Stay at home mom boredom busters will be an essential toolkit of activities and ideas that every stay at home mom can use when she is in the moment and getting bored. 

Stay at home mom’s job can be monotonous and boring for the person in it. This is because she is doing the same set of chores day in and day out with minimal breaks. And therefore it is important for her to have some excitement in terms of different activities to engage in. 

In this post, we would be looking at this in the moment activities that she can pick up and get some zing back when she is getting bored and lift her life state up. 

Stay at Home Mom Boredom Busters

Boredom is a not so positive emotion that arises from the lack of interest in our regular tasks. It is quote natural to feel bored of repetitive and non challenging jobs that are an integral part of our routine. 

Boredom is also closely linked to other negative emotions like stress, anger, sadness and depression. So looking at some statistics related to all these negative emotions can also throw some light at how big and significant this challenge of boredom is in a SAHM’s life.

Stay at Home Mom Boredom Busters

These are the statistics from a Gallup research conducted in year 2012. You can have a look at the entire report here

List of Boredom Busters For SAHMs

So if this is the real state of Stay at Home Moms, Boredom is not a passing issue. Infact the SAHM who work mindfully on staying engaged and indulging in self care consistently are the ones who belong to this group of SAHM who thrive.

Let us have a look at my list of Stay at Home Mom Boredom Busters.

1.  Have a Meaningful start to your day
2.  Plan your day
3.  Hobbies & Passions
4.  Exercise
5.  Music
6.  Know your goals
7.  Self Care
8.  Laugh out Loud
9.  Have a buzzing social life
10. Spend time with your girl gang
11. Step Outdoors everyday
12. Get Ready for the day
13. Visit Friends family As a routine
14. Spend mindful time on the Internet
15. Invest in Self Development
16. Go out with kids
17. Work from home
18. Play sports
19.  Invest in Relationships at Home
20.  Netflix it
21.  Have your Bucket List

1. Have a Meaningful Start to Your Day to Avoid Boredom

Having the right start to your every day is the big secret to being a happy SAHM. Apart from having that time to myself, this has really helped me be a calmer and more fun mom. So I am a big believer of having a good Morning Routine in place for all the moms and especially the SAHM. 

So start with creating a customised & workable Morning routine for yourself. Budget in the time every day to plan your day, reflect on the day that passed by, pick up good learnings, express gratitude, meditate & finally have your cup of peaceful morning coffee. Let life take on from there-on. 

This is great! But how does it help you stay away from boredom? That’s your question and yes a very valid one. Let me try and answer that for you too.

When you have a peaceful and at your pace start to your morning, you are preparing yourself for your day. Spending time right in the morning to enjoy your coffee, getting ready in clothes that you want and not rushing & stressing after the kids their lunch pack and everything else, help you feel fulfilled as a SAHM.

You are telling yourself that I am important too and this is what most of SAHM need to hear and believe with all their hearts. So go ahead and try this out for a couple of days and see if this makes any difference in how you respond to people and situations throughout your day.

2. Plan Your Day

I can’t stress enough on this one. Planning your day/week lets you know exactly what to expect from a particular day and helps in aligning your expectations.

There is a good probability that you would look out for exciting things to do for your “somewhat easy days” while you are reading your regular newspaper or surfing the internet for the day.

“Being aware is always the first and most important step to the initiative” – Kushal

And initiative, in this case, is finding something exciting to do. And yes I just wrote this. And it makes sense…. So this makes me happy. My golden words.

3. Hobbies & Passions Help You Stay Away From Boredom

Keep your interests and passions alive. This is one advice I have always got from my husband and I never paid heed to really until recently. It is very important for us SAHM to keep dearly all things that make us up.

This is because we would often need to go back to these things every now and then sometimes to feel relaxed and refreshed and sometimes to even maintain our sanity.

Stay at home mom Boredom Busters

I always have loved baking bread. The aroma of freshly baked bread is something that makes me super happy. And especially while baking the artisan bread the process is so long and therapeutic, that this is my ultimate go-to activity when I am feeling bored.

Have a look at my absolute baking essential here, this is one thing I can’t do without in my Kitchen. I use it for baking focaccia bread to making Lasagne, for baking a plain cake to making my Mac n cheese.

4. Exercise Everyday to Be Happy & Avoid Boredom.

“Exercise gives you Endorphins and Endorphins make you happy” – Elle Woods

And yes it is that simple. So make time each day to be active in the middle of kids and chores. And prioritise your own health and happiness too.

Also, I just wanted to mention here, I say this not just on the basis of any quote or sayings on the internet. I have experienced this and am writing purely basis how I felt. The day I step outdoors for a brisk walk, is the day I end up being more productive, happier and calmer too. 

5. Music to up Your Energy and Stay Away From Boredom

I love listening to music and I have built this as an important part of my everyday life. While both my kids are in school, I love keeping my music as my good company while accomplishing things on my to-do list for day.

In fact, I love to explore my “Tune-in” app & website too to explore radio broadcasts of different countries. So sometimes I am tuned into Capital London and sometimes it’s “The Hawk” radio playing Rihanna or Shawn Mendes. I can’t get enough of this app. Again, try it out if you are fond of world music.

6. Know Your Goals

When you have spent time and energy in figuring out your purpose and goals, you would always have something or the other that when you do would take you a step closer to your goals. Have this part sorted in your life dear SAHM.

7.  Self Care

Go to a Salon every month, step out to attend the events that you want every once in a while or regularly visit doctor for your general check-ups, there are many ways in which you can look after yourself and indulge in self-care.

And do I need to spell out the importance of the simple concept of self-care anymore? It is imperative for a stay at home moms to look after herself so we are able to look after our loved ones without most love care and happiness. 

8.  Laugh Out Loud & Kick the Boredom in Its Butt

This one is an easy one. Be silly laugh out loud, crack jokes or watch something comic. It helps ease out all the negative emotions locked inside including boredom.

Stay at home mom Boredom Busters

For me I love to read my Calvin & Hobbes books whenever I feel short of a good laugh. Have a look at our book shelf at home and you can spot, my collection of Calvin & Hobbes. Or can you?

9. Have a Buzzing Social Life & There Can Be No Boredom, Dear SAHM

This one is so very important for a SAHM to have a happening social life. Have friends & family over for get togethers and parties and in turn also make all efforts to attend others’.

With all the gossips and discussions around movies, music or friends it is a great reason to get trendy outfits and stylish accessories added to your wardrobe. Go out and shop to look your best.And if you are looking for some inspiration on trendy outfits, see this.  

10. Spend Time With Your Girl Gang

Spending time with your girl gang, going out often and tuning out of motherhood is essential to break free and avoid getting bored at home.

11. Step Outdoors Everyday

Apart from getting my daily dose of vitamin D, spending time outdoors has always been very therapeutic for me. I love spending time out amongst the plants, trees, and nature. 

12. Get Ready for the Day

Yes, please take your time to get ready to put on some make up and wear your picked accessory for the day. 

13. Visit Friends & Family as a Routine

Visiting Friends and family as a routine is a great thing to add to your monthly schedule. Being close to people who make you feel loved and valued is the best thing you can do to yourself.

14. Spend Mindful Time on the Internet

There is enough being already said about the ill effects of uncapped usage of gadgets like mobiles, tv etc. However, there is definitely a brighter side to it.

When used in balanced way and mindfully, the internet can help you stay connected to friends & family, explore new opportunities in life. There are numerous game apps and other means of entertainment that you can get your hands on the internet. 

So spend mindful time on the internet and avoid getting bored in your day today life. 

15. Invest in Self Development

Stay at home mom Boredom Busters

Self-development & self-improvement are areas where infinities the limit. You can learn a lot of new things and take initiative to bring in a lot of changes too. So invest in self-improvement & self-development everyday.

These days, I carry my phone every time I go outdoors(P.S: This is purely not because I want to be ready to practice my skill but also because I have to take pictures so often for my blog. This, I feel is the hardest part of my job at present. And I am learning to enjoy to it)

So yes I carry my phone and am trying my hand at photography. It is lovely to learn the tricks of Nature Photography and I also like to use my clicked pics as my phone wallpaper. 

Have a look at above pics, all of these have been taken by my phone, I love to believe that I did pretty good job at it… 🙂

16. Go Out With Kids

This one is simple, pick your kids and step out to a cafe or take them to a play area or a mall. this is an effective way to avoid boredom for a stay at home mom.

17. Work From Home

Explore opportunities to work and create value from home for the time that your schedule allows. The options are many and they can even help you get some extra bucks. You can read about some inspiring ideas of business For SAHM here.  

18. Play Sports

Enjoy your sport. Be it tennis or badminton, be it golf or cycling, get outdoors and indulge every now and then. this definitely helps you being away from the boredom of the routine life.

For me its cycling, and I own a Firefox Mountain bike. I can’t do it every day, but weekly I like to go on a ride for 1 hour and explore the neighbourhood.

Share the feedback of this exercise with me via blog comments right at the end of this blog. You could also reach me & write to me through the Contact page on this blog.

19. Invest in Relationships at Home

If you ask me personally, I feel building strong positive relationships at home with spouse and kids is our biggest earning as a SAHM. So invest wholeheartedly in these relationships not because you need to as a SAHM and but because these give you happiness.

Stay at home mom Boredom Busters

I remember so many times, when I have been in a not so good mood and both my kids have made efforts to make me laugh and feel good. It is heartwarming to know how the love and to care you use to nurture these tiny souls come back to you manifolds when you need these the most. 

20. Netflix It

Watch your favourite shows or documentaries on TV. You could have access to amazing content through Netflix / Amazon Prime. This could keep you away from getting bored and unhappy. 

21. Have your Bucket List

And my last suggestion is to always and always have a page on your journal filled with list of things that you want to do in life. Write down everything that you want to do and keep on adding new things as and when you feel like.

Have a look at your bucket list on days you are getting bored and try and tick off something that you can. For example for me, I had things as small as baking a cake for myself or get the nail art done.

Whenever I am bored, I pick up a thing that I can tick off my bucket list and yay I am the happy SAHM. 

At last, I want to tell you all the SAHMs that, “She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring”. I live by this and think of creative ideas to pull me out of my monotony and boredom.

This is all about my kicks ideas on Stay at Home Mom Boredom Busters. Connect with me and tell me if you find any of these useful. Till then, be a happy & Chipper SAHM.


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