Best advice for SAHM Bloggers is a post that holds a lot of resources and insights on different aspects of blogging for mom bloggers. It is all that you need to know from a mom-blogger who has been there and doing it all.

Powerful tips from a professional mommy blogger that can help you set up a winning blog and differentiate yourself from the noise and stand out with your work speaking for yourself. 

So let us begin and discuss all about it.

Best Advice For SAHM Bloggers

Best advice for SAHM Bloggers

Here are some of the top tips that I have segregated into 2 categories – Business Advice & Personal Advice for Stay at Home Mom Bloggers. These hold the power to make your life as a blogger mom happier, more in control & less overwhelming.

33 Top Tips for Stay at Home Mom Bloggers to Run a Winning Blog

Best Business Advice for SAHM Bloggers

1.     Treat Blogging as your Business 
2.     Have a Clear Vision and Goals for Blogging
3.     Devise an Impactful Blogging strategy for your Blog
4.     Keep Growing & learning everyday
5.     Learn to create engaging graphics
6.     Break Boundaries – There is no one right way
7.     Respect your Audience and their Voice
8.     Choose a few things, do them well, and then move to the next set of goals
9.     Choose your Social Media Platforms 
10.   Be Creative in Content Creation & Presentation
11.   Look out for new Monetisation ways going along
12.   Respond to Algorithm changes and new tools 
13.   Refrain from Impatience to See the Results
14.   Get a Mentor and stay focused 
15.   Keep an eye on trends and adapt 
16.   Know what you are trying to achieve with a particular piece of content 

Best Personal Advice for SAHM Bloggers

17.     Invest in Self Growth – Learn from Others Mistakes
18.     Stay Motivated & Happy- It comes across through your content
19.     Choose a Niche that you are an expert in – Helps build in authenticity
20.     Be Consistent in Blogging
21.     Overcome your fears 
22.     Recommit to your reasons to start the blog 
23.     Include DIY in your Blogs
24.     Work on Staying Productive as a Mommy Blogger
25.     Remain Self Motivated – Blogging is a lonely job
26.     Work on creating a fine balance between Mommying & Blogging
27.     Stop Running after Perfectionism
28.     Create an impactful schedule for your day
29.     Invest in your health
30.     Take breaks often
31.     Manage your Time Well, it’s a limited resource
32.     Choose your tribe carefully
33.     Expel the negativity & toxicity from your life

Top Business Tips for SAHM Bloggers

Tip 1 | Treat Blogging as your Business

Think for a minute, that you are not a SAHM and that you need to step out of home every day for 8 to 10 hours for work. The kind of dedication you would have for your job or business should be exactly how you should be treating your blogging career too.

Give it due respect, time, and effort and only then you can see it flourishing. If at all, you want to treat blogging as a part time career or a hobby, it is absolutely unfair to expect the blog to flourish and monetize.

So, my first piece of advice for any SAHM Blogger who is setting out for success to treat Blogging as a full-time business. 

Tip 2 | Have a Clear Vision and Goals for Blogging

Have absolute clarity on what you want to achieve out of blogging. there are different bloggers with different kinds of goals.

Some bloggers want to run a blog and monetize it while some other bloggers are blogging to create influence online and have a solid digital footprint so they can sell their products. A few other bloggers want to branch out to speaking engagements and some want to author & sell their own books. And some others want to coach other bloggers to be successful while some would want to do it to share their knowledge and craft. And you need to have your vision clearly defined right at the beginning.

It helps you make all the decisions on your way in alignment with your vision. And if you are confused or not focussed on what you want to achieve then you may end up sticking to not-so-right priorities and even a wrong audience.

Tip 3 | Devise an Impactful Blogging strategy for your Blog

Once you know what you want to achieve with your blog, devising an overall content strategy, & a marketing strategy is an easier next step. Then taking into consideration your target market and audience needs, devise a strategy that makes you stand out as well as connect strongly with your audience. 

The fundamental question that you need to define while making your blogging strategy is “Why should people read or subscribe to your blog?” And once you answer this question satisfactorily your blogging strategy is sorted. 

Tip 4 | Keep Growing & learning everyday

One of the best pieces of advice for SAHM bloggers is to never limit yourself to thinking that you know it all. There is much to learn and know, keep yourself open-minded so that you are ready for new learnings every day.

Blogging in present times involve so much multi-tasking, from writing to designing graphics, from SEO to digital marketing, from social media management to list building, there is no dearth of learning opportunities in digital businesses like blogging. 

Tip 5 | Learn to create engaging graphics

You decided to become a blogger because you love to write. Right! but, simply writing might not make your blog a success. Your blog is a website where you reach out to like-minded people to connect with them.

Now, if it is all textual, things can become monotonous and will not be as impressive as including graphics in it. For aesthetic sake and visual appeal, ensure that you take some course, free or paid, about graphic designing or take help from a professional.

Tip 6 | Break Boundaries – There is no one right way

Be prepared to go beyond your comfort zone – challenge yourself & be ready to let down your guards and prejudices. Remember, there are multiple ways of doing every task and reaching every landmark in your blogging journey. Especially in the digital space, it is very easy to get into the Shiny Object Syndrome which makes you loose focus on current projects and harp on to the next new innovation.

And so there is no defined right or wrong way. Devise your way and focus on doing that way consistently. 

Tip 7 | Respect your Audience and their Voice

When your purpose is to get people to read the blog and connect with you, you need to respect their feelings, concerns, points raised, or comments and feedback.

As a best practice, do not ignore their voice – Answering to their comments and incorporating their feedback into your blog is something that you would highly benefit from. 

Tip 8 | Choose a few things, do them well, and then move to the next set of goals 

As mentioned before, make your goals and strategies actionable and time-bound. Thus, limit yourself to a select set of achievable. Do not overburden yourself by trying everything at one-go.

This way you will never be able to achieve all. Better to keep yourself restricted to few chosen tasks; rather than being a failure in all!

Tip 9 | Choose your Social Media Platforms 

You need to market yourself and your blog well. Use social media platforms to do so.

Instead of choosing all platforms at one-go, strategize well. Choose two or three of the most powerful platforms and then focus on maximizing the reach on these first.

Tip 10 | Be Creative in Content Creation & Presentation

Creating content, whether it is about your writing or graphics, presentation, or layout, you need to be innovative at every step.

Ensure that you always keep the element of excitement and creativity in your content so that your readers get an element of surprise, every time they come to your blog.

Tip 11 | Look out for new Monetization ways going along

Your blog is good as long as it can sustain itself and you. This means that you need to find ways to monetize the blog. Consider affiliate marketing, writing e-books, or start a tutorial to start earning money.

Remember, when the money flows in, you will find more reasons to stay afloat and care for your blog.

Tip 12 | Respond to Algorithm changes and new tools 

Now that you are a blogger, you need to get technically savvy. If possible, take help from a professional for web design, SEO, Google Ads, etc., or enroll for an online course, learn new tools, and get acquainted with the technicalities.

This is important because Google and Social media algorithms change quite frequently your naivety can cost you dear rankings, views, and shares.

Tip 13 | Refrain from Impatience to See the Results

Yes, you need to stay focused on achieving your goals but stay away from regular checking of results. Doing this regularly can put you off-track; sometimes demotivate you with the results.

Although one can easily argue that the results could be very encouraging too – but, think of the negative effect it can have when you find that the results are not as per your expectations.

Tip 14 | Get a Mentor and Stay focused

It is good to be focused; and if you need help, choose a credible mentor. Initially, you could have the zeal to hear and read what different digital marketers teach but it is important to cut the noise.

This is because everyone will teach a different thing. The best is to choose one mentor and follow her.

Tip 15 | Keep an eye on trends and adapt 

The world of the online medium is ever-changing – digital trends are dynamically changing – from upgraded tools to change in video content, podcast, the world of Instagram and so much more. It is a great idea to stay updated on the latest that is happening in the digital industry, to accordingly keep your blog updated and upgraded.

Tip 16 | Know what you are trying to achieve with a particular piece of content 

When you blog, every piece of your writing must have some goal to achieve. It could be aligned with the overall goal of your blog or site or it could be specific to single content pieces.

What drives you to your blog every day? Are you writing the next one to get more traffic or leads, or are you looking at strengthening your connection with your audience?

Top Personal Tips for SAHM Bloggers

Tip 17 | Invest in Self Growth – Learn from Others Mistakes

If you want to grow in life and also your blog, it is best to invest in yourself. This is for self-growth – you need to ensure that you back learnings as an individual, as a human being.

Towards this end, you can read and listen to the videos of other bloggers – learn from their stories and mistakes.

Tip 18 | Stay Motivated & Happy- It comes across through your content

It is a good idea to believe in a positive attitude and work towards staying motivated. From yoga to meditation, morning walks to regular breaks from work, make sure you do your bit to be your happiest self. It starts to show in your content when you are so.

Tip 19 | Choose a Niche that you are expert in – Helps build in authenticity

Beyond any doubt, it is always advisable to build your blogging career in a niche that interests you and in which you are an expert. It will help when you are looking for topics to write or talk about.

Being an expert also helps because you will be able to add value to other people’s lives.

Tip 20 | Be Consistent in Blogging

Whatever it be, happy or sad, low or upbeat – ensure that you wake up every day, wear your best smile and attitude and sit down to blog. As a habit, ensure that you are regular in blogging.

Best advice for SAHM Blogger – once you choose to be regular, you will keep churning some content or other – making your content pipeline always full. You will be able to live up to your expectations and that of your readers by being consistent.

Tip 21 | Overcome your fears 

It is natural to have fears. As a SAHM, you can be self-doubt or fear the idea of failure. You could be afraid of not being able to manage your time between your kids and blog or you could be a shy person and detest self-promotion.

Once you choose to blog, and we spoke of learning and growing up – ensure that you are ready to let go of your inhibitions – it could be one at a time, slow and gradual; nonetheless, try consciously to overcome your fears. Read How I overcame my fears as a Mommy Blogger here. 

Tip 22 | Recommit to your reasons to start the blog – It helps in staying focused and motivated

It is always a good idea to go back to why you started the blog in the first place in case you are feeling down and demotivated. And if not, it is good to revisit your motivations and reasons to start the blog in the first place.

Tip 23 | Include DIY in your Blogs- It’s a big strength and helps you grow as a person

If the niche of your blog permits, ensure that you share DIY methods and techniques with your audience and readers. You need to keep innovating and adding creative aspects to your blog. Do-It-Yourself is a great skill to have for SAHM bloggers.

Tip 24 | Work on Staying Productive as a Mommy Blogger

Your output is an essential aspect of your blogging career. Take it seriously and find ways to stay productive. And here is my recommendation for you to read my blog on How to stay Productive as a Mom Blogger

Tip 25 | Remain Self Motivated – Blogging is a lonely job

If you are looking at getting motivation from external sources – chances are that you will face dejection. This is a lonely job – you are on your own for a long time. Along with staying focused, remain motivated – self-motivated!

Read this – How to stay motivated during Mom Blogging

Tip 26 | Work on creating a fine balance between Being-a-Mom & Blogging

I know it sounds difficult and I know that this one is the most tiring job of all that you have done before, but if you wish to become a top blogger; make sure that you create a balance between home and work.

To do this, divide your time for work and family fairly and stick to the schedule. Do not overlap or try to mix one with the other. It will start becoming a nuisance very soon. Looking for some more Powerful Tips to Balance Kids & Mom Blogging Together, head here.

Tip 27 | Stop Running after Perfectionism

Stop trying to be the perfect mother, or the perfect person every time. If the world expects so from you, it is their problem, not yours. Treat yourself kindly; you are a human being and you can falter too.

Best advice for SAHM Blogger – it’s okay to make mistakes and commit errors. Learn your lessons and move forward.

Tip 28 | Create an impactful schedule for your day

As mentioned above, make sure that you have a realistic schedule for the day. And, most importantly follow it with all your heart. Things will start to fall in place, soon! 

Tip 29 | Invest in your health

Remember to take good care of your health – eat well, exercise, stay away from junk, sleep soundly, avoid late nights, and wake up early. Easier said than done – understandably, but try nonetheless.

Yoga, meditation, gyming, breathing techniques, spending weekends with the family – are all different ways to take care of your health.

Tip 30 | Take breaks often

This is something you owe to yourself. During the day, daily, take breaks in between. And intentionally utilise these breaks to catch up with yourself to complete a task, like going vegetable shopping.

On a yearly or half-yearly basis, go on a vacation – solo, with family and friends or your women group!

Tip 31 | Manage your Time Well – it’s a limited resource

As a SAHM blogger, time is one of your biggest assets – utilize it properly and consciously. Time management should be your weapon – read, get trained, learn from others the art of managing time if you are not too good at it.

Be disciplined – you need to be – to ensure that your kids are well cared for and your blog does not sit idle for too long.

Tip 32 | Choose your tribe carefully

It is always a good idea to surround yourself with the right kind of people. People who can bring positivity to your life; who are there to guide and assist you; fill you with joy and laughter; and most of all, believe in you!

Tip 33 | Expel the negativity & toxicity from your life

Lastly, as a SAHM, you must have heard the cynical remarks – how easy her life is, what does she do the entire day, she is so lazy, she is just putting on weight and living off her husband’s money, and so on. Don’t be bogged down by these thoughts and remarks.

Remember, you need to break the SAHM stereotypes; let whoever say whatever; develop a ‘damn care attitude’ and stay focused on your family and blog.

Being a SAHM blogger is not an easy task. But when you have done things that are easy and straightforward? Go, show your mettle and steel to the world; develop the right attitude towards work and life, and stay motivated like never before!


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