneously, they are creating a way to deal with their everyday stress in life. Head over to this post of you are looking for some more creative ideas to Banish the Mommy Blues. 

Your audience and readers would love to see you experiment & create new things not just new content. And DIY is something that add your personal touch to the things you create. So no doubts that using the skills of doing it yourself makes your blog more authentic and personalised. And that is what blogging is all about right. Being Authentic and creating personalised content. 

So it is difficult to separate successful blogging from DIY. Infact DIY is an essential skill to possess if you want to eb a successful Mom Blogger. More so when the space has become extremely competitive in present times. 

Let us today explore a few reasons why mommy bloggers love the DIY attitude and how it helps them carve their own Niche. 

1.   Blogging is all about creativity & DIY is your most helpful asset
2.   DIY & experimentation helps people fall in love with your blog 
3.   DIY always helps in keeping expenses to a minimal
4.   DIY can be a separate micro niche for mom Bloggers
5.   From making videos to clicking images, DIY plays a big role in their appeal
6.   From Toys to creative worksheets,  DIY is a big hit with all Mom bloggers
7.   It is a straightforward way of adding value at your home
8.   The feeling of having to create something on your own is extremely satisfying
9.   You develop the skill of Patience when you DIY
10.  DIY is a great way to be independent & self sufficient
11.  DIY is the start of inventions & Discoveries.

1. Blogging is all about creativity & DIY is your most helpful asset.

Do you know that experts think that the real potential of the DIY attitude has not been explored fully? It is still at the tip of the iceberg and there is a long way to go.

This is because this attitude has a creative origin – and where there is creativity involved, there can be no limit or no outer boundaries. Every day hundreds of people out there create thousands of products, thanks primarily to this attitude.

DIY attitude comes from our inquisitive nature – our inherent ingenious nature. By doing things on your own and by yourself, you share your creativity with others. Since blogging is an explicit way to showcase your creativity, DIY and blogging go hand-in-hand.

As a mom blogger, if you have the DIY attitude, you can do a better job at creating your blogs or finding topics to blog because the essence of blogging and DIY is embedded in the womb of creativity. 

2. DIY & experimentation helps people fall in love with your blog 

What do you think your audience or readers come to read your blogs and watch your vlogs for? They come because you offer them something different and interesting every time. This means that you need to invent newer things and create innovative content each time.

But, is it humanly possible to do so, every time? No, really if you are not ready to explore your creativity and experiment. Experimentation has its base in doing new things on your own. This is where your questioning and inquisitive nature comes into play.

Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers

Why DIY attitude helps mommy bloggers? Your curiosity and your intent to do things on your own pave the way to create fresh and better content for your audience! 

3. DIY always helps in keeping expenses to a minimum

Blogging starts to produce money after a wait. In the interim, you need to make do with a limited budget in hand. And, it is not only about the limited budget; it is also about being cost-effective and affordably doing things.

The best thing about having a DIY attitude is that you can go about doing lots of things by saving a substantial amount of money. Infact DIYs can help you generate income too. Look here for some No Fail ideas to use your Hobbies and passions to generate an Income for yourself. 

There are times when you can mend and create things by watching DIY tutorials on YouTube and in the process, save some good amount of cash. If you deposit this money in a Fixed Deposit or a Mutual Fund, you can create wealth for the future from this saved money. 

4. DIY can be a separate micro niche for mom Bloggers

A micro-niche blog or website focuses on a specialized topic. Mom bloggers who are good at DIYing things can start a separate blog on this micro-niche. Micro niche blogs are encouraged by search engines too. The chances of the site being ranked high increases because niche blogs are high on quality!

The good thing is that if you are proficient in the Do-it-yourself niche, you can start a mom blog that specialises in showcasing the DIY ideas and tips.

So a simple answer to the question that Why DIY attitude helps mommy bloggers is that DIY as a Micro niche has a great potential to build a lucrative business for yourself and Monetize your Mommy Blog too. They have a proven track record of driving good kind of revenues, taking care of cash inflows.

5. From making videos to clicking images, DIY plays a big role in their appeal

A major time of your content creation job gets occupied with making videos and clicking images. If you are a well-to-do blogger with handsome earnings, you can afford to hire a professional product photographer. But, what about those who cannot?

For such mom bloggers, things can become quite easy and simple, if they have a DIY attitude. Learning how to shoot and make videos of products so that the result is an impressive creation is not a difficult aspect if you are okay to learn from DIY tutorials online and then apply or improvise on the tricks.

Just make sure that you get yourself the right tools and equipment so that you can go about choosing the DIY style of product and service photography and make your content more compelling for your readers.

6. From Toys to creative worksheets, DIY is a big hit with all Mommy bloggers

There is enhanced freedom and flexibility in your work when you love to DIY. The entire world can be literally in your hands because of this attitude.

Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers

What all can you do-it-yourself? What can you create on your own? Anything and everything! From creating cute little tees for kids to handcrafting toys to creating worksheets, and any other handmade works of art! 

And if you are good at curating some incredible work of art, then you can put them up for sale through your blog or open a little store of handmade crafts.

These are some ways in which I use the DIY as a Mommy Blogger

1. I am most creative in my kitchen and use DIY there a lot. From Baking my own breads from scratch to baking healthy cookies and cakes for my kids, I do it all my own.

2. I always encourage mysids for the unstructured play and we usually end up making a new game to play from the existing things around the house.

3. All our craft projects have been an integral part of growing up together. Me and my kids do indulge in them often.

4. A lot of our fun play involves making different things with my teen, From Flubber soap to different kinds of slimes, from candles to making skin refreshing toners, we have tried them all.

7. DIY is a straightforward way of adding value at your home

Many mom bloggers became bloggers and mothers much late; the DIY attitude has been a part of their lives since childhood.

From crafts classes during school time to learn to make things through tutorials online on YouTube, many women make handmade things to beautify their homes. Some go a few steps further to give their kitchen, living, room, or bathrooms, small revamps, and makeover or fix a fence in the garden. Thus, they add value to their living space!

Why DIY attitude helps mommy bloggers? As mommy bloggers they are able to not only pursue their DIY interest better, they are also able to share the same with other mothers and co-bloggers, adding value to the lives of their readers too.

8. The feeling of having to create something on your own is extremely satisfying

DIY projects are things that you start and finish on your own, with little or no knowledge of the technicalities. You basically look at tutorials or read in books and copy the steps to achieve results. And as a Mommy blogger you are out there to create those tutorials that can be helpful to so many moms around the globe. 

For many of us, completing small little assignments on our own brings in so much of satisfaction and contentment in our lives. They act as a major way of achieving fulfilment.

The fact that you are able to do tasks that you never thought you could do brings in a different kind of confidence and pride in your capabilities, and the work that you are doing. All this leads to a happier you! And, it is worth all the efforts!

9. You develop the skill of Patience when you DIY

Creating and curating things with your hands helps you learn skills not only in the context of handcrafting but also important life skills like patience and endurance.

Handmade work, simple or complicated, involves meticulous and focused work. This in turn means following steps with precision, so that the end product can come up as desired. This is why the work of craft, especially DIY craft, is considered to be a great teacher in lessons like patience.

Being a mom blogger can be taxing with blogging deadlines and motherhood – in the midst of all this if you learn to be tolerant and patient, you can enhance the quality of your blog, as well as of your life as a mother!

10. DIY is a great way to be independent & self-sufficient

Bloggers need to work independently. Most of the time as mom bloggers you are required to work on your own, make your own decisions, differentiate between the right and the wrong, and so on.

Why DIY Attitude helps Mommy Bloggers

If you have a DIY passion, independence and self-sufficiency would come naturally to you.

This is because when you Do-it-yourself, you tend to work alone, whether or not you refer to a tutorial or guide, you experiment things and then come to your own conclusions. This learning helps you when you embark on your journey as a mom blogger.

11. DIY is the start of inventions & Discoveries. 

Having an attitude of DIY leads you at times to make your masterpiece that the world also values. Primarily because the tendency to do-it-yourself encourages the innovator in you to keep on experimenting! You usually tend to do so, till you are happy and satisfied with the outcome.

In this pursuit of excellence, you try and test everything on the way. You find the answer to your inquisitiveness and curiosity and do not literally rest, till you come up with something that is aligned to what you had been trying to seek.

Being experimental is good because you stumble upon a lot of new facts and discoveries that no one is going to tell you. When you don the cap of a mother, this attitude helps you better your attitude, actions, and words with your child.

When you become a mom blogger, you can use this zeal to invent your blog and carve a niche for yourself in the competitive world.

A simplified answer to Why DIY attitude helps mommy bloggers? DIY attitude proves to be a great add-on when you start your journey as a mom blogger. Agee with us? Look around you to find more reasons why it is good to have a DIY attitude.


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