Tips to sell on Amazon for stay at home moms is an exhaustive resource guide that prepares you to be a winner as an Amazon Reseller. The purpose is to help stay at home mothers find a way a reliable way to earn money while they are busy looking after their kids.

Torn between going out to earn and staying back home to rear the young ones, often, mothers start to look out for ways to make money while at home. And, not neglecting the kids too!

Besides, online writing, V-logging and selling products on Etsy, there are many business options for women who give up their careers for their family and kids. One of the easiest and most economical ways to get started with a business from home is to become an Amazon seller.

Tips to sell on Amazon for stay at home moms

Tips to sell on Amazon for Stay at Home Moms

Before we discuss about the Amazon opportunity for resellers, I want to say that the share of Stay at home Moms looking for work Flexi work options is at an all time high. Your reason to look for Stay at home Mom jobs or enter into Mompreneurship can be unique but you would find guidance on all the various means and options for Flexi work for moms here. 

Coming back to Amazon Opportunity, there are over 300 million active users on Amazon, as per the latest reports. This means that the business opportunity is lucrative here & you would simply need to do things differently and better than others. 

However, even prior to considering setting up your business on Amazon, you need to ensure that being an Amazon reseller is a great and apt business opportunity for you or not.

Take the case of Priya whose story has been shared on the Amazon resources. She chose to sell online via Amazon because she did not have the choice. Her parents-in-law did not want her to work when she got pregnant, and she could not sit idle. Today, she is making sale of about INR 50 lakh every month. Read her story here.

My Top Tips to be a Successful Amazon Seller

1.  Choose your niche wisely
2.   Finding the inventory to sell on Amazon
3.  How to Decide the right Pricing?
4.   How to feature in Amazon search?
5.   Be an Aggressive Marketer
6.   Know your Competition well
7.   How to Make Profits?
8.   Managing the Start-up Costs Well
9.   Rules and Regulations that you need to know

Tip 1 To Sell on Amazon for Stay at Home Moms | Choose your niche wisely

You have to be a smart worker in order to get the feel the pulse of the market. Basically, it means that when you decide to become an Amazon reseller, you have to spend time to understand the niche & kind of products that you will resell online.

One way is to that you get yourself updated on what is happening in the market. Become market savvy. Tech savvy, & do your research well, listen to your customers and so on. 

For example, you wish to sell baby products. This is a very generic domain; and interestingly you will find most moms giving this niche a try. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to find specialised products in this niche.

Additional Tips on Choosing your Niche

1. Choose products that are trendy and popular to start with.

2. You need items that are known for long-term success.  

3. You can keep a tab on the Amazon site to see the best sellers section; or the most popular section.  

4. You should also check the site of other e-commerce giants, locally and internationally.  

5. It is always advisable to start with items that belong to the mainstream market; rather than testing waters with rare items or products that take time to move.

Tip 2 To sell on Amazon for Stay at Home Moms | Finding the inventory to sell on Amazon?

There are different ways of finding the product that you want to sell. Infact, this is where you need to spend a lot of time and be as creative as possible. Remember, at the end of the day, you are here to make a profit and want to create a customer base for your business. 

After you have established the kind of products you want to sell, the next step is to connecting with whole sale suppliers or manufacturers to pick up quality products at awesome deal. 

Additional Tips on finding inventory to sell on Amazon

1. Hand Make your products and sell them.

2. Buy products in wholesale and then retail them on Amazon.

3. Buy items at discounted prices from big retail stores and then sell them on Amazon at higher rates.

4. When you buy products, do so in bulk so that it is easier to pack and ship the same to the warehouse of Amazon.

Tip 3 | How to Decide the right Pricing

One of my Top tips to sell on Amazon for stay at home moms is to decide on the pricing well. You need to aim for the ‘buy box’. This means that when your products already exist in the Amazon listing, you should aim to be at the main product listing area. Here, you can reach by pricing the product well, feature good ratings, and having encouraging customer reviews.

Additional tips for deciding the Right Price

1. Go in for products that can be sold for at least three times the cost price of the product.

2. Go in for products that are expensive and priced on the higher side, because Amazon charges you fewer fees when the product price is high.

3. Read some blogs online to take help from professionals on pricing for products on Amazon.

4. You would need to compute your costs and overhead expenses; do diligent competitor analysis and keep fine-tuning the pricing. 

Tip 4 | How to feature in Amazon search?

Now, that you have become a seller on Amazon, you need to put in more effort to ensure that your products are showing to people who are searching for similar items in their online searches. So Promoting your products to the right customers is something you need to focus on. 

Additional tips to feature in Amazon search

1. Invest in Pay-per-click advertising; this is to ensure that your products are always visible to keyword-relevant searches.

2. Become a seller of products that have typically lesser competition. Or, pick products from the Restricted Category to sell. This way your competition will be less; and your chances of being noticed will be higher.

3. You can also choose products that sell off fast. 

Tip 5 | Be an Aggressive Marketer

Every aspect of a business requires marketing. You cannot become a seller on Amazon, and then hope everything goes on auto mode and people start to stumble across your listings. There has to be more than simply registering, getting your inventory, pricing them well, and then hoping that the traffic starts to come in.

You have to let go of your inhibitions; and take up the challenge as a true businesswoman. Give it all that you have. Get aggressive on social media. Use the power of Facebook, and Instagram. If you have a blog, start sharing the affiliate links here. 

Once customers start to come in, take their details. Drop them an email everytime you add a new product or decide to give a discount or launch anytime of a promotion.

Additional Tips on Being An Aggressive Marketer

1. Ensure that you enlist your products well.

2. Click visually appealing photos of each product, make proper headlines, and describe them well. Everything should be in a way that you can impress the visitor and convert it into sales.

3. Focus on keywords and look for various advertising methods to optimise product placement.

4. Always make sure to gather customer reviews and ratings. It is one of the proactive and free ways to build your reputation in the online niche. 

Tip 6 To sell on Amazon for Stay at Home Moms | Know your competition well

As you start to gain ground, make intentional efforts to understand your competition, their products and pricing strategies and sourcing strategies too. 

Keep track of how they are placing their products, how they are taking advantage of images and videos, observe the pricing, notice the fluctuations.

It is also a good idea to read their customer reviews online and how they are leveraging those for creating a brand identity of their own. You will also get more ideals about new products – see, which products are moving fast and doing well.

Tip 7 To sell on Amazon for Stay at Home Moms | How to make profits?

The end aim of every private business is to make profits and earn a living for yourself and your family. SO let us understand how you can be a profit making business on Amazon.

Here are our tips to sell on Amazon for stay at home moms for making impressive and sustainable profits

1. Have a clear strategy around your profits

2. Be patient, any business that you set up takes time to make profits

3. Start with products that are easy to understand, and sell

4. Do not limit yourself to a single product. If you really want to make it big here, you need to have a range of products

5. Take advantage of the holiday season. For example, festivals are good time to get started with garments, gifts, and toys

6. It is a great idea to pick up products on consignment basis as the risk is much lower in this case. There is also an option of returning the products back to the manufacturer if you are unable to see them. 

7. You can also become a part of Amazon’s Associate network or in other words, participate in affiliate marketing. You can market your product links using affiliate links. This way, whenever someone buys a product, you get to keep the profit as well as the referral commission

Tip 8 | Managing the start-up costs well

One way to ensure success In your business is to keep your initial capital investments low. Remember, that starting your own business on Amazon entails start-up costs. So, this is not a no-cost business; but, yes you can keep the entry costs low.

One way to keep the costs low is to invest in products that can be returned if they do not sell. Go in for Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage, if you are not too sure if things are going to work or not. In this case, you can invest in one or two items only and try to sell them.

Also there is no pre-decided thumb-rule that a strategy will work or not. There has to be some amount of trial-and-error to get to that optimised product list. So follow your instincts to build this business for yourself. 

Tip 9 | Follow the Rules and Regulations 

When getting into being an Amazon reseller, it is always a good idea to be aware of Amazon’s policies and regulations regarding your product category.

Some special rules that apply to specific categories and you should be aware of:

1. When selling clothes, you need to show the receipts of the purchase to Amazon.

2. For selling food items, you need to make sure that you do not sell expired items or hazardous items.

3. Often Amazon will not allow any seller to sell certain products because it wants the monopoly. 

4. Toys and games of all types are allowed for sale on Amazon.

5. You need to interact with the customer services department to get your queries resolved.

6. There are specific rules regarding photography of the products.

So , ensure compliance to the rules and policies, through and through.

When you are deciding to get into establishing your online business with Amazon, one thing that I would really suggest you is to invest your time strategising it right. Pick up the right product and go all out to make efforts to sell these in large nos. 

As in all the other business ventures, starting one on Amazon would also be full of ups and downs, not everything would go as planned. However, being focussed and working hard to achieve your goals can lead you definitely to a happy place.

I hope you found some value in these tips to sell on Amazon especially for moms who wish to work from home along with taking care of their kids. This is definitely a business that you could work on and succeed by choosing your own working hours and being flexible in your working patterns too. 





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