Maintaining Emotional Balance during Mommy Blogging can be a big challenge. Mom bloggers know that stress is a part of their daily lives and it is no walk in the park to balance the mommy role and their blogger role.

While you are juggling through the Mommy & Blogger roles, there is bound to be stress & friction at times. This is why emotional balance should be a top priority for you. You need to find ways and means to harmonize & create synergies between these 2 important parts of your lives. 

So in this post, I am going to share some of the powerful tools & techniques I have used and managed both these roles successfully in my life.

Maintaining Emotional Balance during Mommy Blogging

Maintaining Emotional Balance During Mommy Blogging

Since emotional balance is a big issue in most aspects of life today and there is a quest for it universally, there are umpteen methods to attain the right synergy and balance.

1.     Define your Idea of Success
2.     Prioritise Your Professional Success too
3.     Make your Mommy Blogging Time to be your Happy time
4.     Use your blog as a Creative Vent
5.     Invest In Self Care
6.     Lead a Healthy Lifestyle – Eat Right, Hydrate Well, Sleep Deep, Move More
7.     Compartmentalise your Professional Life & Personal Life
8.     Take time out of Mommying & Blogging & spend time with your friends
9.     Practise Yoga & Meditation
10.   Unwind and Tune out of Blogging Often
11.   Spend Time with Kids
12.   Invest in Making your workplace a happy space for you
13.   Ask for Support
14.   Celebrate small successes
15.   Don’t undermine your efforts
16.   Show up for Yourself

While you are managing kids, your house, and your career altogether, there are times when you feel bogged down with all the demands of the world. What you need at these points in life is all the tips and tricks on how to keep yourself motivated and focussed on your goals. 

Things can start to go awry anytime, filling you with doubt and confusion. All of a sudden, you feel as if it is the end of the world, that you have no reason to wake up early or sleep late or do this or that as a blogger. You start to question your decisions as a mom; not too sure anymore of whether it is right or wrong. If you are the one going through this right now, I would highly recommend you to go through Ideas to Balancing kids & Mom Blogging Together

16 Tips to be an Emotionally Intelligent Mom Blogger

Now, let us discuss Maintaining Emotional Balance during Mommy Blogging in detail.

1. Define Your Idea of Success

At times, when you feel you are losing your calm and feeling messed up, the best way is to take a break, detach yourself from what you are doing for as long as you want. Step back and go back to your drawing board. Revisit your idea of success, revisit your goals, and your reasons for getting into Mommy Blogging.  This not only acts as a way to introspect whether you are going on the right path but also helps you recommit to your reasons to be a mompreneur & being a successful one at that. 

2. Prioritize Your Professional Success too

If you are still in doubt, go back to the small tiny successes that you have been able to achieve – it does not matter how big or small the success stories are; it is good to have to revisit them. This will make you value your own work and realize the importance of what you are doing. 

We moms often give our own success a back seat when compared to our family & kids. However, I have always suggested this to all my mom clients, that your professional success & fulfillment is equally important.

For you to feel loved, valued, and successful is something that always ends up in you being more loving giving and a fun mom to your kids. And the logic behind this is simple, Your work makes you happy and fulfilled and you are then a happier mom to your kids. 

3. Make Mommy Blogging Time to be your Happy time

When you had started mommy blogging, I am sure you had reasons meaningful enough to go into it wholeheartedly. Always have those reasons on the top of your mind recall. If you have a meaningful relationship with blogging, then that’s your happy time which you invest in writing & blogging. 

When you choose mommy blogging, do it because it makes you happy. This is one of the big secrets of maintaining emotional balance during mommy blogging. Every day start your blogging with a positive mindset & associate joy & happiness with your work time.

4. Use your blog as a Creative Vent

Your blog should be your happy space and must be a good vent to all your creativity that is inside you. Use your creative thinking hat, add in your vibe and personal flavor to your blog, and be authentic. All this helps in maintaining an emotional balance because you are expressing yourself and being true to your own core. 

Ensure that you use your blog to express and channelize your creativity and ingenuity. It should be your way to emit out your pent-up feelings, your unexpressed desires and ambitions, your unfulfilled dreams, your charisma, and so. Interpret it the way you want to – but, keep it going.

5. Invest In Self Care

One of the many things that we do not take as our priority as mommy bloggers are to take care of ourselves. We are very good at taking care of our kids, our families, our professional lives; but when it comes to us, we just don’t feel it’s important enough. However, this is one of the most powerful ways of being productive as a Mom Blogger and can help you run longer without getting into exhaustion mode. 

Also, Self-care does not necessarily involve spending money. It can be as simple as taking a walk in a garden, indulging in a hobby, or just playing with your kids. These simple pleasures of life can really rejuvenate you and can help you feel fulfilled and replenished.  

6. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle – Eat Right, Hydrate Well, Sleep Deep, Move More

One of the ways of maintaining emotional balance during mommy blogging is to take care of your health in a holistic way. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So take care of yourself physically mentally & emotionally. 

Eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, hydrate well, sleep on time, and maintain a fitness regime that will pay off well in the long run.

7. Compartmentalize your Professional Life & Personal Life

We all know that there must be clear boundaries in terms of your professional as well as personal life is concerned. And we do take care of these boundaries initially but somewhere down the way, we tend to get distracted from this. And the work-life balance goes for a toss. Do not mix your blogging time with your personal life, and vice versa. Keep them separate.

8. Take Time out of Mommying & Blogging to be with Your Friends

To maintain the right mindset, emotional health, and attitude for work, it is imperative to take frequent breaks and be with your girl gang. These are the people who understand you the best and help you fill your bucket when you feeling not up to the mark. 

No one knows you better than them. So, let down your hair once-in-a-while and go chilling with just your close friends minus the kids and blogging.

9. Practise Meditation

To take care of your emotional health is one of the most powerful methods that can help you stay clear focussed and contended. Meditation is an important part of this ancient practice and comes with proven results. A great place to start meditation for beginners is InsightTimer

There are lots of tutorials available online to help you get started.

10. Unwind & Tune out of Blogging Often

Planning & scheduling breaks in your schedule is something that helps you stay more productive as well as stay away from mental exhaustion. And once you are taking breaks in between work in a planned way, you are ensuring that you are charged up and happy doing what is required of you in blogging as well as mommying space efficiently. 

A great tip that I can offer you is to work in time blocks and take a timed break to finish off smaller household chores or just have 10 mins quick playtime with your kid.

I often do this that I work for 40 mins with full concentration and then a quick 10 mins break to either do a quick laundry fold or just arranging one of the drawers. I love working this way because I don’t get bored of doing the same thing for a long period of time and hence don’t end up wasting time on distractions. 

Also, I feel blogging is all about How to live life fully, and hence having a closer look at life often helps us grow along the way. So i attach a lot of significance to travel and meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and exploring newer cuisines. All of these help you in bringing freshness to your ideas and content every now and then. So do plan those vacations and have fun too.

11. Spending Quality Time with Kids

While kids are a big source of happiness, they can get on our nerves – we all know that. Especially once they start to grow and use their minds, they can start to question you, get moody, and life does not remain simple and easy as it was when you were only responsible for yourself.

Now you have others that you are responsible for and you need to work along with them. All of this does require extra effort & energy. But instead of taking this as something extra that you have to do now, if you spend quality time with your kids and work on your relationship and bond to become stronger with each passing interaction, spending time with your kids – the moment you start to take it as therapeutic.

They can actually outpass your expectations in all the little & big ways they would support you in your life and professional journey. So yes, invest in your relationship with your kids and this is one of the powerful ways of being an Emotionally Intelligent Mom & Blogger.

12. Invest in Making your workplace a happy space for you

Having a clean looking decluttered work desk is the first thing to start with when you are feeling messed up in mind or emotions. Taking it as a cue, ensure that you do up your workplace in a way that attracts your brain every day and you look forward to going back to the place, time and again.

13. Ask for Support

We lose emotional balance most times because we think that we are superwomen who can handle all types of stress without any help.

It is time to stop thinking of yourself as a SuperMom. Seek help from your partner, be it about taking care of the kids or if you feel like talking. Follow this tip frequently for maintaining emotional balance during mommy blogging. 

14. Celebrate small successes

Celebrating your achievements however big or small helps you stay motivated and happy about your mission. No success is small or big – if you have achieved something unique and special, it is worth celebrating. Even if the celebration is confined to you alone, do it.

You deserve it – pat yourself for all the small successes on the way!

15. Don’t undermine your efforts

At times, in the middle of all the expectations and demands we have of ourselves, we are unable to realize the kind of efforts we have put in, to get to where we are right now. Remind yourself that you are doing well because you are giving it your best shot. The efforts deserve applause too. 

16. Show up for Yourself

And, finally, if not for anyone else, show up every day because you owe it to your being. Being a mom or a blogger, it was your choice – show respect for that choice and be there, doing the best that you can, in both roles.

So this was about a few strategies I have employed over time to maintain a good emotional balance during Mommy Blogging. I hope you found value in these and they would prove to be beneficial to you as well.


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