How to become a mommy blogger? This is the question that has been coming back to me for a long time from a lot of you all. So i decided to write an elaborate and complete post on this topic.

Being a mom Blogger is no easy business and I want to clarify it at the very start. if you aim to make your career as a mom blogger with an intent to earn an income, it involves hustling & grinding, late nights, no holidays, just like starting upon any other business venture.

Having said that if your passion is aligned to becoming a Mom Blogger, you would find it all in your stride to multi-task and succeed at this.

How to become a Mommy Blogger

How to become a mommy blogger?

Ever since the digital medium has evolved, there has been an influx of bloggers from all walks of life, touching every possible niche in our lives. Mom bloggers have also appeared on the horizon; some have made it big and hence become successful case studies for others; while, some have given up after the initial struggle with blogging.

And what separates the winners from the rest is the drive to keep continuing on your journey to passion keeping aside your will to attract instant gratification and quick success. Patience is a key skill in this game.

Let us first understand the profile of a mom blogger and then we will look into how to become a mommy blogger and be successful at it. 

Who is a mom blogger?
What are your Reasons to be a Mommy Blogger?
Begin You Blogging Journey
Sharpen your writing skills
Step No. #1 –  Brainstorm and pick your niche
Step No. # 2 – Decide the name of the Blog
Step No. # 3 – Choosing CMS for your blogging content
Step No. # 4 – Decide the domain and the hosting service provider
Step No. # 5 – Design the blog
Step No. # 6 – Choose the right plug-ins
Step No. # 7 – Create relevant & innovative content
Step No. # 8 – Publish your blog
Step No. # 9– Promote your blog
Step No. # 10 – Look at ways to monetize the blog
Step No. # 11 – Build your Subscriber’s List

Who is a mommy blogger?

Mommy bloggers are mothers who start their blogs or website online that could range on varied topics – from, being someone who shares her daily trials and tribulations as a mother, to some who shares their political views, travel stories, photography narratives, beauty & make up tips, cooking videos, fitness journies, and the list is endless. 

The idea is that as a mom blogger, you write or create interesting content in the niche that you are familiar with or are passionate about.

So, mom bloggers are – firstly, mothers; and secondly, content creators or writers who have their sites or blogs where they write and get good following or subscribers. This is not all. Mom bloggers use their blogs and writing skills or domain knowledge to earn money too.

Also Being a Mommy Blogger is a popular side hustle for a lot of moms these days as this is something they are able to work from home and alongside taking care of their kids. 

What are your Reasons to be a Mommy Blogger?

Your decision or the process of deciding to become a mom blogger must be based on valid & powerful reasons & not just what is trending.

Since blogging is a serious business although it involves less capital investment at the start, you need to treat blogging seriously too since it would take a lot of your resources like time effort, and willpower to keeping at it and making it a success. And therefore, your reasons for why you want to be a Mom Blogger must be well thought through and critically evaluated. 

For many SAHMs, they choose to become mom bloggers because they feel that their creative instincts are getting wasted. Such moms should first pinpoint the specific skills that they want to showcase to the world.

Some other moms choose to blog because they love writing; some because they miss their full-time jobs; and some because they want to earn some extra money. While the reasons to start a Mom Blog could be many, just being aware of your own reason is something that will make you stick well to your vision and stay committed to it too. 

Begin Your Blogging Journey Here

Now once you have decided what you want to do, the rest of the journey becomes easier and clearer. Before you Jump In, my first suggestion to you is to do your research well, read about bloggers’ journey, what does their job involve, their tips to be a successful blogger, what mistake they did as a mom blogger, etc. Here are my top recommendations to read

How I Overcame My Fears as a Mom Blogger

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Tips for New Mommy Bloggers

The very next thing to work on is to work on gaining some new skills and sharpening some already existing skillsets in you.

Sharpen your writing skills

Once the decision to become a mom blogger has been taken, it is time to prepare for it. Preparation could be in many ways – mental, physical, emotional, or psychological.

For example, mentally you might need to prepare yourself for late-nights or early mornings; physically you may need to take an online writing class, free or paid; emotionally, you will need to tell your kids about the decision, and so on.

The focus of your preparatory work must be on getting into the groove & sharpening your skills before you head straight to creating blog posts for your site.

There are a lot of writing fests like A2Z challenge, NaNoWriMoetc that keep on happening from time to time and can help you to start writing, upskill and even network with fellow bloggers.

How to become a mommy blogger?

Here are the next steps to take your big leap into the world of blogging.

Step No. #1 – Brainstorm and pick your niche

What is a niche? It is the subject matter of the blog. So, typically, you should be sticking to one topic per blog; or at the most two inter-related topics on one blog. Do not choose multiple niches because that can confuse your reader as well as Google. If you are a multi-talented person, you can start multiple blogs to encompass the different niches.

The good news is that there are hundreds of topics that you can pick as a niche for your blog. The not-so-good news is that most of these are taken and people are doing good in them. This means the competition is high.

But is that really the bad news? Not really. Competition in a healthy way provides options for readers to go in for better quality content. So if you are good at what you are doing, you really don’t need to worry about the Competition.

When you sit down to choose your topic, focus on your interest area, things that excite you, the competition in the niche, how well your preparations are, how inspired you are to come up with different posts every other day to publish on the blog.

Also do keep a long-term vision at the core while you decide on your niche. After All, you cant change your Niche every now and often, so do spend sometime before you lock in on it finally. 

Step No. # 2 – Decide the name of the Blog

Once the niche is decided, it now turns to decide the name of your blog and buy the domain and hosting service. From big brands to small-time businesses, every commercial entity spends a good deal of time here – in choosing an appropriate name for the business.

There is a lot associated with the blog name. The first point of interaction of your readers with you is going to be this. Hence, you need to be extremely choosy. A clear, attractive, impressive, precise, and eloquent brand name helps cut through the noise and gain audience attention. 

Read, research, dig out information, refer to guides online – but chose the best name for your blog. Your chosen blog name must clearly reflect what your blog is all about. 

Step No. # 3 – Choosing CMS for your blogging content

If you are a newbie, go in with one of the Content Management Systems, that is user-friendly and does not require the user, which is you, to have the expert level technical know-how.

WordPress is one of the top choices of mom bloggers today. There are many reasons behind it – the ease of using it is the major one. Going for a paid version right from the start helps you get the professional look, and saves you later the time to shift to it later.

Step No. # 4 – Decide the domain and the hosting service provider

The domain name is the website address and most people get to use their blog name in the site address. Your first choice should be to do that – if not, change the domain name to keep the context the same.

Then, in the domain, you have to choose between .com, .org, .in, and so on; .com is the easiest and the most used – so, try to get this domain name.

The hosting company is another choice that you need to make. Listen to the recommendation given by the CMS that you choose to work with. Finer points like affordability, automatic installations, value add-ons, customer support services, reliability, and reputation., should be considered.

I do reccomend Blue Host as the Hosting Servive Provider based on my experience and you can buy your domain through BlueHost as well. This keeps all your administration of the blog at one place. 

Step No. # 5 – Design your blog

Now, we come to starting work on your site. The blog needs to be designed most appealingly. Understand human nature – if your site is not attractive and fails to touch the senses of the reader, they will not read your posts.

Get in touch with a professional for this work. It is best rather than doing it all on your own.

Step No. # 6 – Choose the Right Plug-ins

The Content management system you choose to work with will offer you multiple free and paid plug-ins or software programs. These programs help you in making your website look professional, facilitate easy navigation, and make it a powerful entity so that readers can have memorable experiences.

It is suggested that you take professional advice so that you can make the right decisions.

Step No. # 7 – Create Relevant & Innovative content

Now, comes your part – the biggest role. This is where you start to write and create content that is relevant to your niche.

The ideas to pick the topic for the first few blog posts can come by searching online and reading content at the competition’s site. You may be some great ideas of your own, explore them.

Get a list of blog posts ready before you decide to go live. The purpose is to have some content for your readers when they arrive at your site.

Step No. # 8 – Publish your blog

You go live; it is time to put out your content in the public domain for the first time. Develop a publishing schedule and stick to the planner. Work on this from the very beginning, so that your work happens in an organized manner from the start.

Step No. # 9– Promote your blog

The time now to start with promotions! How to go about this? Initially, it can all seem a bit overwhelming but don’t worry, you will slowly get used to the routine. Instead of diving straight into paid promotion, choose the freeway first.

For promoting your blog, you should first join a mommy blogging community and put up your post here, chit-chat with co-bloggers, use your social media as much as possible, ask your friends and family to share the posts, and get in touch with other bloggers in your niche to invite guest posts on your blog or vice versa. Think of other ways to get the maximal promotion of your blog!

Step No. # 10 – Look at ways to Monetize the blog

The blog is ready, you have now started to publish blogs regularly and yet it is not giving you any monetary return! It can get quite frustrating in some time. Along with working on your blog, ensure that you work on monetizing it too. Head here to find resources on how to monetize your blog.

Some of the ways that you can earn while you work are affiliate marketing, using Google Adsense, and getting sponsored posts. There are other ways too – so be creative, find out the hows, and get straight to work.

Step No. # 11 – Build your Subscribers List

And finally, never forget to add a note of personalization; request your reader to subscribe to the blog. Including a Call to Action is a proven method of getting better traction and response from readers. Asking for comments, ratings, feedback, etc. are all CTAs that you can use on your blog.

This is all about how to be a Mommy Blogger. I hope you fid the post useful and if you did, do let me know in the comments.


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