Is YouTube good for Mom Bloggers and how does Vlogging impact your Mom Blog. Let us delve deep into the subject and understand the Power of Youtubing along with Blogging.

Video viewing is increasingly taking much more of users’ attention & digital times. This trend is reigning in popularity with all kinds of audiences and it is no different for mom blog audiences too. 

In this blog let us discuss, what Youtube and video content can do for your Mom Blog.

Is Youtube good for mommy bloggers

Is YouTube good for Mom Bloggers?

Before we delve into analyzing the pros and cons if any of having a youtube channel along with the mom blog, I would like to say that with emerging & new technologies, the scope of blogging is no longer limited to having a WordPress blog.

Moms these days are limiting. The ladders of success by using a lot of ways to blog or vlog. Instagram, Facebook Groups, Youtube, etc all offer great opportunities for mom bloggers these days. Read about what is your right way to mom blog here.

Also, I highly recommend reading the How to Be a Mom Blogger post, if you are the mom contemplating to get into Blogging or Vlogging space.

1.   Youtube & Mom Blogging – The Connection
2.   Youtube is more interactive & personalized
3.   Video Content on Youtube has a wider audience base & reach than your blog
4.   Youtube can help build traffic to your Mom Blog
5.   Youtube helps in monetizing your Mom Blog
6.   Youtube can help you build your Tribe
7.   YouTube is a great Marketing Tool
8.   Youtube offers a greater scope for presenting your true personality to reach out to your audiences.
9.   Youtube has more room for using creativity & cutting edge technology

Youtube & Mom Blogging | The Connection

As a mom blogger, you must have heard some kind of discussion around the future of Blogging. If some experts are to be believed, blogging is dead & the future is grim. 

The reasoning behind this is that more and more people are increasingly spending their time-consuming video content & these experts claim that not many people are interested in reading text-based blogs. But the reality is far from these claims. 

And on the other hand, some vloggers are not too happy with the conversion rate of YouTube. So, what is the truth? And, which medium is the right one for mom bloggers – YouTube or a blog?

It does offer a great opportunity for us to do some research on this topic and uncover the reality.

Both the mediums do offer a great room to involve both are about your creativity. There is evidence that proves that our brain process visual content faster than textual content.

But does this imply that written content cannot be made interesting or appealing enough? And, if it is about making your content visually appealing, you can include images, graphics, and infographics in your blog to grab the attention of the reader.

Content is King

The fundamental principle that has remained constant for years is that quality content is the king.  As far as the users find value in your content, they would consume it.

Also, both blogging and vlogging are 2 sides of the same coin. The objective is to reach out to your own specific audiences and communicate your agenda. So, whether you decide to blog or vlog, your choice should be based on your liking, your comfort, your expertise, the niche of your blog. And, you can intertwine both the medium if you feel that could get you better traction.

This is what we do at Mom Chipper, along with the text blog, we do have content on Youtube. Catch us here for some creative parenting ideas and quality mom hacks on our Youtube Channel Mom Chipper.

Youtube is Interactive & Personalized

Videos or vlogs are more interactive because you are talking to your audience via your camera. It helps connect better with the viewer.

If you compare television versus print media, you will understand why the electronic medium is so popular vis-à-vis the latter. When people read they need to focus and concentrate more; when they are hearing and seeing, they can come in between and go back to doing something else.

Plus, looking at someone talking to you is more enigmatic than reading text-based content, be it a book or a blog.

Is YouTube good for Mom Bloggers? Simply put, when you are speaking to your audience, you can make the conversations vivid, and make improvisations impromptu. Also, there is a bigger room for creative presentation of your ideas and that makes it more impactful and gets you desired results from your audiences.

YouTube medium is more flexible and versatile where improvisations & personalizations are concerned; blogs tend to be limited and stoic. 

Video Content on Youtube has a wider audience base & reach than your blog

Our brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. And, when viewers watch a YouTube video they are likely to remember at least 95% of the content; while when they read they are likely to remember only about 10% of the content.

What do you think about the most effective medium? Blogs or Vlogs! Definitely, on the effectiveness co-efficient, YouTube scores higher than blogs.

Not only are videos effective because the likelihood of people watching your videos is at least 1.5 times more on their mobile phones of which 92% of viewers will also share it with others; while such impressive numbers cannot be claimed for a blog containing textual matter.

Youtube can help build traffic to your Mom Blog

Social media posts use maximum videos. The secret to getting increased views on your social media use videos because the chances increase by at least 48%.

Is Youtube good for mom bloggers

At least 65% of people reach out to YouTube today to find an answer to their problem. After Google, YouTube is the next-in-line top popular site today. This means that if you are on YouTube, there are higher chances of getting better traffic compared to having a site or a blog of your own.

59% of the online audience today say that they would not prefer to read a text – they would rather watch a video. Bloggers today have started to use videos on their landing pages to get more traffic to their site.

YouTube videos get over 5 billion views each day. So, if you are seriously thinking of opening your channel on YouTube or having a vlog along with your blog, you are thinking in the right direction.

Youtube can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one to mom bloggers. Increase in people who are your Youtube subscribers; hitting on your blog definitely is impacted positively by having your solid presence on Youtube. 

Youtube helps in monetizing your Mom Blog

Is YouTube good for Mom Bloggers? A simple answer to this is that Youtube can help Mom Bloggers Monetize their blog in multiple ways. Money, money, and money! After all, you are not there on the digital medium for charity, are you?

Monetizing from your YouTube channels involve earning through YouTube ads, sponsored content, you can sell your merchandise, or, you can go ahead with affiliate marketing.

From your blog, you can earn either by affiliate marketing, sponsored content or selling your products. So, the method of earning remains more or less the same on both the medium. But, which one is the most effective?

Additionally, Youtube helps drive traffic to your blog and hence helps in monetizing your blog.

Youtube can help you build your Tribe

As a mommy blogger, you can use the YouTube channel to increase and widen your market base & build your tribe.

YouTube is fast becoming popular. After Google, a major percentage of online traffic use YouTube to search for an answer. Every day more than 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube.

And 65% of people online will use the YouTube channel to look for a way to resolve a problem in hand. This means that if you are an expert at making video tutorials, sharing tips and techniques to DIY things, your channel is going to catch the attention of the online audience.

Do you know that at least 48% of users on Twitter prefer to watch videos rather than seeing a celebrity? So, that means that you can become more popular than a famous personality like a movie star or sportsperson if your content gets the right kind of audience online.

YouTube is a great Marketing Tool

From my experience, I can say that YouTube can be added to your blog as a marketing strategy for your blog. So, you have a blog and you have your YouTube channel. How will it benefit you?

YouTube, you remember is the world’s second-largest search engine. So, while you optimize your blog for Google and other search engines to ensure that you stay on the top at the search results page when you have a YouTube channel, you add another angle to your online presence.

By strategizing to make viable videos, for example, making videos around a topic or a keyword, or by branding your channel, you can get seriously-interested visitors to your channel. It is nevertheless one of the best platforms to engage with your audience and get instant feedback from the audience.

Hence, if you are serious about growing your blog, consider adding YouTube to your marketing strategy for the success of your blog.

Youtube offers a greater scope for presenting your true personality to reach out to your audiences.

Writing is your passion. Accepted, but it can get boring and repetitive after some time. When you start your YouTube channel, you get another channel as a creative outlet.

Remember, you need to be very smart and creative to make videos that can not only entertain your audience but also add value to their lives. If you are serious about your blogging career, you need to look for ways to keep doing something different to keep your readers and audiences engaged with you.

Making videos on YouTube is a good way to showcase your creative talent and ingenuity. But, if you are willing to take the risk and challenge your potential, you might be able to come up with something that is truly inspiring and appealing for your audience.

It all makes your blog more attractive and professional. And being authentic and professional is your greatest competitive advantage today as a mom blogger in an overcrowded mom blogging industry. 

Youtube has more room for creativity & cutting edge technology

So, when you start to use YouTube, you showcase to your audience that you are technically savvy and informed. It is a progression – a positive addition to your area of work.

You need to remember that you need to keep yourself motivated and inspired as a mom blogger. And you need to look for ways to not only make your content interesting for your readers and viewers; but, also for yourself.

Making videos need a lot more creativity than writing a blog. DIY attitude also comes in handy to moms when they decide to venture into Youtiubing.  Vlogging or Youtubing does require writing skills for creating your script, presentation, communication & acting skills, and technical & video editing skills too.

Let just say that – making videos need all-around and all-encompassing skills which are far more diverse than writing a blog.

YouTube is a Great Addition to your Mom Blog

Is YouTube good for Mom Bloggers? Yes, of course. Whether you want to pay more attention to the YouTube channel or to your blog, ensure that that you make space for both the channels in your life. This way, both the channels can complement each other – depending on the topic, you can flexibly balance out both the channels, to work in your favor.

However, my experience of the digital world says that while there is no harm being present on both the medium, you can choose one over the other or focus on one more than the other, depending on your niche, and your personal choice.

I hope you find the blog post helpful, and if you did leave me a comment below and let me know. Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel MomChipper & subscribe it for new insightful videos every week.




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